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60 Surprising, Delightful, and Weird Holiday Gifts Under $200

Luxurious long johns, fancy olive oil, and very fuzzy slippers.

Photo: Joe Lingeman/JOE LINGEMAN
Photo: Joe Lingeman/JOE LINGEMAN

Typically, we share recommendations for the best products, period — it doesn’t matter when they came out as long as they are exceptionally useful, beautiful, surprising, or otherwise worth recommending. This year we have gone in a different direction, focusing almost entirely on the world of the new. Here, you’ll find a wide assortment of recently released things for every person on your list, from mood music for a plant owner (a rerelease of a 1976 record that apparently helps monsteras and ZZ’s grow) to a big-dog-specific tote for a pit-bull parent. Plus, of course, hundreds of other ideas, from a gold-plated sewing kit (seen above, $54 from to a handful eerily realistic ceramic peanuts to a Lucite cat bed that could easily double as a side table. Don’t miss all of the Strategist’s holiday gift coverage right here, too.

Milanese Table Runner

Photo: Courtesy of Vendor

Designed by Lisa Corti, whose floral linens are sold at the Petit Palais museum gift shop.

Luxurious Long Johns

Photo: Courtesy of Vendor

From long-johns-specific start-up CDLP.

Big Wooden LEGO

A limited-edition mini-figure made from oak.

Marc Jacobs Card Holder

Photo: Courtesy of Vendor

Back-pocket-of-their-fanciest-jeans worthy.

Versace Slippers

Photo: Courtesy of Vendor

In the classic Baroque print.

Caligula Cameo

Photo: Courtesy of Vendor

The Roman tyrant can be worn as a necklace or carried as a memento.

Year-Round Easter Chocolate

Photo: Courtesy of Vendor

It’s actually made of plaster.


The more you cuddle and play with this fuzzy robot, the quicker it learns to sing, dance, and talk.

Palm Pillow

Photo: Courtesy of Vendor

These squeezable hands are made to order in Brooklyn.

Oakland Olive Oil

Photo: Courtesy of Vendor

Four shipments, each of which comes with an oil-centric zine.

Darker-Skin-Tone Kit

Photo: Courtesy of Vendor

Dr. Barbara Sturm’s entire collection but in (considerably less expensive) travel size.

500 Pages of Rihanna

The Rihanna Book

To tide them over while they wait for her new album.

Cheerful Ski Hat

Photo: Joe Lingeman/JOE LINGEMAN

In bright Big Bird yellow.

Patchwork Pullover

Photo: Courtesy of Vendor

By 24-year-old designer Tyler McGillivary.

Italian Surgeon Clogs

Photo: Courtesy of Vendor

Calzuros are not new new, but new to the screen-printing, cheese-making contingent in North Brooklyn.