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  1. best in class
    The 5 Very Best Handheld Vacuum CleanersAll personally tested on sand, pet hair, and food spills.
  2. best in class
    The 7 Very Best Clothing Irons“At this point in our civilization, most people who create irons understand that they really need to have a couple functions.”
  3. best in class
    The 20 Very Best Shoe OrganizersFeaturing a shoe cabinet that has survived four apartments.
  4. one stop shop
    All the Best Natural Dish Soaps We’ve Ever Written About“I use it as a body wash. I use it as a bath soap. I’ve washed my hair with it. I’ve washed dishes with it. I’ve washed my crystals in it, too.”
  5. best in class
    The 12 Best Natural Cleaning ProductsIncluding all-purpose cleaners and more specific options for the kitchen, the bathroom, and hardwood floors.
  6. best in class
    The Very Best Waterproofers for Shoes and BootsFrom the “the crème de la crème of shoe care” to the wax that will “weatherproof the hell out of those Blundstones.”
  7. best in class
    The 12 Very Best Jewelry Cleaners“I’ve renewed pieces that have turned to dark gray back to shiny with these cloths.”
  8. recommended by experts
    How to Protect Fabric Furniture From Stains and DirtSo you can sit on your couch stress free.
  9. recommended by experts
    How to Prevent and Deter Moths (Without Smelly Mothballs)?Ideas for protecting your clothes from hole-chewing pests.
  10. recommended by experts
    How to Get Rid of Dust, According to Cleaning ExpertsYour broom and feather duster aren’t helping.
  11. ingenious design
    The Antimicrobial Sponge That Tells Me When It’s Time to Throw It AwayThe funny thing about the sponge is that the more I use it, the more I don’t notice it — in a good way.
  12. people’s choice
    The Best Ironing Boards on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“Once you have had one of these, you won’t know what you did without it.”
  13. compulsive shopping
    I Can’t Stop Buying Hand SanitizersIncluding sanitizing foams, gels, sprays, and wipes.
  14. recommended by experts
    The Best Baby-Friendly Cleaning Products, According to ExpertsFree of the standard chemicals and toxins.
  15. people’s choice
    The Best Boot Trays on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“Call it a boot tray, or call it a shoe tray, just don’t call it useless.”
  16. weird things we love
    Hard-to-Reach Places Don’t Stand a Chance Against My 10-Foot Duster/Squeegee/MopUsing it, I feel like a brunette Tabitha from Bewitched because I can clean ceiling fans, skylights, and under the bed at an almost magical speed.
  17. this thing’s incredible
    My Dog’s Urine Cleaner Also Gets Rid of Human-Made Bolognese StainsIf I can spill it, this stuff can make it disappear.
  18. the best. really.
    What Are the Best Ways to Clean Silver?“We do want a piece of silver to shine, but not too much. It is a subtle look, like silk rather than chrome.”
  19. best bets
    The Next Status Natural Dish Soap Is by Rebel GreenIt’s charmingly packaged, and (entirely) sulfate-free and biodegradable.
  20. not a professional. just crazy.
    The Muji Cotton Swab Is Thin Enough to Pick Up a Mascara Flake Between LashesIt’s so much thinner and better for precise makeup tweaks.
  21. this thing’s incredible
    The Down Detergent That Made My 4-Year-Old Puffer Look Brand NewMy Patagonia down puffer was almost out of commission until I discovered this special down detergent.
  22. deal of the day
    This 34 Percent Off Refurbished Dyson Is Just $230 Until MidnightIt costs $509 when you buy it brand-new — the one you get might have a scuff or two, but it comes with a six-month warranty.
  23. deal of the day
    This Two-in-One Upright Vacuum Is $100 Off for a Few More HoursIt has a HEPA filter for allergy sufferers and comes with a detachable hand vacuum for crevices and floors.
  24. green week
    What’s the Best Way to Clean Ecofriendly and Reusable Kitchen Products?Because when was the last time you washed that water bottle?
