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Holiday Gifts 2021

  1. gifts they might actually want
    The Best Tech Gifts to Buy This Year (Before They Sell Out)Including smartphones, laptops, smart-home speakers, and video-game consoles.
  2. holiday gifts 2021
    The Strategist’s Supply-Chain-Proof Gift GuideAn obsessively updated list of stuff that’ll make it there by Christmas.
  3. strategist investigates
    Where Is My Teeny-Tiny Box of Mike & Ikes?How 5 Surprise is putting shrunken pantry items on shelves despite its own particularly gnarled supply chain.
  4. holiday gifts 2021
    The Best Gifts for D&D Players, According to D&D PlayersIncluding dice described as “most beautiful object I’ve ever seen in my life” and a fantasy mapmaking subscription.
  5. gifts they might actually want
    The Best Gifts to Buy Before They Sell Out, According to Trend ForecastersThis year’s top gifts include face-firming skin care, bright balaclavas, and knitwear as the next phase of loungewear.
  6. ask the strategist
    66 of Our Readers’ Extremely Specific Gifting Quandaries, AnsweredLike, “What should I get my new kinky polyamorous boyfriend in his late 20s?”
  7. holiday gifts 2021
    55 Truly Surprising, Strange and Immensely Pleasing Gifts Over $200Including a vertical turntable, a pavé-ruby ring, and crypto clocks.
  8. holiday gifts 2021
    49 Truly Surprising, Strange and Immensely Pleasing Gifts Under $200Including sardine effigies, tinned toro, and painted lady butterflies.
  9. holiday gifts 2021
    52 Truly Surprising, Strange, and Immensely Pleasing Gifts Under $50Including lilac bitters, Hermès nails, and assorted glo-fish.
  10. on-site shop
    The Strategist One-Stop Gift ShopGet all of your holiday shopping done without ever leaving the site.
  11. gifts they might actually want
    The Best Gifts for K-Pop Superfans, According to K-Pop SuperfansFrom official merch to photo-card holders to CD players made for listening to K-pop albums.
  12. The Best Gifts for Peloton Obsessives, According to Frequent RidersIncluding a tiny fan for sweaty riders, a bike desk for multitaskers, and milestone stickers for the ultra-dedicated.