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    The 8 Very Best Clothes SteamersFrom a travel steamer the size of a Hydro Flask to the workhorse standing unit found in every costume shop and department store.
  2. best in class
    The 8 Very Best Carpet Steam CleanersTo keep carpets clean like a professional.
  3. best in class
    The 8 Very Best Cordless Vacuums“A cord while cleaning is a nightmare.”
  4. recommended by experts
    How to Clean a Cloth Mask, According to Doctors“The most important thing is just getting it in soap or bleach and getting it clean.”
  5. recommended by experts
    How to Protect Fabric Furniture From Stains and DirtSo you can sit on your couch stress free.
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    The Best Dishwasher Cleaner on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“One cycle in the dishwasher and it runs like it did when I first got it.”
    strategist investigates
    Does UV Light Kill Viruses and Germs?We asked doctors and germ experts to explain.
  8. strategist investigates
    How Effective Are Aqueous Ozone Cleaners (Like O3Waterworks)?Two experts tell us about the science behind these products that claim to sanitize simply by filling them with water.
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    The Best Trash Bags, According to Professional Cleaners“As long as you don’t throw away a bag of bricks, you should have no trouble carrying these trash bags without any leaks or breaks.”
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    I’ve Retired Mrs. Meyer’s for These (Even Eco-Friendlier) Canadian Soaps“Between their reasonable prices and ethos, the products remind me of Mrs. Meyer’s — if Mrs. Meyer was more concerned with deforestation.”
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    The Best Paper Towels on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“If cheaper ones are a studio in a walk-up building, and Bounty is a bedroom in a high-rise, this is the penthouse of a luxury condo.”
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    The Actually Good-Smelling Vinegar I Use to Wipe Out Tough OdorsIt saved me from having to ditch all my clothes after my apartment building caught on fire.
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    The Best Washers and Dryers, According to ExpertsIncluding a professional-level option you can buy for your home.
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    Dishcloths Are More Effective, Longer Lasting, and Generally Superior to SpongesThey’re more effective, and once washed and dried, they can be reused ad infinitum.
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    I Found a Litter Deodorizer That Keeps My Two-Cat Home From Smelling Like OneI’ve tried a bunch, and it’s the first — and only — product I’ve used that effectively masks litter funk.
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    The Best Air Fresheners for Your Home Gym, According to Gym OwnersSo your yoga studio–slash–living room doesn’t have to smell like sweat.
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    How to Prepare for a Coronavirus Quarantine, According to Experts“The key is to start planning right now.”
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    How to Clean Your Tech Products, According to Cleaning ExpertsBecause not touching your phone is even harder than not touching your face.
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    The 11 Things a Japanese Monk Uses to Tidy“In my experience, when I use good stuff like this to clean, it becomes more meditative and ritualistic.”
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    These Shoe Deodorizers Stop My Trash Can From Stinking Up the Whole ApartmentSomehow, just one of the fragrance-free sachets had consumed all of the hellish smells lingering in the trash can overnight.
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    This German Shower Squeegee Started As a Joke. Now My Entire Family Owns One.Here’s how to keep your shower screen streak free when battling hard water.
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    I No Longer Use Paper Towels Thanks to These Superabsorbent Swedish DishclothsI use them to dust dressers, desks, lowboys; to clean spilled dirt when I repot plants. And when my Chihuahua vomits, I use them to scrub that, too.
  23. this thing’s incredible
    I Quit the Dry Cleaner (and My Monthly $150 Bill) With This Shirt PressIt’s one of the better purchases I’ve made in quite some time.
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    How to Clean Your Ears (Properly), According to ENTsPut the Q-tip down.