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  1. this thing’s incredible
    These Cheap Wineglass Shades Make My Dining Room Feel Like BemelmansIt’s by far the easiest and cheapest table-lighting hack.
  2. people’s choice
    The Best Platform Beds on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“It’s not just a ‘good for the price’ bed frame — I’d be happy with this even if I had paid double.”
  3. gifts they might actually want
    A Gift for Every Type of WifeIncluding beautiful glassware, comfy sandals, and lots of self-care.
  4. recommended by experts
    The Best Halloween Decorations and Props, According to Haunted-House ProsAll the tricks to turn your home into a haunted one from haunted-house pros.
  5. people’s choice
    The Best Bath Towels on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“Nothing compares. Reminds me of a Ritz Carlton hotel towel.”
  6. painless shopping
    30 Ceramic Pieces From Black Artisans and Black-Owned BusinessesIncluding a peace-sign-shaped vase, brightly painted planters, and a catchall for tiny trinkets that’s inspired by 1970s swimming pools.
  7. people’s choice
    The Best Weighted Blankets on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“It does its job so well that sometimes it’s hard to get up in the morning and leave my cocoon of soft warmth!”
  8. people’s choice
    The Best Sheets on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“They’ll warm you up without feeling like you were in a sauna for eight hours by the morning.”
  9. people’s choice
    The Best Bed Pillows on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“To try to explain these pillows is trying to explain perfection for my poor neck.”
  10. painless shopping
    50 Cheap (But Expensive-Looking) Kitchen AccentsIncluding an Umbra soap pump, linen napkins, and a vintage timer.
  11. i keep seeing this
    The New Trend in Candle Scents Is Heirloom TomatoThese late-summer-inspired candles are a welcome antidote to fall’s influx of pumpkin spice.
  12. strategist investigates
    Home Depot’s 12-Foot Skeleton Is Sold Out (Again), But We Found Some Great DupesSpoiler alert: The next-tallest skeleton stands at eight feet.
  13. recommended by experts
    What’s the Best Pillow for Back Sleepers?Back sleepers don’t need as much support as side sleepers, but they do need more than stomach sleepers.
  14. recommended by experts
    What’s the Best Plush Mattress Topper?A plush topper can be the icing on a mattress cake, one expert tells us.
  15. people’s choice
    The Best Artificial Christmas Trees, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviews“This is the be-all, end-all pinnacle of unlit Christmas trees.”
  16. people’s choice
    The Best Silk Pillowcases on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“I saw a dramatic difference with my hair after the first night. I can never go back to sleeping on anything but silk now.”
  17. painless shopping
    35 Cheap (But Expensive-Looking) Apartment Décor Accents Under $20Including a napkin holder for the cost of a Sweetgreen salad.
  18. painless shopping
    42 Artificial Plants, Trees, and Flowers That Don’t Look FakeThey’re faux, and they’re spectacular.
  19. ask a cool person
    What’s the Next Non-White Bed Moment?Instead of crisp hotel whites, think lived-in, tonal bedscapes.
  20. people’s choice
    The Best Digital Picture Frames on Amazon, According to Reviewers“It does come with a nice manual, but I never needed to dive into that.”
  21. recommended by experts
    The Best Shower Water Filters, According to ExpertsThe secret to healthy hair and skin is “softer” shower water.
  22. painless shopping
    35 Cheap (But Expensive-Looking) Nursery Décor AccentsIncluding a sloth pillow, a polka-dot rug, and a silent wall clock.
  23. on-site shop
    The Homely But Effective Machine That Puts Me to Sleep Every NightIt produces lulling white noise with a design that hasn’t changed since 1962.
  24. painless shopping
    26 Cheap (But Expensive-Looking) Chairs You Can Buy on AmazonDesign Within Reach dupes, ghost chair look-alikes, cane dining chairs, and everything in between.
