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  1. this thing’s incredible
    These Stylish $25 Wood Poster Rails Save Me Hundreds on Framed ArtThey’re basically framing for dummies.
  2. art
    The Best New Architecture Books To Gift For the HolidaysFrom McKim, Mead & White to Mark Foster Gage.
  3. art
    New Art Books to Gift For the Holidays, from Kusama to Bruegel to Vivian MaierNow you just have to go buy a bigger coffee table.
  4. cool school stuff
    18 Alternatives to Those Played-Out Dorm-Room PostersRihanna instead of Marilyn Monroe, Kings Landing instead of Kramer.
  5. insider goods
    What to Buy to Look Like: A Pratt StudentSome back-to-school inspo from the denim-wearing, green-haired art students in Brooklyn.
  6. weird things we love
    What to Buy From New York’s All-Felt BodegaFelt Prunelax, felt Sunny D, felt Wonder Bread …