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    The Jungmaven Tees and Mushroom Coffee an Assistant Buys for Her Boss“There was so much Tata Harper being gift-wrapped in our office last Christmas that Alida could have opened her own spa.”
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    The Art Supplies an Assistant (With Little Art Experience) Buys His Painter Boss“By the end of the trip, my hand was so arthritic because it was so gripped in this very tight holding position. I was kind of miffed.”
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    The Harvard Chairs an Assistant Bought Her Boss (Who Didn’t Go to Harvard)“She’d go around saying, ‘I did this. I did this.’ When really, she didn’t. It was very Anna Delvey.”
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    The Label-Maker and Boxes a Fitness Influencer’s Assistant Buys for Her Boss“She gets so many PR packages that it’s overwhelming. Like, she couldn’t use all this stuff in a lifetime.”
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    The Deer-Antler Serum and Caviar a Private Chef Buys Her Celebrity Clients“I’ve used a piece of gold flake here and there to make a dessert pop, but this was a massive amount.”
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    The Spiritual-Cleansing Baths and Blankets an Assistant Buys for Her Author Boss“She’s particularly sensitive to the negative spiritual energies that are thrown at her.”
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    A CEO’s Assistant on the Champagne and Compost Filters She Buys for Her Boss“My phone was on DND that day because I was like, ‘I have a mission and I need to accomplish it.’”
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    What a Serial Personal Assistant Bought for Three High-Profile BossesAnd why she quit one job after three days.
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    The Most Unusual Holiday Gifts Six Assistants Had to Buy for Their Bosses“I had to screenshot pictures of their feet.”
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    What a Celebrity TikToker’s Assistant Bought for Her Boss“It’s not a professional environment — you’re in a house with people who are creating content.”
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    What Trixie Mattel’s Assistant Buys for His Boss“If a wig or a lash starts to fall off, it has to be addressed immediately.”
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    What a Hedge-Fund Managing Director’s Assistant Buys for Her BossWith a $100,000 yearly gifting budget.
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    What a World-Renowned Chef’s Assistant Buys for Her BossYes, that’s a $4,800 bottle of cognac.
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    What a Production Assistant Bought for a Famous Rapper“I was like, ‘Girl, you’re gonna be here for four hours. Why do you need this?’”
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    A Famous Fashion Editor’s Assistant on the $200 Bouquets She Buys for Her Boss“I don’t think she would waste her time if there wasn’t any chance of a deal working out.”
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    What a Luxury-Travel Influencer’s Assistant Buys for Her Boss“A lot of the stuff I buy, the quality doesn’t matter and the cost doesn’t matter. It matters how it looks.”
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    A Veteran Executive Assistant on the Candles and MacBooks He Buys for His Bosses“Sending Champagne is pretty ubiquitous at this point. I don’t even count that anymore.”