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  1. saw something; said something
    The Quilters of Gee’s Bend Just Collaborated With TargetThe legendary collective of quilters in Alabama has created a small collection of bedding, apparel, and stationery.
  2. cyber monday 2023
    The Best Cyber Monday Bedding Deals, According to the Strategist’s Sheets ExpertEverything you need for the top of the bed.
  3. black friday 2023
    The Best Black Friday Bedding Deals, According to the Strategist’s Sheets ExpertEverything you need for the top of the bed.
  4. i keep seeing this
    Does It Seem Like Everyone Has This Rug?It’s surprisingly affordable.
  5. saw something said something
    I Found Out Who Made the Sexy Sheets in PassagesHint: They’re French.
  6. i keep seeing this
    Red Rugs Are Taking Over Tasteful InteriorsIs red the new neutral?
  7. the strategist 100
    The Strategist Lighting DistrictOne hundred lamps, pendants, bulbs, lanterns, and more to brighten up your space.
  8. saw something said something
    I ID’d Kendall Roy’s $12,700 Nesting Coffee TablesAs well as his $31,800 velvet sofa and $29M penthouse
  9. ask the strategist
    What Do You Do When a Company Owes You a Couch?The answer is complicated, but you have a few options.
  10. this thing’s incredible
    The Only Sheets That Stop Me From Sweating All Night LongI’ve been disappointed, betrayed even, by too many sheets promising a cool and dry night’s sleep. Ettitude’s actually deliver.
  11. best of brand
    The Strategist Guide to Shopping at West ElmIncluding pop-up storage coffee tables, mid-century bar carts, and chic yet comfortable sofas.
  12. butt week
    The Best Butt-Inspired Home DécorPrints, trays, vases, soaps, and candles adorned with bums that you can buy and display in your home right now.
  13. office swag
    We Turned Our Most Iconic Covers Into PostersNow you can hang some of New York Magazine’s best covers on your walls.
  14. trust me i should know
    Everything I Used to Furnish My Toddler’s (Montessori-Inspired) PlayroomFrom furniture to storage to mats, I imagine a lot of it will take Augie into his preschool years and beyond.
  15. deal of the day
    The Bidet That’ll Make You ‘Love’ Going to the Bathroom Is $150 Cheaper Today“You can adjust the water in all the ways water can be adjusted — move it forward or back, make it hotter or colder, raise or lower its pressure.”
  16. micro sales
    A Bunch of Furniture and Décor From Studio McGee’s Target Line Is on SaleFrom chairs to tables to desks to rugs to a Nancy Meyers–worthy couch for less than $500.
  17. sunday circular
    10 Products That Delighted Us: From Tiny Sheet Pans to ‘Tranquilizing’ VitaminsIncluding hand sanitizer made from food scraps, a skin-clearing shower filter, and organizations to donate to in support of Asian communities.