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  1. painless shopping
    50 Cheap (But Expensive-Looking) Kitchen AccentsIncluding an Umbra soap pump, linen napkins, and a vintage timer.
  2. painless shopping
    29 Ceramic Pieces From Black Artisans and Black-Owned BusinessesIncluding a peace-sign-shaped vase, mugs with most unusual handles, and a catchall for tiny trinkets that’s inspired by 1970s-era swimming pools.
  3. people’s choice
    The Best Cat Trees on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“This tree with its caves, platforms, and posts is a cat magnet.”
  4. sunday circular
    10 Things That Delighted Us: From Phoebe Bridgers’s Sheets to Pretty Pill CasesIncluding beginner-friendly CBD edibles, a better-than-Byredo candle, and “revelatory” tiny trash bags.
  5. gifts they might actually want
    The Best Gifts for Writers, According to WritersIncluding bulletin boards, fountain pens, running shoes, meal replacement drinks, and a slang dictionary.
  6. recommended by experts
    The Best Down Pillows, According to ExpertsWhether you sleep on your side, stomach, back, or all three, the right down pillow can bring a touch of hotel-style luxury to your bed.
  7. ask a cool person
    The Best (Nice-Looking) Pill Cases, According to People Who Take PillsIncluding a “sleek” pill-case-slash-compact and objet d’art pill boxes from Jonathan Adler and Judith Leiber, all of which you’ll want to display.
  8. painless shopping
    39 Cheap (But Expensive-Looking) Bathroom AccentsIncluding an actually cute toilet brush, a mushroom-shaped night light, and a bath mat for the young (or young at heart).
  9. i keep seeing this
    I Found Phoebe Bridgers’s Rocket-Ship BedsheetsYou can sleep beneath (or rather, among) the stars.
  10. strategist investigates
    Why Is It So Hard to Find a Good Humidifier?So many of them gurgle, buzz, leak, or spew white dust. And then there’s the pink slime.
  11. opening
    Pillows Made Out of Pants (and Other Rare Finds) in Red HookThank You Have a Good Day is not your average Brooklyn homeware store.
  12. people’s choice
    The Best Sheets on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic ReviewersIncluding a set cool enough it helped one couple keep “cool for the entire night, for the first time in years.”
  13. sunday circular
    10 Products That Delighted Us Last Week: From Bonsai Kits to Bridgerton BustiersIncluding sheepskin covers for cane chairs, a discounted set of our favorite linen sheets, and a virtual Valentine’s Day trip to Italy.
  14. ask a cool person
    The Best 40th-Birthday Gifts, According to People Who’ve Reached 40Eleven cool people who’ve turned 40 share their recommendations.
  15. painless shopping
    27 Living-Room Décor Accents From Black-Owned BusinessesFrom accent pillows to handmade baskets for organizing your keepsakes.
  16. strategist investigates
    Is It Finally the Time to Rent Furniture Online?We broke down the differences (and similarities) between seven major players in the space.
  17. people’s choice
    The Best Memory-Foam Pillows on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“Never in my life have I loved something so much. No joke, my kids come in second place.”
  18. valentines day 2021
    A Gift for Every Type of WifeIncluding a sophisticated stuffed ostrich, fuzzy slippers, and a status workout sneaker.
  19. people’s choice
    The Best Body Pillows on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“This pillow has to have been made by elves from Narnia, and it has to have been filled with downy fluff and the fibers of unicorn hide.”
  20. sunday circular
    10 Products That Delighted Us Last Week: From Sex-Toy Soap to Short StoriesIncluding Black-made museum-quality quilts sold on Etsy, a candle that burns for 800 hours, and Taraji P. Henson’s favorite at-home gel-manicure kit.
  21. this thing’s incredible
    The Best Zoom Background Is Clare Paint’s (Deep-Green) Current MoodSince painting my home office in the color, more or less how every video call has started with I love that! It’s so pretty! Where did you get it?
  22. ask a cool person
    The Best Duvet Covers, According to Interior DesignersFrom luxurious hotel-style duvet covers to relaxed linen options and more.
  23. the online thrifter
    How to Shop for Furniture on InstagramBusiness is booming for the city’s vintage-store owners and amateur thrifters who are using their Instagram accounts to sell secondhand housewares.
