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13 New York Women on the Gifts They Want for Valentine’s Day

Even if you already have some ideas about what Valentine’s Day gift to give the woman in your life, it can be tricky to know exactly what type of jewelry or chocolate or even giant teddy bear she really wants. To make things a little easier, and help you find the best Valentine’s Day gift for her, we talked with 13 New York City women about the gifts they actually want to receive this Valentine’s Day — all of which are readily available for purchase online, yet are still more thoughtful than a box of candy from the drugstore.

“I love curling up with something lovely to read in the winter, so an issue of a favorite magazine or a book of poetry would be a sweet surprise. My husband and I had a beautiful Jalaluddin Rumi poem, ‘A Moment of Happiness,’ as a reading at our wedding, so a collection of Rumi poems would also be a nice gift. That said, my favorite gifts from my husband are more personal, and last year he sent me big white lilies and five sealed letters to open for the whole week, with messages and drawings inside. So I would say always present a gift with a handwritten note and a kiss.” —Amelia Brown, fashion designer

“Gifts are such a funny thing these days because I feel like everyone has access to everything … Honestly, on Valentine’s Day, what I’d like more than anything is for someone to arrange for a babysitter and take me to a quiet dinner, and drop me off for a massage beforehand. Is that so lame? I like the doTerra roll-on essential oils; they’ve really helped me through this winter.” —Molly Guy, founder, Stone Fox Bride

“My favorite thing to do on Valentine’s Day is cook a meal with someone I care about, so for me, a perfect gift is a cookbook that I can use to make a great meal or fun dessert. If I didn’t already have Alison Roman’s book Dining In or Sweet by Yotam Ottolenghi and Helen Goh, they’d be at the top of my list. I’d also be thrilled with a big bar of very dark chocolate, like Chocolove’s Extra Strong.” —Rebecca Firkser, culinary editor, Extra Crispy

“I am allergic to fake metal, and my fiancé has been giving me one piece of delicate yellow-gold jewelry at a time for the last few years. I wear these pieces almost every day. There was an artsy snaky earring; a thin opal, stackable ring; a twisted gold, stacked ring; a watch with a note engraved on the inside, and most recently, an engagement ring. I wasn’t anticipating how often I would wear everything together, but I love looking down at my hands while I type at work, and can see physical evidence of how long we have been together. I also know I’ll wear almost all of it to our wedding in October. For Valentine’s Day, I would love to add to the mix with a pair of Catbird’s gold earrings, like the gold tomboy studs, or the yellow-gold Ballerina Bracelet.” —Arielle Feldshon, lawyer