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Gift Guide 2016

  1. printed matter
    16 Feminist Kids’ Books for Dismantling the PatriarchySixteen reads for helping shape young minds.
  2. sales sales sales
    Highly Giftable Deal of the Day: A Travel Adapter Is a Perfect Stocking StufferNever run out of juice no matter where you’re headed.
  3. painless shopping
    Amazon Prime Members: You Still Have a Chance to Buy Holiday GiftsThe service will deliver some surprisingly solid presents within two hours.
  4. close inspection
    The Best Drone Folds to the Size of a PaperbackOther (cheaper) versions simply just don’t compare.
  5. sales sales sales
    19 Gifts (on Sale!) You Can Still Nab With Two-Day ShippingFrom a Pendleton blanket to a Georg Jensen ice bucket to a see-through toaster.
  6. the best gift i’m giving
    My Friends Douse Themselves With This French ScentI buy a bunch and dip into my stockpile for holiday gifts.
  7. the best gift i’m giving
    What I Plan to Gift My Fit MomShe already has a Fitbit and is in better shape than I am.
  8. this thing’s incredible
    The Baseball Hat for Sports IgnoramusesEven if you don’t follow sports, these hats are a home run.
  9. select all
    6 Last-Minute Gadget Gift Ideas for Under $50Waited until the last minute to grab something? That’s what overnight shipping is for.
  10. sales sales sales
    19 Things on Sale You’ll Actually Want to Buy (That Make Great Gifts)From a Want Les Essentiels bag to a Tina Belcher figurine.
  11. close inspection
    The Best VR Headset for Actually Delivering Virtual RealityPlus, a great, cheaper option for less than $200.
  12. the hard to shop fors
    The Best Gift to Give Your Significant Other, According to Husbands and WivesFrye boots and Catbird rings for her; Craftsman tools and a sous vide machine for him.
  13. The Gifts That the Cut’s Stella Bugbee Will Be Giving (And What She Wants)A panini press for her 6-year-old, and an Acne scarf for herself.
  14. sales sales sales
    The Best $50ish Gifts (That Used to Be a Lot More Expensive)You can snag a $150 vest — for just 50 bucks.
  15. 14 of the Best Gifts for a Music Snob Who’s Heard EverythingThey’re hard to shop for because they think they know everything.
  16. celebrity shopping
    7 Famous People on the Best Gift They Ever Got (and What They Want)Christie Brinkley got a horse from Billy Joel, and Patricia Clarkson would like an Apple Watch
  17. editors gift picks
    The Sneakers That Help Me Stand Out From Other ‘Creatives’They solve the problem of what sneakers to wear when you’re not a 25-year-old, or under the impression that you need to wear the shoes of one.
  18. the hard to shop fors
    What Should I Gift a Bernie Supporter?“I generally like to support grassroots movements rather than anything that’s been created by some corporation that’s outsourcing everything.”
  19. 30 of the Year’s Most Giftable Coffee-Table BooksFor the Golden Girls fan, fashion follower, wine snob, and ’90s snowboarder.
  20. the best gift i ever got
    The Best Gift for Distracted ReadersWith the Penguin Little Black Classics, you’ll never have to feel guilty about not finishing a book again.
  21. printed matter
    15 of the Year’s Most Giftable BooksGifts for everyone your list, including Niece Trying to Occupy Trump Tower and the Complicated Cousin.
  22. the hard to shop fors
    What Should I Gift a Big-Time Boss?“She’s always running out of pens. And I’m like, ‘Oh my lord, you just had a hundred pens, what did you do with them?’”
  23. sales sales sales
    The Best 100ish-Dollar Gifts (That Used to Be a Lot More Expensive)You’ll get credit for a $395 bag — while only spending $100.
  24. the best gift i ever got
    The Most Glamorous Gift I Ever Got Was an Indestructible Punch BowlIt’s literally impossible to break.
  25. The Gifts the Strategist Editors Will Be Giving (and What They Want)(And what they want to be gifted.)
  26. the hard to shop fors
    The Best Holiday Gifts for Dads, According to 12 DadsFrom a Dutch(ish) bicycle to a 2.5-pound bag of salted pistachios.
