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  1. gifts they might actually want
    The 45 Best Gifts for Gamers, According to GamersFrom a cat-ear headset to a BAFTA-winning dungeon game.
  2. best in class
    The 5 Very Best Gaming ChairsThe key to a good gaming chair is lots of support.
  3. people’s choice
    The Best Projector Screens on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“I’ve used this every chance I could since I bought it.”
  4. gifts they might actually want
    The Best Gifts for Audiophiles and Music Lovers, According to Music LoversFrom record players to merch to microphones.
  5. prime day 2020
    The Sega Genesis Mini I’ve Been Playing All Quarantine Is on Sale for $50A modest price for the hours of easy entertainment I can guarantee it will provide.
  6. trust me i should know
    How to Make Your Own Backyard Movie TheaterIt’s the best way to spend summer evenings.
  7. ask a cool person
    The Best Streaming Services for Every Type of PersonHow to find the best TV and movies online, whether you’re a fan of superheroes, reality TV, true crime, cartoons, horror, or K-drama.
  8. recommended by experts
    The Best (Affordable) Acoustic Guitars for Beginners, According to ExpertsEight acoustic guitars under $500, any of which will help start your journey to becoming the next Bob Dylan.
  9. one stop shop
    All the Best at-Home Activities for Adults That We’ve Written AboutIncluding expert-approved board games, an array of aesthetically pleasing puzzles, and everything you need to start knitting or quilting.
  10. dupes week
    This Portable Microphone Is Just As Much Fun As K-Town KaraokeThe YouTube lyrics of your choice appear before you like a handheld music stand.
  11. trust me i should know
    I Make Board Games in the U.K. Here are 7 (Less Obvious) British Games to Try.When it comes to board games, what we Brits do best is infuse them with a quirky, at times surrealist, sense of humor.
  12. recommended by experts
    The Best Harmonicas for Beginners, According to HarmonicistsMany of which are under $50.
  13. recommended by experts
    The Best Flutes for Beginners, According to ExpertsWe talked to “The Queen of the Flute.”
  14. trust me i should know
    Everything You Need to Start Playing Bridge (Minus Friends)All you need is a square table, some cards, and some cheap accessories.
  15. made in korea
    LG Makes the Hands-Down Best TVs Money Can BuyThe South Korean brand has come to dominate the market for OLED screens.
  16. gifts they might actually want
    15 Gifts for (Extreme) Rock-Music NerdsIncluding this year’s dip into the Dylan archives and some “vintage” Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
  17. expert-approved gifts
    The Best VR Headsets to Buy for Your Kid If You Don’t Want to Spend $599Two tech reviewers weigh in on this year’s best virtual-reality headsets.
  18. this thing’s incredible
    This Aluminum Cube Lets Me Pretend I’m at the MoviesThe portable projector lets me screen films at big-screen sizes.
  19. 14 of the Best Gifts for a Music Snob Who’s Heard EverythingThey’re hard to shop for because they think they know everything.
  20. gifts they might actually want
    The NES Classic Is Gonna Be the Gamer Gift to Get or Give This YearThirty games and 30 years of nostalgia, all for $59.99 (if you can find one).