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25 Strategist-Approved Grooming Gifts for Every Kind of Man

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

In the last five years, we’ve seen more skin-care, shaving, and beauty products specifically designed for men and male-identifying people than ever before. Where guys were once relegated to choosing from a few different kinds of shaving cream, moisturizer, and Chapstick from whatever handful of big brands their local pharmacy carried, they now have seemingly limitless options. But more choices likely pose a unique challenge: It can be easy to feel a little bit overwhelmed about what to buy. As this time of year is always a good one to refresh the man in your life’s Dopp kit, we’ve gone ahead and combed our entire archive of grooming content to find the best gifts to keep your favorite guy (or guys) looking clean, healthy, and handsome in the year to come.

If his Dopp kit is a decade old

Away’s Dopp kit is a non-fussy, functional upgrade to his old toiletry bag that came recommended to us by grooming entrepreneur Bryant Knight because of its sleek design and attention to detail. Two side pockets keep things like toothbrushes or condoms away from razors, the side strap makes it easy to carry and hang up, plus the whole thing is water-resistant and easy to clean.

If he brushes after every meal, snack, and cup of coffee

Quip’s electric toothbrush starter kit is a perfect not-too-expensive gift for the man who keeps toothpaste in his desk drawer.

If he has sore muscles

Of all the CBD grooming products out there (trust us, there are a lot), Lord Jones is among the few we’d actually want to receive as a gift. This body lotion is a favorite among celebrities with sore shoulders and Strategist writer Lori Keong, who says it saved her from constant foot pain.

If he’s prone to razor bumps

Grooming sets always feel a little bit special, and this one from The Art of Shaving has some serious spa vibes with the added bonus of solving a very real facial-hair problem. The exfoliating brush and pre-shave gel will help him get a closer, more comfortable shave with less irritation and bumps.

If he’s in need of a glow up

Writer and stylist Alexander Julian uses this deeply moisturizing mask any time he has to go to an event or get in front of a camera. Give this to any man who loves a quick fix as much as he loves getting compliments.

If he’s a total beginner

The Strategist’s resident skin-care obsessive, Buzz Bissinger, tried West Skincare’s entire line of products and found a lot to like. According to him, this three-piece set is an ideal starter pack for men who are easily overwhelmed by fancy skin-care products.

If he doesn’t quite know what he wants

This is not your average gift card. Based on a 21 question quiz, Hawthorne customizes sets of up to six grooming products which will run you between $34 and $150, depending on how many products you get. Writer David Notis tested and loved Hawthorne’s customizable grooming kit and was especially impressed by the colognes they chose for him.

If he’s stressed and so is his skin

Whether you’re throwing them into his stocking or buying a bunch to wrap up, sheet masks make great gifts. They’re fun to use, virtually idiotproof, and create a spalike experience whenever you want at home or on a plane. This one combines cooling properties with charcoal to refine his pores and help him relax.

If he’s always borrowing your lip balm

For several years now, Jack Black has put out this genius holiday set of three lip balms — one for the car, one for his office drawer, and one for his jacket pocket — in a variety of flavors. The shea butter in these makes them go on smooth, not waxy, and the SPF 25 protects the delicate skin of his lips from harmful UV rays, which are still a factor in the winter.

If he participates in Movember 365 days a year

Mustachio’d men will appreciate this duo of mustache wax and precision scissors. The wax came to us from our panel of master barbers and mustache experts and the scissors come cosigned by Notis, who included them in his list of everything he uses to keep his beard in check.

If he’s moving on from Santal 33

If he is tired of recognizing his own scent on other people, but still a fan of woody colognes like Santal 33, this might be the next cologne for him. Writer Nathalie Toren calls it far less omnipresent than Santal and “more restrained while still giving skin a similar sandalwoody aroma.”

If he hates flossing

There’s nothing more exciting than unwrapping a brand new gadget or appliance, especially if that appliance also gives you an excuse to put down the floss.

If he hates shampooing

Fans of New Wash never go back to regular shampoo and will attempt to convert anybody who’ll listen. That’s because it isn’t a shampoo at all. Instead, it cleans your hair without detergent and doesn’t strip your hair of its natural oils, leaving it softer and more healthy-looking. So if he hates how shampoo makes his hair feel dry and puffy but doesn’t like the feel of not washing, New Wash (Deep) is a gift that will — no joke — change his life.

If he needs to calm down his hair

We could just tell you that Antoni from Queer Eye uses this and leave it at that. But if you’re looking for another reason to buy this texturizing cream for someone on your list, we’ll let Antoni, who uses this now that he’s growing his hair out, do the talking: “Right after I wash my hair I’m basically a chia pet. My hair gets really fluffy and I can’t control it. This stuff manages to get it really textured.”

If he’s working on his waves

This little sponge thing would make a great stocking stuffer for any man interested in maintaining coarse hair or tight curls. Julius Randle of the New York Knicks told us he (and probably most of the other Knicks players) uses this barber sponge to get his hair in order before stepping out on the court.

If he’s worried about flakey skin

Maybe dull, dry skin is his worst nightmare. Maybe he’s feeling a little itching from the blasting heat in his apartment. Maybe he’s got ingrown beard hairs. Whatever his skin type, this little tube of luxurious exfoliating wash won’t irritate sensitive skin while gently removing dead skin cells for a brighter complexion.

If he’s worried about wrinkles

If he’s been dropping hints about retinol or DMing you posts by the Dewy Dudes, get him a tube of this night cream. It’s strong enough to make a difference fast but gentle enough to keep his skin from looking like a plate of Lox.

If he likes to buy in bulk

A satisfyingly large set of body wash and body lotion from beloved skin-care brand Mario Badescu.

If he hates putting on body lotion

If he’s full of excuses about putting on lotion, give him this very light and fast-absorbing moisturizing body oil. It comes packaged in a convenient and easy -to-apply spray tube so there’s no mess. And the light mix of essential oils won’t leave behind any greasy residue or lingering product like many body lotions do.

If he’s a Coney Island beard-competition hopeful