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33 Cheap (But Expensive-Looking) Nursery Décor Accents That You Can Buy on Amazon

Photo: Courtesy of the retailer.

Nursery décor can be pricey, which feels especially silly given that it’s a somewhat impermanent addition to your home. Before you know it, your mewling babe is a rowdy toddler, and the crib must be replaced with a bed. So, while we’ve dug through Amazon to find the best affordable décor for the bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen, and kids’ bedroom, we’ve now done it for the nursery. Below, a bunch of adorable décor items to decorate your baby’s room, for those on a budget.

A cute dolphin to light up the night.

A sweet alphabet poster with baby animals.

A delightfully fuzzy take on taxidermy.

This large cotton rope basket is chic enough to go from room to room.

This extremely affordable crib also comes in sky blue, emerald green, coral pink, lavender, white, and black, so there’s a color to match any theme.

This non-ticking clock is (blessedly) silent.

All this lightly educational rug needs is a baby to lay, charmingly, in the center.

This changing table also has exposed shelves that can be used for both storage and display.

Plenty of room for all of their many copies of Are You My Mother? and Ferdinand.

Bring blue skies indoors.