  25. deal of the day
    Our Favorite ‘Fancy Febreze’ Fabric Spray Is Just $9It’s like Febreze, but fancier.
  26. this thing’s incredible
    These $3 Plastic Pot Scrapers Destroy Stuck-on Food (and They Last Forever)Try saying that about the Scrub Daddy.
  27. this thing’s incredible
    This Grapefruit-Scented Spray Is Like Fancy FebrezeIt works as a stain remover, pre-laundry treatment, or simple fabric freshener.
  28. prime day 2018
    If You Buy One Thing on Prime Day, Make It the Dyson V8 VacuumIt’s worth it at this price.
  29. recommended by experts
    The Best Vacuums, According to Cleaning-Service ExpertsIncluding many that are under $200.
  30. get it together
    How to Remove Rug Stains, According to a Professional Carpet CleanerFrom animal fuzz to red wine, and pretty much everything in between.
  31. get it together
    I Sweep My Floors Just by Shuffling Around in These Mop SlippersThey’re made of microfiber to pick up dust, hair, and more.
  32. testing testing
    Which Robot Vacuum Is Actually Worth It?We spoke to experts and took a few for a test-drive.
  33. trust me i should know
    Everything I Use to Keep My Glasses Spick-and-SpanBecause those silky squares that come with your glasses are a joke.
  34. this thing’s incredible
    These Nontoxic Wool Laundry Balls Cut My Drying Time by Two-ThirdsWithout any of the harmful chemicals of dryer sheets, either.
  35. get it together
    The Brand-new Dyson V10 Picked Up All the Fuzzies My Bissell Left BehindThe future of vacuums is looking pretty great.
  36. get it together
    Welcome to Get It Together WeekEverything you need to get your home in order.
  37. deal of the day
    This Professional-Grade Vacuum Is Nearly Half Off for a Few More HoursIt’s got nearly 10,000 positive reviews on Amazon.
  38. people’s choice
    The Best Laundry Bags on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“I’ve been shopping on Amazon for years, but this is the first time I’ve been moved enough to write a review. The VersaCart is FANTASTIC.”
  39. this thing’s incredible
    The Swedish Mop Used at Nike Headquarters Makes Cleaning Almost FunIt cleans a bigger surface area than a Swiffer and is environmentally friendly, too.
  40. trust me i should know
    Everything I Use to Keep My Triple-Digit Leather Collection Looking Brand-newCleaning, conditioning, and protecting keeps my decades-old leather goods looking pristine.
  41. this thing’s incredible
    I Use This Organic Vinegar to Do Everything From Stop Rashes to Condition HairI’ve even broken it out to wash windows, clear drains, and sprinkle on popcorn.
  42. this thing’s incredible
    I Use This Sneaker Protectant on Every Leather Thing I OwnSuede shoes, leather jackets, white Converses — it protects them all.
  43. this thing’s incredible
    The World’s Greatest Glass Cleaner Destroys Grime in One SwipeWindow cleaning used to take three times as long.
  44. this thing’s incredible
    The Made-for-Emergencies Lint Roller I Bring With Me EverywhereI’ve used it before meetings, interviews, and even weddings.
  45. this thing’s incredible
    These Lingerie Bags Have Saved Me From Hours of Hand-washing DelicatesThey cost $8 and have paid for themselves several times over.
  46. this thing’s incredible
    The Best Detergent for Workout Clothes Is a Century-Old Soap BarIt’s a 19th-century innovation that cleans better than anything else.
  47. this thing’s incredible
    The Best on-the-Go Stain Remover Is Also TSA-ApprovedAccording to a perennially stained human.
  48. this thing’s incredible
    I’ve Gifted This Funny Hedgehog Brush to More Than 20 FriendsIt’s German, costs $14, and is always a hit.
  49. this thing’s incredible
    This Giant Lint Roller Cleans So Much Better Than a SwifferIt’s meant for pet owners, but works for just about anyone.
  50. this thing’s incredible
    This Fabric Spray Is Dry Shampoo for Your ApartmentIt’s like an upscale, pet-friendly Febreze.