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Dupes Week

  1. this thing’s incredible
    These (Around $10) Tees Are the Jewels of My 48-Piece T-shirt Collection“One friend swore she had been eyeing up the same thing in Dover Street Market. Little did she know that my version cost me a fraction of the price.”
  2. dupes week
    This Candle Smells Like Diptyque, But I Don’t Have to Feel Guilty Burning ItIts notes include olive leaves, polar, and fig, and to my average nose, it smells identical to Figuier. Except it costs $32.
  3. dupes week
    The Drugstore Skin Rejuvenators That Weaned This ‘Price Whore’ Off La Mer’s MistI can use them brighten, moisturize, and re-hydrate when I don’t feel like sacrificing spritzes of my beloved La Mer.
  4. dupes week
    If I Close My Eyes, I’d Swear This European-Style Vegan Butter Is Real ButterIt’s salty, creamy, browns like butter, makes a phenomenal fried egg, and tastes insanely good melted on pancakes.
  5. dupes week
    The Under-$50 Mules My Boss Thought Were No. 6They look cool and somewhat sculptural, in that Brooklyn mom kind of way.
  6. dupes week
    What’s the Best Dupe for Le Creuset’s Dutch Oven?I tested 6 different brands of enameled Dutch ovens and compared them to the OG?
  7. dupes week
    Dropps Detergent Pods Have Saved Me $150 a Year on SoapI could stop at their chlorine-free, dye-free, hypoallergenic laundry detergent, but they also make dishwashing pods and we’ve switched to those, too.
  8. dupes week
    This Maybelline Treatment Concealer Hides My Dark Circles As Well As Clé de PeauIt caught my attention mostly because of the sponge.
  9. dupes week
    I Stumbled Upon a Near Dupe for Insta-Famous Ceramics in Suburban New JerseyThey’re just like Year & Day’s muted ceramics, but with more of a wabi-sabi aesthetic
  10. dupes week
    Welcome to Dupes WeekBecause you don’t need to spend the most money to have the best things.
  11. dupes week
    The 11 Amazon Products One Spa Owner Uses to Replicate Pricey Treatments at HomeShe’s tested each one herself, and bought them only after “checking reviews and researching if it’s from an established brand.”
  12. dupes week
    I Own 7 Sleeping Bags, and This $30 One Keeps Me As Warm As the One for $150Like, so warm you have to use the foot vent.
  13. dupes week
    I Re-created the Dad-Vest Micro-Trend for $20How could I say no to a garment so well-suited for storage of my MetroCard, stray mints, phone, and all those other pieces of garbage I carry around?
  14. dupes week
    The $16 Dupe for Tom Ford’s (Sold Out) Lip BlushGood news for anyone who likes to look hot but also needs to eat.
  15. dupes week
    The by Far Cheapest Air Purifier I Own Seriously Rivals the Second-CheapestBelieve me, it’s pretty damn fresh up in here.
  16. dupes week
    Is The Newest Shark Vacuum a Dupe for the Newest Dyson?I couldn’t tell by eyeballing it whether one model picked up more particles than the other.
  17. dupes week
    When Polished, Everyone Thinks My $120 Derbys Are Their $820 Prada CousinsPractically every compliment I receive is from someone who assumes they are Prada.
  18. dupes week
    These PJs Replicate the Feel — If Not the Cute Prints — of Hanna Andersson’s.If my eyes were closed, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. But they cost much less.
  19. not a professional. just crazy.
    I Found a $6 Dupe for Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Favorite Eye ShadowWhen I swatched it, I gasped. I really did!
  20. dupes week
    This $850 Signature Sleep Mattress Is As Comfortable As My CasperCasper is worth every penny. But this one is genuinely comparable if you’re watching your budget.
  21. dupes week
    The Amazon Flatware I’m Buying Until I Can Afford ChristofleThe $15 sets are such a dupe for my mom’s Perles collection that she uses them as a supplement when she has overflow company.
  22. dupes week
    This $8 Brow Pen Is the Most Microblading-esque Product I’ve Ever TriedThe felt tip of the pen paints hairlike strokes onto the brows and lasts for several hours, even with my oily skin.
  23. dupes week
    I Felt Like I Slept at a Fancy Hotel on These $115 Queen SheetsAfter a single wash, they developed a smooth, silky texture, and the more you wash them, the softer they get
  24. dupes week
    The Apple Dongle Dupe Recommended by the Guy at the Apple StoreThe employee will remain anonymous, but the dongle he suggested does more than Apple’s and costs less than half the price.
  25. dupes week
    My Mom Found a Dupe for My Favorite Outdoor Voices Tee at CostcoTo achieve the same effect, just go a size up.
  26. dupes week
    I Cheat on My Japanese Chef’s Knife With This Cheap Ceramic SetI thought that the best thing about them would be the fun colors. But the chef’s knife has turned out to be sharper than my fancy Japanese blade.
  27. dupes week
    If You Have ‘Normal’ Skin, Here Is a Resurfacing Dupe for Sunday RileyAt the $31 price point, I will continue to buy it even without a discount.
  28. dupes week
    9 H&M Home Items That Look Ten Times the PriceSome could convincingly pass for Bergdorf’s, while the more handcrafted-looking ones read Hawkins New York.
  29. dupes week
    These Binoculars Are Actually a Great Dupe for a TelescopeYou can still see the moons of Jupiter with them. And unlike a telescope, they fit in a backpack.
  30. dupes week
    This Portable Microphone Is Just As Much Fun As K-Town KaraokeThe YouTube lyrics of your choice appear before you like a handheld music stand.
  31. dupes week
    For Baby No. 2, I Found Diapers Like Honest Company’s (For 10 Cents Less Each)This can add up to hundreds in savings over the course of a year of diapering.