  27. expert-approved gifts
    A Professional Homebody on the Best SlippersBecause slippers are always a fail-safe gift.
  28. the hard to shop fors
    What Should I Gift a Fuccboi?“I don’t want to say Nike’s not cool anymore, but I will definitely say that Adidas has taken a leap into Nike’s space.”
  29. the hard to shop fors
    The Best Holiday Gifts for Moms, According to 12 MomsIncluding a Teavana set, a MaxMara coat, a Vince t-shirt, and custom Nike sneakers.
  30. sales sales sales
    20 Things on Sale You’ll Actually Want to Buy (That Make Great Gifts)Including some 78 percent off Missoni.
  31. gift guide 2016
    Everything—From $0 to Nutty—in Our 2016 Gift IssueOver 200 gifts at every price for the home, foodies, gadget heads, kids, and everything and everyone in between.
  32. editors gift picks
    The Backpack That Strangers Compliment Me OnSlim, comfortable, and fits in every overhead.
  33. gift guide 2016
    14 Experiential Gifts for Adventure SeekersA butchering class with April Bloomfield, two nights in a Nintendo game, a morning alone at the Met, and more.
  34. out of print
    13 Highly Giftable Vintage Coffee-Table Books From the Depths of AmazonDid you know Edith Wharton wrote a garden book?
  35. crowd-sourcing
    What Do the Super-Cool People at Dimes Want for the Holidays?Rachel Comey jeans, of course.
  36. the best gift i ever gave
    This Hand-Picked Book Subscription Is a Home-Run Baby GiftYou’ll get six times the “credit” for the same amount of money.
  37. holiday gifts 2016
    Holiday Gift Ideas From the StrategistAll of the best holiday gift ideas — from what to get the hard-to-shop-for, the best gifts we’ve ever given and received, plus expert recommendations.
  38. the hard to shop fors
    What Should I Gift a Wellness Fanatic?“The Vitamix is just crazy. Once, I stuck the plunger in by accident, and it ate the whole plastic end — just emulsified it.”
  39. select all
    20 Techy Gifts for Gadget-HeadsOld-school Nintendo, an olfactory alarm clock, VR headset, and more.
  40. sales sales sales
    20 Men’s Gifts on Sale That Guys Will Actually WantIncluding an Acne beanie, Nudie denim jacket, Sleepy Jones pajamas, and Calvin Klein boxer briefs.
  41. gift guide 2016
    What to Buy Your Favorite Home CookBespoke caviar, Four Seasons–style tableware, watermelon brandy, and more.
  42. gift guide 2016
    The Under $50 Gift GuideFrom a $1 red lipstick to a $50 wooden coffeemaker, with plenty of enamel pins, bottles of booze, and next-level home goods in between.
  43. sales sales sales
    24 Highly Giftable Things On Sale You’ll Actually Want to BuyIncluding a Comme de Garçons shirt, Phillip Lim skirt, Margiela necklace, and Acne hat.
  44. deal spotting
    We Found a Workaround for Nabbing 8 Gifts at Post-Brexit PricesDiscounted Burberry bags, Paul Smith socks, and Stella McCartney mules.
  45. sales sales sales
    11 Things from Amazon Fashion’s Black Friday Sale You’ll Actually Want to BuyIncluding a Pendleton cardigan, Frye chelsea boots, and a Marc Jacobs tote.
  46. deal spotting
    11 Post-Brexit Deals at Selfridges Right NowYou won’t believe how far your dollar goes when you shop across the pond.
  47. the hard to shop fors
    What Should I Gift a Cat Lady?“That damn bird. It’s always a winner with cats and it will break in a week or less.”
  48. close inspection
    What Are the Best Wireless Headphones Under $150?I went in search of the best-sounding and most comfortable pair.
  49. the grub street gift guide
    18 Gifts That America’s Best Chefs Want for the HolidaysThere is no harder food lover to shop for than an accomplished chef — so who better to give advice on amazing gifts?
  50. the grub street gift guide
    21 Acclaimed Chefs on the Holiday Gifts They Plan to Give This YearHandmade pottery, an affordable immersion circulator, handsome aprons, and more.
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