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The Best Projector Screens on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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While we’ve written about mini-projectors and home-theater projectors, here, we’ve rounded up the best projector screens, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers at Amazon.

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Best-rated projector screen

“This screen is unquestionably everything you need in a projector screen, and I went through 2 others before I found this one,” says one happy customer. Another writes, “Once I put this grey 120” screen up, it easily looked 20x better.” They add, “The borders help to be able to set up the perfect picture and look awesome! Better definition, better color contrast, and looks way better with the lights on.” Many five-star reviewers are particularly impressed with the felt frame, which ”does a fantastic job of absorbing light, thus if you set your zoom so that a few pixels fall onto the edge of the screen you won’t even see it,” says one reviewer, who also notes that the screen doesn’t have any trademarks or brand names to obscure the view. Several reviewers call out the black felt frame, which one reviewer says, “helps to create contrast and the resolution is very clear and sharp.”

Best-rated (less expensive) projector screen

Many reviewers note the convenience and affordability of this screen when on the road for conferences and business meetings. “ I run conferences at hotels and have saved a fortune in hotel A/V costs by buying several of these for each conference and having them shipping directly to the hotels (and at no extra cost via Amazon Prime),” one reviewer writes. Another reviewer, who describes herself as a “one-woman show,” says, “It is very easy to travel with in my SUV, super easy to set up, and is stable. I have had no issues at all.” The tripod design is convenient for keeping at home, too, and many reviewers mention the ease of setup and the quality of the stand itself. As one reviewer concludes, “The product is a good value and both the upper and lower borders are adjustable for any room.”

And now for some micro-picks of every type of projector screen you might be looking for.

Best manual projector screen

“I chose this particular model because it is one of the only manual tab-tension screens I can find on the market,” says one reviewer of this manual projector screen. Another suggests, “Skip the sheet, skip the do it yourself screen material, and skip those goofy blow-in-the-wind blow up things. This screen is durable, the retractor mechanisms work well, the material is plenty thick.” Plus, several reviewers note that this projector screen works well with even the cheapest, low-lumen projectors. As one explains, “The screen still catches every bit of it’s light. Very easy to set up and take down, I just hang it off my deck, and the soft close feature is very nice.”

Best motorized projector screen

Beware the massive box when you order this projector screen, as many amused reviewers noted the size. “The delivery was on time and was rather entertaining as the box is rather long,” one warns. But size aside, reviewers also appreciate the remote-powered movement that allows the screen to go up and down. “The motor has stops built in so you can leave the switch in the up or down pole position and it will stop at its limits,” informs one pleased reviewer. “This thing worked right out of the box. No wrinkles, no edge curl of notice, no smell, nothing but smooth operation and cinematic awesomeness,” says one happy reviewer who paired the screen with a new 4K projector, a video game console, Sunday football, and a streaming audio and video set. Another customer does warn, however, that when installed in a room with “a lot of ambient light and despite having a very good projector (Epson 3500) it does require shades to be drawn during the middle of the day.”

Best rear projection screen

Mdbebbron 120 inch Projection Screen

With a rear-projection screen, you don’t have to worry about anyone walking between the projector and the screen and getting in the way of the movie. According to one reviewer, this is a great option for anyone who is tired of “projecting onto the wall or the side of your neighbors house. Try hanging it from the ceiling smack dab in the middle of the room! Can be watched from both sides, virtually any angle.” Reviewers say this option “is similar to a spandex but very durable with the grommets sewed into the fabric trim.” And the picture quality is “excellent.”

Best folding projector screen

VANKYO StayTrue Projector Screen 120 Inch

Multiple reviewers praise this screen for its lack of wrinkles. According to one, “This looks awesome and it’s so stretchy, you’ll never see a wrinkle. And it folds up after use, very convenient.” And it works for projecting nearly any type of content. “My son plays his video games on it. I project my computer on it when I’m doing some graphics that I wanna see in larger scale,” says another customer. “It’s a great deal and product!” There is one issue with how well it folds, however: People say they were deceived by just how big it is. “From the package you don’t quite grasp how big this screen will fold out to be, so make sure you measure the area you want to place it first,” one says. And when you’re done, it’s not like the challenge of refolding a map. This projector “folds up deceptively well when putting it away.”

Best inflatable projector screen

“I’ve used this every chance I could since I bought it,” says one reviewer. “This is so great and so easy. Easy instructions, fantastic picture, and quality. All the tools you could need included. It actually goes back in the bag! How many inflatable items ever fit back in the bag?” Beyond fitting back in the bag, “no matter how you fold it,” this inflatable projector also has high reviews due to the “surprisingly quiet” motor for inflation. As another reviewer explains, “The frame for this screen inflated in I swear like 15 seconds. Yes, you do need to leave the fan blowing to keep it inflated, however it is so quiet that we forget it’s even on. At a distance of 8 feet away, you almost can’t hear anything at all.” Stable, easy to set up and tear down, this projector screen is “a huge conversation piece and everyone wanted another movie night soon.”

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The Best Projector Screens on Amazon, According to Reviewers