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17 of the Best Beauty Products for a Heat Wave, According to a Celebrity Makeup Artist

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You scream, I scream, we all scream when the MTA decides to behave everyday like Mercury is in retrograde. Thanks to train delays and hot temperatures, your morning makeup routine can quickly go from beloved, cherished ritual to face product soup as you sweat off hundreds of dollars in makeup. Celebrity makeup artist Beau Nelson may not have clients that regularly take the subway but his work on Kristen Stewart, Nicole Richie, Leighton Meester, and Ashley Graham have endured hot camera lights and un-air conditioned red carpets. Below, Nelson gives us his best tips and tricks for makeup during a heat wave.


For your makeup not to look like melted coffee creamer by the end of the day, Nelson suggests longwear formulas. “They have a little oil control and lock your skin down so you’re not exaggerating the problem of overly dewiness,” he explains. Worried it will give you cake face? Nelson assures me that the new longwear formulas allow for a lot more flexibility and don’t make you look like you are wearing car paint.

Using any kind of moisturizing or dewy formula is sort of like selling space heaters in August, as a BB cream or CC cream “just adds to the humidity.” Embrace the natural dewiness, Nelson says. Sweat is nature’s highlighter, and makeup artists have spent endless time trying to replicate the sweaty-face look on the runway.

This longwear foundation is designed to feel like your skin is nude. It doesn’t make your pores feel like they’re suffocating and gives just a touch of a dewy finish. Nelson likes this pick because “it doesn’t look heavy.”

This longwear foundation has an impressively diverse color range with over 40 shades. It’s oil-free and Nelson says the coverage is strong enough that you can just use it in spots and blend it out on top of moisturizer.

Most longwear formulas don’t require primers, but if you can try one underneath your favorite foundation to extends its wear. This primer is much-loved by Nelson and many Sephora users, with almost 7,000 practically 5 star reviews.


“I always like a cream blush. It has a glow in the right place,” Nelson says. A good way to lock melting makeup is to layer, so that the different textures create a bit of a makeup “lock.” Nelson’s trick is to use a cream blush that’s a little semi-matte and add a complementary powder blush on top to give the color a little dimension.

To make sure your whole face doesn’t glow like the full moon, Nelson’s method is to blot the face first with blotting powder and then use a brush to apply powder strategically. “Around the nose, the bridge of the nose, and don’t forget above the eyebrows! All these people take selfies and the arch above their selfies is all oily. It ruins it.”

These Japanese blotting papers pick up oil without disturbing makeup, and leave the tiniest trace of powder. “If you’re really oily or want a more polished look, these are great,” Nelson says.

These don’t leave anything behind and absorb all oil. “They’re great if you want a natural, no powder at all finish.”