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  1. shampoo and conditioner
    The 10 Very Best Shampoos for Color-Treated HairNourishing options for every hair color.
  2. hair tools
    I’ve Been Using Velcro Rollers for Years — and This Dome Gives the Perfect DryA hair story 19 years in the making.
  3. shampoo and conditioner
    The 11 Very Best ShampoosFor dry hair, thinning hair, frizzy hair, and curls.
  4. shampoo and conditioner
    The 10 Very Best Conditioners“The reparative work this does is second to none.”
  5. hair tools
    I Put the Dyson Airwrap and Shark FlexStyle Head-to-HeadSpoiler: I still think the Dyson’s worth it.
  6. ask the strategist
    Ask the Strategist: How Can I Take Care of My Hair As a Swimmer?You need to be cleansing the chlorine (and salt) from your hair.
  7. hair tools
    No Brush Could Tame My Scraggly Mane Until NowIt rakes right through my wet, rat’s nest hair.
  8. the strategist beauty brief
    A Shower-Filter Face-off“I could have gotten the same results with a good hair mask — and those are far less expensive than either of these filters.”
  9. hair tools
    The 15 Very Best Hair TiesOffice-supply rubber bands are a nonstarter no matter your hair type.
  10. shampoo and conditioner
    The 8 Very Best Shampoos for Fine HairWith specific picks to battle oil, add volume, and restore moisture.
  11. hair tools
    The 8 Very Best Hair TowelsIncluding options for fine, thick, curly, and damaged hair.
  12. hair tools
    The 9 Very Best Flat IronsIncluding the ones Beyoncé and Michelle Obama depend on for sleek hair.
  13. hair treatments
    I Turned My Dark-Brown Hair Blonde Using Only Sun-In“People I don’t know often compliment me on my hair color, and I take no greater pleasure in life than telling them it’s Sun-In.”
  14. hair treatments
    18 of the Very Best Hair Masks“Hair masks are key to healthy hair, no matter the texture.”
  15. shampoo and conditioner
    The 11 Very Best Dry ShampoosFor all hair types and textures.
  16. hair tools
    The 8 Very Best Hair DryersIncluding lightweight, foldable, and high-speed options.
  17. hair tools
    The 9 Very Best Blow-dryer BrushesThis ’90s tool is back.
  18. sales
    Our Favorite Dry Shampoo Is 40 Percent OffIt works magic on “seriously greasy scalps.”
  19. worth it
    The Only Diffuser a Fashion Writer Has Ever Used on Her Curls“I’m still very much loyal to this weird little thing that lives in my bathroom.”
  20. worth it
    The 25-Year-Old Mason Pearson a Hairstylist Still Uses for Ponytails“Every week I soak it. Once it’s dry, it looks almost brand new.”
  21. hair tools
    The 8 Very Best Hair ClippersThirteen barbers (and a couple of regular folks known to buzz at home) recommend the clippers to use to get the job done.
  22. hair tools
    I’ve Used This $28 Hair Dryer Since 8th GradeYes, I’ve tried the Dyson.
  23. sales
    Briogeo’s Ultranourishing Hair Mask Is 26 Percent OffAnd a convincing dupe for Chistophe Robin.
  24. shampoo and conditioner
    The 9 Very Best Leave-in ConditionersIncluding an option that gives “featherlight hydration.”
  25. hair treatments
    All the Best Curly-Hair Products We’ve Ever Written About“I’ve had curly hair all my life, and this is the best thing I’ve used.”
  26. hair tools
    The Very Best Curling IronsIncluding one that’s “like Apple AirPods in the curling-iron niche.”
  27. hair styling
    I’ve Been Perfecting My Curly Bangs for Decades. Here’s Everything I Use.I’ve developed curl-making muscle memory.
  28. shampoo and conditioner
    The Best Shampoo for Dry Hair, According to HairstylistsIncluding specific picks for curly, fine, and chemically treated hair.
  29. saw something said something
    The Rarely on-Sale Mason Pearson Hairbrushes Are (Almost) Half-Off at Costco“While supplies last.”
  30. sales
    This Scalp Treatment From Act+Acre Is 20 Percent OffBecause healthy hair starts at the scalp.
  31. hair tools
    This Kids’ Detangling Brush Cut My Hair Routine in HalfNo more achy arms, either.
  32. hair treatments
    This Danish Serum Regrew My Thinning HairThe routine takes commitment, but it works.
  33. hair tools
    I Finally Found a Claw Clip That Can Hold My LocsA regular hair tie could never.
  34. hair treatments
    The Very Best Men’s Hair-Loss TreatmentsExploring the hair-growth treatments that work, the laser treatment that might, and the vitamins that don’t.
  35. hair tools
    I Can’t Stop Buying ‘Yoga’ Claw ClipsI’ve found a claw that’s far superior to everything else I’ve used.
  36. hair tools
    The Very Best Hot RollersSets for every hair type and texture to give you bouncy, long-lasting curls.
  37. shampoo and conditioner
    This $12 Powder Replaced My Aerosol Dry ShampoosWith no benzenes, no buildup — and no George Washington–wig effect.
  38. shampoo and conditioner
    I Thought I Had Bad Hair Until I Tried This $11 ShampooSometimes boring is better.
  39. shampoo and conditioner
    This Product Helped Me Kick My Dry-Shampoo HabitI’d wash my hair in the morning and need dry shampoo in the afternoon.
  40. hair treatments
    I’m Dropping My Olaplex Habit for This Oil That Makes My Hair Impossibly ShinyWe’re talking shampoo-commercial shiny.
  41. not a professional. just crazy.
    I Got the TikTok-Famous Wolf Cut. Now What?I need a whole new hair-care routine.
  42. hair
    Ask the Strategist: Are There Any Good Dyson Airwrap Dupes?I’ve found some alternatives, but no tool does it all.
  43. shampoo and conditioner
    After Decades of Dandruff, This Shampoo Fixed My Flaky ScalpThe flaking was so bad I avoided touching my hair in public.
  44. hair styling
    The Curl Cream That Cut My Natural Hair Routine in HalfIt’s the only hair product I’ll use.
  45. not a professional. just crazy.
    This Is (Seriously) the Best Dry ShampooI’ve raved about it on TikTok and Instagram and even gifted my sister a bottle for the holidays.
  46. grooming
    How to Take Care of a Bald Head, According to ExpertsThink of caring for a bald head as steps in a skin-care routine.
  47. hair treatments
    How to Care for Your Relaxed Hair, According to Hairstylists“I have a lot of clients who still have a relaxer and their hair is just as healthy as the natural-hair girls.”
  48. shampoo and conditioner
    This Shampoo Is So Hydrating I Detangle My Hair With ItIt’s completely changed my routine.
  49. hair
    How to Help Natural Hair Retain Length, According to ExpertsSpoiler: There’s no magic pill.
  50. hair treatments
    Can Anything Tone Down Brassiness Like Aveda Black Malva?We found two expert-recommended dupes for the discontinued cult favorite.
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