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  1. recommended by experts
    The Best Bike Locks, According to Cycling ExpertsIncluding one that’ll make thieves “Fahgettaboudit.”
  2. this thing’s incredible
    The Bike Basket That Earned Me Respect From Highland Park’s Cyclist HordesFor something that seems intricate, it’s rather strong. I have put such heavy things as my 15-pound pup inside and the basket has held firm.
  3. recommended by experts
    The Best Bikes for Commuters, According to Cycling ExpertsIncluding options under $500.
  4. recommended by experts
    The Best Bike Helmets, According to Cycling ExpertsProtect your head, no matter what kind of bike you ride (or hair you have).
  5. recommended by experts
    The Best E-Bike for Every Type of Rider, According to ExpertsYou’ll never dread a hill again.
  6. people’s choice
    The Best Cruiser Bikes on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“If you’re more concerned with a smooth, comfortable ride than you are about winning the Tour de France, this may be the bike for you.”
  7. this thing’s incredible
    I’ve Been Zipping All Around Ithaca on This (Relatively) Cheap Folding E-bikeIt folds down to the size of a suitcase and costs well under $1,000.
  8. recommended by experts
    The 21 Best Bikes for Kids, According to Cycling ExpertsWhether they’re learning to ride or mastering new tricks.
  9. recommended by experts
    The Best Kids’ Bike Helmets, According to ExpertsIncluding easy-to-fit options, styles made for the youngest of riders, and helmets that can be used for skating and scooting as well as biking.
  10. people’s choice
    The Best Car Bike Racks on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“We recently drove over 700 miles on highways, pot-holed, and dirt roads in New England. The bikes stayed completely secure.”
  11. gifts they might actually want
    The Best Gifts for Cyclists, According to CyclistsThirty-six ideas that will delight cyclists of any skill level, whether they’re training to scale the Alps or just the hill around the corner.
  12. this thing’s incredible
    These Headphones Let Me Hear Music and Podcasts (and Traffic) on My BikeThey’re the one thing that has had the biggest impact on my life as a cyclist since I bought my bike itself.
  13. recommended by experts
    The Best Bike Racks, According to CyclistsWhether you want to display a bicycle like artwork or hang it from the ceiling.
  14. gifts they’ll want in a pandemic
    My Husband’s Bicycle Looks More Like Sculpture Thanks to This Clever StandCombining vertical storage with the ease of a floor stand, it displays his bike as the latest objet in our home full of actual artworks.
  15. ask a cool person
    The Best Clothes for Bicycling, According to Cyclists“The first day I wore them, I saw an instant speed increase.”
  16. hot bod
    The Little Trick Hardcore Cyclists Swear ByEven if you’re more of a runner than a biker, you could probably use this.
  17. recommended by experts
    Everything You Need for Fall and Winter Biking, According to ExpertsFrom puncture-proof tires to a skullcap with ear flaps.
  18. recommended by experts
    Everything You Need to Start Biking, According to Pro Cyclists and MechanicsIncluding helmets, locks, lights, pumps, and this piece of advice: Never wear underwear with your bike shorts.
  19. recommended by experts
    How to Fix and Prevent Common Bike ProblemsWhether you’ve got a flat tire or a rusty chain.
  20. this thing’s incredible
    My $15 Casio Keeps Me Safe on a Bike (and From My Twitter Feed)It also got me a nod from a Watch Guy.
  21. this thing’s incredible
    My Bike Messenger Boyfriend and I Wear the Same Brand of Cycling ShoesUnited by a pair of Giros.
  22. people’s choice
    The Best Bike Lights, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“Be careful riding at night, you will blind oncoming traffic if you don’t have it aimed safely.”
  23. people’s choice
    The Best Bike Pumps on Amazon According to Reviews“This little pump is the best insurance I have ever bought.”
  24. recommended by experts
    The Best Gear for Beginning Triathletes, According to ExpertsEverything you need to get your swim-bike-run on.
  25. the best. really.
    The Best and Warmest Balaclavas, According to BikersSome tips on how to stay warm while riding through the winter.
  26. this thing’s incredible
    The Best Bike Helmet for Adults Is Skateboard-InspiredFor Sunday Citi Bikers and daily commuters alike.
  27. Ask the Strategist: The Best Bike RackIt’s the size of a tangerine and can hold up to 80 pounds.