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  1. recommended by experts
    The Best Conditioners, According to Hairstylists and Salon Owners“The reparative work this does is second to none.”
  2. recommended by experts
    The Best Products for Dry Hair, According to Hairstylists“A great moisturizing shampoo and conditioner is the best first line of defense for dry hair.”
  3. testing testing
    I Tried More Than a Dozen to Find the Best Co-Washes for MenThese are my seven favorite — and two come from the drugstore.
  4. not a professional. just crazy.
    My 7 Favorite Drugstore Haircare ProductsNothing costs more than $21.
  5. i’m not a professional. just crazy.
    The Shopping List My Mother Gives People When They Ask About Her Curly HairIt keeps her mane glossy and enviable.
  6. the best. really.
    The Best Products for Oily Hair, According to My Hair-Obsessed FollowersMy favorite products for my oily hair (plus a crowdsourced list of the best for oily and flat hair).
  7. trust me i should know
    The 3 Best Dry-Scalp Treatments for My Curly, Bleached HairFirst you exfoliate, then condition, and then treat.