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Fugly Week

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    The Homely But Effective Machine That Puts Me to Sleep Every NightIt produces lulling white noise with a design that hasn’t changed since 1962.
  2. this thing’s incredible
    I Found the Perfect (Verging on Orthopedic) Travel ShoeThey’re the only shoes I pack in the summer.
  3. fugly week
    These Bonkers Sneakers Are the Perfect Antidote to White Sneaker FatigueThese Asics are affordable, last forever — and don’t look like anyone else’s shoes.
  4. this thing’s incredible
    Someone Broke Into Stephanie Danler’s Car and Stole Everything But These ShoesThey don’t know what they’re missing.
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    21 Clear-Plastic Things You Can Buy on AmazonAcrylic is the new marble.
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    The UFO-like Toothbrush That Keeps My Teeth Professionally CleanEver since I started using the self-sanitizing sonic toothbrush, my dentist has never been happier.
  7. fugly week
    These Granny Panties Feel Like a Warm EmbraceThey’re the equivalent of curling up with a puppy.
  8. fugly week
    This Bright Yellow $85 Nightstand Is a Bit Garish, But I Love ItAlso, it arrived in the mail fully assembled.
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    The Straw Visor Worth Sacrificing My Dignity ForIt protects me from the sun’s damaging rays — even if I look slightly hideous.
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    My Poodle Is Inexplicably Devoted to This Bear/Octopus HybridHe guards it, cuddles with it, and ignores every other toy.
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    All the Best Fugly Things We’ve Already Praised on the StrategistFrom grandma sandals to the world’s greatest toilet accessory.
  12. fugly week
    Welcome to Fugly WeekAll the best ugly-but-great things we could find.
  13. feet week
    These $100 Grandma Sandals Are More Comfortable Than BirkenstocksPopular among the Greenpoint fashionable-lady set.
  14. this thing’s incredible
    The Pants That Have Haunted Me for Two YearsThey are faddish but transcend trend.