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What Designer Michael Bastian Brings in His Carry-on

Summer getaway season is here, which means that you are going to need to bring some things with you. In a bag. To help us decide what to pack (and what to pack it in), we’ve enlisted some celebrities to tell us what they’re lugging. Today, the travel essentials of fashion designer Michael Bastian. Welcome to My Carry-on.

This is the perfect thing to keep your phone up while you’re listening to a podcast. It’s perfect, pure design, and looks almost Scandinavian — it seems like something you’d buy in the Stockholm airport. It would be great to bring to the beach because there are no wires or batteries, and it makes what you’re listening to louder — but not loud enough that you’re bugging people on the next towel.

I’m not a puzzle guy, because the minute you finish the puzzle, it gets put back in the box. But this feels like a rainy-day activity that once you’ve completed, you’ll want to keep around. Plus, I love Fallingwater — and this is a weirdly accurate representation of it. They have clear Legos for the waterfall.

This is my go-to host or hostess gift when I show up at someone’s home. Thirty-four is the street number for the first Diptyque shop on Boulevard St. Germain. And the story behind it is that people would walk into the store and it would smell so good that they wanted something that smelled like the store — which was a little bit of everything. The spray apparently smells like the store. And all I know is that it’s not sweet; it’s not flowery; it’s just perfect. It’s good for guys, for girls, for anyone. And it lasts forever.

This is like a surf jam, but instead of being made of nylon — which always feels really cold to me when it’s wet, and never dries, and is always sticking to you in a weird way — this is actually made out of a new four-way stretch material. It dries really fast; it’s stretchy.

This is amazing. No matter where you go, even to your fanciest friend’s house, you never know what’ll be in the shower. And you don’t want to pack shampoo, conditioner, face wash, bodywash, and shaving cream. This is a miracle. It does all of those things. If you want to be a good guest, buy this and leave it behind.

A men’s groomer once turned me onto this on a shoot. It’s sort of like dry shampoo. It’s good for guys who have fine hair. It lets you push your hair into place. It’s just good to have when you’re away — it’s tiny; it weighs nothing.

This is a miracle find I discovered at an Italian duty-free. I never trust those sprays that say good for face and body — what’s the point of a good tan if you’re all broken out? This seems to be the perfect combination of sun protection and skin care. And it’s a lot easier to protect your face now than to laser off sun spots later. Plus, with this, you still get a good tan.

This is a little secret from Mexico. It’s citrus, with spicy pepper and salt. I’ve seen people use it to rim a margarita glass, to shake on watermelon and oranges, or on scrambled eggs. Amazing on corn on the cob. It’s great on everything, particularly in the summer. Keep it in your carry-on and go crazy.

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What Designer Michael Bastian Brings in His Carry-on