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  1. recommended by experts
    The Best Kids’ Books by Artists, According to a Kids’ Books PublisherThere’s a particular kind of bedtime story that I inevitably position on top of the pile.
  2. the best. really.
    The Best Books for 5-Year-Olds, According to Parents (and Their Kids)Including a story about a cat who loves high-tops and a kid-friendly explanation of where babies come from.
  3. ask the strategist
    Ask the Strategist: What Are the Best YA Novels for 11-Year-Olds?Ask the Strategist: What Are the Best YA Novels for 11-Year-Olds?
  4. printed matter
    16 Feminist Kids’ Books for Dismantling the PatriarchySixteen reads for helping shape young minds.
  5. printed matter
    11 Young-Adult Books for Stoking the Feminist FireFighting the good fight with classics like Anne Frank and A Wrinkle in Time as well as new novels and anthologies.
  6. the best gift i ever gave
    This Hand-Picked Book Subscription Is a Home-Run Baby GiftYou’ll get six times the “credit” for the same amount of money.
  7. out of print
    7 Highly Giftable Vintage Children’s Books from the Depths of AmazonThey don’t make ‘em like they used to.