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The Best Cyber Monday Sales You Can Get at Best Buy

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Our colleagues at the Verge are technology experts. So when they tell us that there are good Cyber Monday deals at Best Buy  — well, we look through those deals, add a few finds of our own, and bring the more-useful-to-the-average-non-technophile stuff to you.

There are substantial discounts to take advantage of, like an Ultimate Ears bluetooth speaker for $40, a MacBook Air for $200 off or an iPad for $80 off, a completely wireless pair of bluetooth earbuds for only $30, and a 65-inch LG OLED TV (which is seriously one of the best TVs we think you can buy). But act quickly, because things are selling out fast! Once an item’s stock is low enough online, it becomes an in-store purchase only.

We should note that Best Buy is constantly updating its deals, and we’re constantly watching. So check back here frequently for updates of sales on big-ticket appliances, vacuum cleaners, home security systems, smart speakers, and phones. Incidentally, for more early tech deals, check out our Cyber Monday coverage of the Amazon and Walmart sales.


The U.E. Boom Bluetooth speaker has long been one of the top speakers you can buy. This four-inch-tall sibling is ultraportable — and water-resistant, for any dreams you may have of listening to music poolside.

JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth Speaker

Another great water-resistant speaker with a slightly different form factor and a 12-hour battery (as opposed to the ten-hour Ultimate Ears above).

Apple Home Pod

A smart speaker with full sound and beautiful design, now for $100 off.

Sonos Beam Soundbar

As TV sets get thinner, their sound gets worse. This speaker from Sonos, who make the best multi-room sound system we’ve ever tried, is an upgrade for any set.

Earbuds and headphones

You’re not going to get the best audio quality from these, but $30 is practically stocking-stuffer territory. And if you lose them, which we all do eventually, you won’t feel that bad.

If you don’t want to spend the money on AirPods or AirPods Pro, these earbuds are a good alternative. Especially if you have big earholes.


Also a great option for those with big earholes. They’re lighter than the Jabras and will stay in better during workouts.

These solid headphones, which also come in gray and tan, are $140 off.


Strat writer Lori Keong loved the power of this vacuum. And now you can get it for $200 off.

There really is no more enjoyable way to vacuum than by letting a robot do it for you.