  24. people’s choice
    The Best Humidifiers on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“FINALLY … A humidifier that actually lives up to and exceeds what the manufacturer says it will do.”
  25. painless shopping
    Gee’s Bend Black-Made (Museum-Quality) Quilts Are Now Sold on EtsyIt’s the first time ever that quilts from the rural Alabama community of Black women artists are available to buy online.
  26. sunday circular
    12 Products That Delighted Us Last Week: From Bras to Bumblebee Ice PacksIncluding the “GOAT” of men’s sweatshirts, a cheeky card for couples in quarantine, and an actually sexy bra that doesn’t skimp on support.
  27. painless shopping
    27 Cheap (But Expensive-Looking) Dining-Room Décor Accents You Can Buy on AmazonFrom napkins to silverware to an (unconventional) table.
  28. ask a cool person
    What Are the Best Cloth Napkins?A simple way to elevate your at-home dining experience.
  29. painless shopping
    33 Cheap (But Expensive-Looking) Bedroom Décor Items You Can Buy on AmazonDo up your sanctuary without spending a fortune.
  30. painless shopping
    46 Cheap (But Expensive-Looking) Apartment Accents on AmazonIncluding a napkin holder for the cost of a Sweetgreen salad.
  31. recommended by experts
    The Best Washable Rugs, According to ExpertsSixteen washable rugs for pet owners and parents.
  32. this thing’s incredible
    These DIY Candle Kits Give New Life to All of My Empty JarsThey cost roughly a quarter of the price of fancier brands’ candles — and smell just as heavenly.
  33. micro sales
    12 Things On Sale You’ll Actually Want to Buy: From Fenty Beauty to CoachIncluding a cozy cotton quilt and a Strategist-approved contour stick.
  34. painless shopping
    34 Artificial Plants, Trees, and Flowers That Don’t Look FakeThey’re faux, and they’re spectacular.
  35. dupes week
    This Candle Smells Like Diptyque, But I Don’t Have to Feel Guilty Burning ItIts notes include olive leaves, polar, and fig, and to my average nose, it smells identical to Figuier. Except it costs $32.
  36. ask the strategist
    What Are the Best (and Nicest-Looking) Pet-Friendly Throw Blankets?With picks for every style — and every pet.
  37. recommended by experts
    The Best (Nice-Looking) Play Mats for Babies and Kids, According to ExpertsAll look just as good in the nursery as they do in the living room.
  38. recommended by experts
    The Best Storage Bins for Every Room, According to Professional OrganizersThe bins, baskets, and boxes that professionals use to tidy up.
  39. people’s choice
    The Best Bed Pillows on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“To try to explain these pillows, is trying to explain perfection for my poor neck.”
  40. recommended by experts
    The Best Shower Water Filters, According to ExpertsThe secret to healthy hair and skin is “softer” shower water.
  41. sales sales sales
    12 Things On Sale You’ll Actually Want to Buy: From Marc Jacobs to CarharttIncluding a lounge-worthy linen robe, Zoom-appropriate streetwear, and even some limited-edition New York Magazine merch.
  42. micro sales
    10 Things On Sale You’ll Actually Want to Buy: From Everlane to West ElmIncluding an actually nice-looking sleeper sofa and a sleeker (and cheaper) duck boot alternative.
  43. painless shopping
    The Best 2021 Wall Calendars for Every Type of PersonNew year, new calendar.
  44. people’s choice
    The Best Platform Beds on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic ReviewersIncluding one that’s so easy to put together one reviewer thinks, My dog could put this together if he had thumbs; it’s that easy.
  45. people’s choice
    The Best Ceiling Fans on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“This baby pumps out some air!”
  46. recommended by experts
    What’s the Best Pillow for Side Sleepers?We asked a bunch of sleep experts to find out.
  47. this thing’s incredible
    What Is the Best Plush Mattress Topper?Our advice for turning your bed into a cloud.
  48. people’s choice
    The Best Digital Picture Frames on Amazon, According to Reviewers“This is the happiest birthday present I have ever chosen.”
  49. people’s choice
    The Best Weighted Blankets on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“I had the best sleep ever under the blanket. It was like heaven hugged me all night.”
  50. recommended by experts
    The Best Salt and Pepper Grinders, Shakers, and Mills, According to Experts“These are tried-and-true pepper and salt mills that I’ve used for the entirety of my career.”
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