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Black Owned Businesses

  1. gifts they might actually want
    41 Gifts Under $50 From Black-Owned BusinessesIncluding the “Telfar of lipgloss,” a calming candle, and a crisp bottle of Chardonnay.
  2. painless shopping
    18 Black-Owned Athleticwear Brands to Shop OnlineFor matching sets, yoga pants, tracksuits, and even unitards.
  3. painless shopping
    32 Pieces of Wall Art From Black ArtistsUpdate your prints with sassy oranges, real housewives, and FKA Twigs as Mary Magdalene.
  4. painless shopping
    21 Best Black-Owned Pet BrandsFrom dog-food seasoning to pet-deodorizing spray.
  5. painless shopping
    29 Living-Room Décor Accents From Black-Owned BusinessesFrom accent pillows to handmade baskets for organizing your keepsakes.
  6. painless shopping
    22 Great-Smelling Candles From Black-Owned BusinessesIncluding one of Issa Rae’s favorites.
  7. on-site shop
    This Turmeric Blend Soothes My Stomach (and Makes My Brownies Taste Better)Maybe it’s a placebo, or maybe it’s actually a “superfood.” Either way, it’s become a must-have ingredient.
  8. one stop shop
    198 Black-Owned Businesses to SupportFrom a bookstore in the Bronx to a winery in Vermont.
  9. natural hair week
    How to Build a Black-Owned Hair-Care RoutineFrom the Mason Pearson of natural hairbrushes to the hair oil that’s basically lip gloss for your hair.
  10. painless shopping
    30 Gifts for Kids From Black-Owned BusinessesIncluding children’s books by Black authors, plenty of toys and games, and even a skateboard from the first Black-woman-owned skateboard company.
  11. recommended by experts
    How to Build a Black-Owned Skin-Care RoutineFrom a cleansing oil with plankton extract that helps with hyperpigmentation to Fenty’s Fat Water.
  12. black lives matter
    19 Black Lives Matter Signs for Your Window, Yard, Bumper, or FlagpoleAnd it all directly benefits Black communities and businesses.
  13. this thing’s incredible
    I Was a Skeptic, But This Co-Wash Cleanses, Conditions, and Melts My TanglesThis conditioner just does it for me — and by it, I mean everything.
  14. trust me i should know
    10 Self-Care Products (From Tea to Hair Oil) If You Want to ‘Shop Melanated’Beauty products, yoga classes, books, teas, and other things to nourish and pamper the body and mind, all from Black creators or Black-owned entities.
  15. black-owned businesses
    14 Black-Owned Fitness Studios and ClassesThe yoga teachers, spin instructors, and boot-camp leaders diversifying the fitness space.
  16. small-business stories
    We Asked 16 Black Business Owners What the Past Few Months Have Been LikeIn the midst of a global pandemic and in the wake of #shopblack, founders are facing a wide range of experiences.