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What Supergoop! Founder and CEO Holly Thaggard Can’t Live Without

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If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair, but the hand sanitizer and the electric toothbrush. We asked Holly Thaggard, founder and CEO of Supergoop! — who admits to dreaming about SPF — about the socks, stationery, and volumizing spray she can’t live without.

My husband makes a lot of fun of me because I can’t write with anything else. But I love this Pilot pen. It’s an extra-fine one. They have different tips: extra-fine, fine, medium, etc. I am obsessed with handwriting, and I love writing old-fashioned letters. This pen is incredibly precise, and it rolls really well, so it allows your handwriting to be very fluid and scrolly. It’s just the best pen ever.

Maybe it’s the Southerner in me, but I think there’s something so wonderful about a handwritten thank-you note. All of mine are done on bright white Crane stationery with my name engraved in sunshine yellow at the very top — a nod to one of our brand’s core colors. I’ve done this since I was really young; my mother made me. I’m from Louisiana and it’s a big deal to write a handwritten note to people who’ve helped you on the way. I’ve kind of stuck with the same paper since I was a little girl: It’s just a bright, bright white sheet that’s not quite full-sized, but not quite a card, it’s like a junior sheet. It allows you to write just the right amount. [Editor’s note: Thaggard’s stationery is custom engraved with her name, but these cards have the same bright white and yellow colors.]

I have super-flat hair and this gives it some volume. I don’t like anything that gives a ton of hold because I like to wear my hair pretty natural. So I like that this is light. I’m a fan.

I love these because they’re magnetic. So when they’re not in my ears, I can wear them around like a necklace. My whole family has AirPods, but they haven’t gotten me to switch over yet. I have them in a silvery color. They’re just so handy. And talking on headphones is so much easier than holding a phone when you’re on conference calls all day long.

These are my favorite pair of jeans, and I have quite a few of their styles. I really like them because I’m 5’11” and they run long. I also like Mother Jeans, which I’ve gotten hooked on recently. But this is my favorite Frame pair — a high-rise with a subtle flare.

My UE Roll is how I listen to music in my hotel room when I am in New York. And it doubles as my sleep machine at night — it makes me feel like the ocean is in the room with me. We actually have five of these in our house in different colors and shapes. I like that the roll comes with an elastic band on the back so you can attach it to things like the bathroom mirror, your purse, or the lamp when you’re going to bed. It also helps drown out any of the hotel noise or party noise, because the Soho House can be loud sometimes at night.

The very first thing I do when I’m flying is take off my shoes and put on socks. And, at one point, the socks that I had in my bag for that trip were these SoulCycle socks with the logo on top. At the time they reminded me to book my next class. Most of my travels are to either San Francisco or New York and SoulCycle classes are how I exercise when I’m away. The socks were such a great reminder that then I was like, “I’ve gotta keep doing this.” So now I always have them in my bag, and on the plane, it’s such a great reminder to pick a bike before all the good ones are taken.

My Apple Watch has all the important stuff — the time, texts from my daughter, all of my meeting reminders — right at my fingertips. Plus, the UV Index is front and center, which serves as the best daily reminder to wear sunscreen. I’m obsessed with SPF and protecting the health of our skin. But very few big brands really take the opportunity to promote healthy skin habits. When they announced the Apple Series 4, they didn’t even talk about the UV index. But when I saw images of it on the screen during the launch, I was ecstatic that it would help educate consumers on the importance of watching the weather and taking care of their skin. Wherever you are it uses a color rating to tell how concerned you should be about protecting your skin.

My Dyson hairdryer is so essential that I have two — one that stays at home in Texas, and one that stays tucked away in my carry-on. It’s that little luxury that I take with me everywhere I go. I’ve gifted one to my mother, one to my mother-in-law. I just love the Dyson blow dryer. The trick to it is keeping it on low. My absolute favorite part of it is the magnetic diffusers. You don’t have to screw anything on. It’s really easy to hold the blow dryer with one hand and attach the diffuser with the other hand. It just pops right on.

This probably sounds a bit obvious, but I truly don’t know where my beauty routine would be without Supergoop! SPF. It’s hard to play favorites, but Mineral Matte Screen is the one that I have to have by my side every. Single. Day. It’s a makeup-gripping primer with SPF-40 protection, but the best part is that it acts almost like an Instagram filter for your face. It blurs pores and mattifies your skin. If you’re going to add one product to keep your skin protected but also look a little bit better, like immediately, this is it.

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What Supergoop! Founder Holly Thaggard Can’t Live Without