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Covid 19

  1. best in class
    The Very Best Masks to Wear on an AirplaneDoctors, infectious-disease experts, and parents on the best COVID-19 protection for traveling.
  2. strategist investigates
    What’s the Best Way to Store and Protect a COVID-19 Vaccine Card?We spoke to doctors, professional organizers, and an archivist who works specifically with valuable works on paper to find out.
  3. giving back
    16 Places to Donate to Help India Amid the COVID CrisisA list of organizations where you can donate to help with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis in India.
  4. painless shopping
    Is There Any Good COVID-Vaccine Merch?“Even if you’re not sentimental, getting vaccinated is something worth celebrating in some way or another.”
  5. review
    Is This the Key to Winter Socializing?I thought maybe if I got a personal sauna, all my friends would too.