  25. people’s choice
    The Best Humidifiers on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“FINALLY … A humidifier that actually lives up to and exceeds what the manufacturer says it will do.”
  26. painless shopping
    29 Pieces of Wall Art From Asian and Asian American ArtistsIllustrations, photographs, and paintings for every budget.
  27. ask a cool person
    What Are the Best Quilts?Twenty-seven options that keep the spirit of the traditional craft alive.
  28. painless shopping
    30 Cheap (But Expensive-Looking) Desks You Can Buy on AmazonBecause your notebooks, pens, and stationery deserve a handsome home.
  29. expiration dates
    When Should You Replace Your Pillows?Sleep specialists told us when to throw out the old and bring in some new.
  30. recommended by experts
    The Best Mattress Toppers, According to ExpertsFor striking that just-right balance of firm and soft.
  31. painless shopping
    22 Nice-Looking Dressers (Under $300)Dressers for every type of bedroom décor, all under $300.
  32. ask a cool person
    The Best Duvet Covers, According to Interior DesignersFrom luxurious hotel-style duvet covers to relaxed linen options and more.
  33. trust me i should know
    Everything I Used to Make My 22-Square-Foot Kitchen FunctionalFrom fridge magnets that store my Swiffer, to a dish rack that rolls up, to some skinny-wheeled shelving that slips beneath my counter.
  34. painless shopping
    44 Cheap (But Expensive-Looking) Living-Room DecorationsIncluding an unexpectedly cheap wishbone chair.
  35. recommended by experts
    What’s the Best Pillow for Side Sleepers?You might want to wake up for this, side sleepers.
  36. people’s choice
    The Best Body Pillows on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“First night with this pillow I literally passed out, as though the angels came from the heavens and rocked me to sleep.”
  37. recommended by experts
    Everything You Need to Work From Home, According to People Who Do It EverydayIncluding essentials like desks and chairs as well as less obvious things that foster productivity in an office of one.
  38. gifts they might actually want
    38 Gifts for Every Type of HostIncluding sculptural vases, an automated countertop herb garden, and an old-timey popcorn maker.
  39. recommended by experts
    Actually Good-Looking Kitchen Trash Cans, According to Interior DesignersYou won’t want to hide these.
  40. ask a cool person
    The Best Desk Lamps, According to Architects and Interior DesignersFrom tried-and-true classic task lamps to contemporary light sculptures.
  41. painless shopping
    37 Nice-Looking Things to Put Plants On (Including Some Actual Plant Stands)Once you place a plant on it, it’s instantly transformed.
  42. sweat week
    The Best Cooling Sheets, According to Sleep ExpertsTwelve options for anyone who is always chasing the cool side of the pillow.
  43. painless shopping
    17 Home Décor Accents From AAPI-Owned BrandsFrom fruit bowls for the kitchen to alarm clocks for the bedroom to magazine racks for the living room (or bathroom).
  44. painless shopping
    31 Pieces of Wall Art From Black ArtistsIncluding illustrators, painters, and photographers.
  45. people’s choice
    The Best Memory-Foam Pillows on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“Never in my life have I loved something so much. No joke, my kids come in second place.”
  46. recommended by experts
    Everything You Need to Outfit Your College Dorm, According to RAsThe mini-fridges, desk lamps, shower sandals, and other necessities — including some for college during COVID — that 17 RAs recommend.
  47. people’s choice
    The Best Desk Fans on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“I have not drippity, drop, dropped a single sweat in my room ever since I plopped this puppy on my desk.”
  48. painless shopping
    The 25 Best Plants to Buy From Amazon’s (Continuously Growing) SelectionEverything from bird-of-paradise to fiddle-leaf figs to calatheas and ZZs.
  49. people’s choice
    The Best Jewelry Organizers on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic ReviewersIncluding organizers shaped like honeycombs, cats, and trees.
  50. painless shopping
    The Best Pots and Planters on AmazonMake your houseplants feel at home.
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