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The Best Water Shoes for Women on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Even if you’re not going on a warm-weather vacation this winter, there are lots of uses for water shoes beyond the beach — like taking a hike by a local stream, or even wearing them for better traction in your (heated) pool or jacuzzi. And while we’ve written about women’s shoes before — including the best women’s tennis shoes, the best workout shoes for women, and even the best shoes in hard-to-find sizes — here, we’ve rounded up the best women’s water shoes, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

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Best-rated water shoes for women

Mishansha Women’s Quick Dry Barefoot Water Shoes, Black
From $25

These water shoes get five stars from just about 10,000 reviewers, many of whom praise their function and comfort in extreme situations both in and out of the water. One customer wore them on a four-mile mud run with obstacles and says, “They worked perfect. They stayed on my feet the entire race and didn’t rub or anything.” Another, who wears them to work as a lifeguard, agrees that these shoes are comfortable and “provide excellent support for all outdoor and indoor activities on land, water, and mountainous terrain.” A third even says these “shoes saved my life” when they ran downstairs after showering, only to “trip over the damn dog [and] almost do the splits. But the tread on my water shoes saved my life.” Hundreds of other customers say that the grip and tread of these water shoes are on-par with those of athletic sneakers. “It’s like wearing really light sneakers. Doesn’t feel like I’m walking on rocks when I’m walking through rivers,” says one reviewer. Another, who also wore them on a full-day kayaking trip says that they have “great grip on the slick rocks when getting in and out of the water” and hold up well while hiking on land too: “The rubber soles are sturdy enough to prevent sticks from stabbing through and have deep enough treads to keep traction on steep inclines and declines.”

Best-rated (less expensive) water shoes for women

Given their low price point, many reviewers were initially skeptical that these water shoes would be “cheaply made and would be partially falling apart” — as one customer puts it — but many, including that same reviewer, are pleased to find that “they are very well made!” Even the most discerning of customers vouch for their quality, like one reviewer whose feet are sensitive after plantar surgery but says these offered ample support “on a ton of hiking adventures. The bottom sole isn’t thick, but is comfortable.” Over 800 other reviewers describe these shoes as “comfortable,” including one who has diabetic nerve damage in their feet and says these shoes “protect my feet very well.” In fact, they’re so “light that you almost forget you’re wearing them.” And, since they’re lightweight but durable, dozens of reviewers say they’re their go-to water shoes for traveling everywhere from international beach vacations to the neighborhood pool. One initially skeptical customer even uses them “as emergency flats when going out in heels.”

Best plastic water shoes for women

From $17

Reviewers find the plastic material of the shoes makes them a practical choice for water activities. One shopper notes that they have “no cloth to sour or mildew,” while another writes, “The best part about these shoes was that, being rubbery plastic, they didn’t need time to dry out after being wet. While my friends had to plan time to wash out and dry their soggy cloth water shoes, these just needed a quick rinse and I was ready to go.” One commenter calls them “cuter and less obvious than Crocs.” Just be sure to wear them with sunscreen: “A note — these give your feet a VERY strange tan pattern, like giraffe spots. LOL.”

Best slip-on water shoes for women

Barerun Women’s Barefoot Quick-Dry Water Shoes, Dot Blue
From $13
From $13

Although a couple of other water shoes on this list are slip-ons, this pair has a set of loops on the heel, which reviewers say make them “easier to put on and take off” than other similar pairs. “You can walk normally in them, as well as run without slipping on the deck, as these have a pretty aggressive sole,” writes one reviewer. Others agree that while they’re easy to slip on and off, these shoes prevent slipping, thanks to their “firm grip. Feels like almost a barefoot feel, but with protection and grip,” says one customer. Another reviewer, who compares them to “going barefoot with a little slip protection” also appreciates the “simple, plain black” look of these shoes, which hundreds of other customers also point out. Unlike most water shoes, which are a bit garish-looking, these plain-looking slip-ons are multipurpose, as one reviewer puts it: “When I bought these I intended to wear them only at the river, but I wore them to work and around town.”

Best women’s water shoes for walking

From $25

“I have lived on an island a few blocks from the beach for over 20 years, so I have owned more water shoes in my life than I can possibly count. These are literally the best water shoes I have ever owned, which is a huge compliment, seeing as I have owned so many,” writes one satisfied reviewer, who wrote a glowing 800-word review on this pair. “They have the perfect design for shoes meant to be used while walking in the water. They are also extremely comfortable for walking around the house, or actually walking anywhere at all.” While not all five-star reviewers have owned as many water shoes as that reviewer, hundreds of others agree that this pair is ideal for walking. “I was able to walk for miles in them in and out of the water without blisters,” says one reviewer, who appreciates the arch support, the quick-dry mesh, the drainable sole, and “the drawstrings, which are very well-made” and allow them to “tighten the shoes to accommodate the width of my feet.”

Best women’s water shoes for the beach

Simari Water Shoes Quick-Dry Aqua Socks, Circular Blue
From $14
From $14

Though the weightless, barely there design of these water shoes is not supportive enough for long hikes, these slip-ons are perfect for the beach. One customer purchased them for a vacation and says that wearing them feels like “walking barefoot” but that “no sand gets inside, which makes it very comfortable to walk on the sand.” Another customer, who lives 300 steps away from the beach, wears these shoes to the shore every day, writing that their “slip proof bottom is just thick enough so you can walk on concrete and thin enough that I can walk on the white powder sand with ease.” Hundreds of customers agree that although they’re lightweight, these shoes have a durable sole and good grip. “The sole is thick enough to protect your feet and keep them safe from the hot sand,” begins one pro fisher who was surprised to find that these shoes also “have really good grip. I often climb the rocks on the jetty to get to a good fishing spot, and I had no problems and no fear slipping with these on the jetty rocks.”

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