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Holiday Gifts 2016

  1. the hard to shop fors
    The Strategist Makes Its ‘Today’ Show DebutWith the Hard-to-Shop-Fors.
  2. the hard to shop fors
    What Should I Gift a Gourmand?“When it comes to gear, I have specific, developed preferences — even items like a food processor are really personal for me.”
  3. painless shopping
    14 Weird and Wonderful Shark Tank Products on AmazonIncluding a pillow … with a hood.
  4. the hard to shop fors
    What Should I Gift an Early Adopter?“There’s one crazy new drone that just came out that I think crystallizes so much of what people have wanted from a drone. And it’s finally here.”
  5. printed matter
    13 Highly Giftable Poetry Books That Are Balms for the SoulThink of poets as the pollinators of our emotional lives.
  6. the hard to shop fors
    What Should I Gift a 16-Year-Old?“What’s really important for someone my age is a charging phone case. I would not make it through the day without it.”
  7. the hard to shop fors
    What Should I Gift an Italian Grandmother?“Forget about those premade baskets with the salamis and the American cheeses — when I get those I give them right to Goodwill.”
  8. gifts they might actually want
    The NES Classic Is Gonna Be the Gamer Gift to Get or Give This YearThirty games and 30 years of nostalgia, all for $59.99 (if you can find one).
  9. the hard to shop fors
    What Should I Gift a 13-Year-Old?“Last year everyone got a hoverboard, even though they caught fire.”
  10. the hard to shop fors
    What Should I Gift a 10-Year-Old?Lokai bracelets are in; flavored lip balms are out.
  11. material comforts
    I Touched Everything at 5 Department Stores and Found the Softest GiftsTouching all the scarves and blankets and hats to find the coziest.
  12. out of print
    8 Highly Giftable Vintage Books From the Depths of AmazonFrom Nora Ephron to John Waters.
  13. the best gift i ever got
    I’ve Carried This Bag Nearly Every Day for the Past 3 YearsTo work, on weekends, even to the occasional wedding.
  14. sales sales sales
    20 Things on Sale You’ll Actually Want to Buy (That Make Great Gifts)Including a super-warm coat and a year’s supply of fancy laundry detergent.
  15. close inspection
    What Are the Best Wireless Headphones for a Serious Audiophile?Lossless audio files deserve the best wireless headphones.
  16. the best gift i ever gave
    My Parents Went Totally Nuts Over This Espresso MachineThey became obsessed with instant espressos.
  17. the best gift i ever got
    This Robe Feels Like You’re Wearing a Bed“It’s a transition point between the worlds of the living and sleeping.”
  18. a gift so nice we posted it twice
    I Would Weep If They Stopped Making This Pine-Scented CandleIt smells like the holidays and I give it to everyone.
  19. expert-approved gifts
    A Trend Forecaster on Holiday Gifts to Buy Before They Sell OutFrom the Furby of 2016 to the wearable that tracks your VO2 max.
  20. a gift so nice we posted it twice
    The Squatty Potty Is the Best Hunk of White Plastic $25 Can BuyFor the first few seconds nothing happens. Until suddenly it does.