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  1. painless shopping
    45 Artificial Plants, Trees, and Flowers That Don’t Look FakeThey’re faux, and they’re spectacular.
  2. best in class
    The 15 Very Best Plush Mattress ToppersThink of a plush mattress topper like fluffy, sumptuous icing for your mattress cake.
  3. ask a cool person
    The Best Indoor-Outdoor Rugs, According to Interior Designers and Home CuratorsFor patios, balconies, entryways, and kitchens.
  4. best in class
    The 17 Very Best Shoe OrganizersIncluding a shoe cabinet that has survived four apartments.
  5. painless shopping
    34 Cheap (But Expensive-Looking) Apartment Décor Accents Under $20Including vases, art prints, and teen-favorite string lights.
  6. best in class
    The 13 Best Garden LightsIncluding a paper lantern made out of weatherproof Tyvek fabric and fence lights with a party mode.
  7. painless shopping
    The 30 Best Plants to Buy From Amazon’s (Continuously Growing) SelectionFrom fiddle-leaf figs to ponytail palms.
  8. recommended by experts
    The Best Desk Organizers, According to Professional OrganizersFrom desktop trays to file drawers to a very fun postmodern wall system.
  9. best in class
    The Very Best Body PillowsMeet the new cuddle buddy that can help you get better sleep.
  10. best in class
    The Very Best Window CurtainsFrom Italian-villa sheer to blackout curtains that block light and heat.
  11. painless shopping
    The Best Pots and Planters on AmazonMake your houseplants feel at home.
  12. best in class
    The 13 Very Best Ergonomic Office ChairsIncluding conventional office chairs, balance-ball chairs, kneeling chairs, and even (space-saving) ergonomic stools.
  13. best in class
    The 7 Very Best Adjustable Bed BasesThese zero-gravity adjustable bed bases give you that weightless feeling you didn’t know you were missing.
  14. testing testing
    The Best Mattresses You Can Buy Online, As Tested by Strategist EditorsOur editors and writers slept on each of these for at least one week.
  15. best in class
    The 9 Very Best Box SpringsA good box spring should do a few things: provide support for your mattress, improve airflow, and raise your bed to a more comfortable height.
  16. best in class
    The Very Best Pillows for Neck PainBecause who doesn’t have tech neck?
  17. this thing’s incredible
    If It Weren’t for This ‘Earthquake Fastener,’ I’d Knock Over All My BreakablesThe mysterious clear goo is incredibly strong, yet also so easy to remove.
  18. best in class
    The Very Best Pillows for Side SleepersYou might want to wake up for this, side sleepers.
  19. gifts they might actually want
    A Gift Under $50 for Every Type of Co-workerIncluding your deskmate and that co-worker you’ve never actually met IRL.
  20. best in class
    The 17 Very Best Drawer OrganizersYour silverware deserves better.
  21. ask a cool person
    The Best Housewarming Gifts, According to Cool Homeowners (and Renters)From Ottessa Moshfegh’s favorite incense to fancy salt and plush slippers.
  22. painless shopping
    The Best Undated Planners for Year-round Staying on TrackStart these planners whenever it’s most convenient for you, not when the calendar says it’s time.
  23. best in class
    The 12 Very Best Jewelry Cleaners“I’ve renewed pieces that have turned to dark gray back to shiny with these cloths.”
  24. best in class
    28 of the Very Best PlannersIncluding daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly options to help you get things done.
  25. best in class
    The 15 Very Best Bed PillowsIncluding pillows for stomach sleepers, back sleepers, and everyone in between.
  26. gifts they might actually want
    A Gift for Every Type of Mother-in-Law49 gifts that are sure to impress her — even if you don’t know her very well.
  27. best in class
    The 10 Best Natural Cleaning ProductsIncluding all-purpose cleaners and more specific options for the kitchen, bathroom, and hardwood floors.
  28. gifts they might actually want
    The Best (Strategist-Approved) Gifts for GardenersFrom the mosquito spray that smells good enough to be worn as cologne to an obsession-worthy propagation station.
  29. best in class
    The Very Best Compost BinsFrom an easy-to-clean countertop option to a system that can handle “the crazy Frankenstein stuff in the back of your fridge.”
  30. best in class
    The 9 Very Best Vacuums for Pet HairEven though your pet is covered in fur, your home doesn’t need to be.
  31. best in class
    9 of the Very Best Coffee MakersFor a solid, fuss-free way to caffeinate at home.
  32. best in class
    The 9 Very Best Mattress ProtectorsSpills happen, but your mattress doesn’t have to suffer.
  33. best in class
    The 9 Very Best Cooling Mattress ToppersYour best sleeps starts here.
  34. best in class
    The 12 Very Best Storage BinsPro tip: Organize your clear containers ROYGBIV-style.
  35. best in class
    The 10 Very Best Houseplant FertilizersFrom all-purpose organics to the seaweed-based fertilizer that carnivorous plants love.
  36. best in class
    The 8 Very Best Food-Storage ContainersMake your pantry and refrigerator easier to navigate and food less likely to go bad.
  37. best in class
    The 9 Very Best Kitchen Trash CansNo more wasted space for your waste.
  38. this thing’s incredible
    This $47 Dan Flavin–esque Tube Lamp Saved My Generic Kitchen“You hide it under a console and all of a sudden have a pink wall.”
  39. best in class
    The 12 Very Best Bar Carts“If we can integrate the bar cart into the rest of our lives, that’s definitely the way to do it.”
  40. prime day 2022
    The Best Prime Day Home DealsCome for the mattress sales; stay for the Baby Yoda nightlight.
  41. best in class
    The Very Best Beanbag ChairsWhether you have kids, want to furnish a fun game room, or need comfy furniture fast, there is a beanbag chair for you.
  42. best in class
    The 6 Very Best Silk PillowcasesIncluding a dupe for the pricey Parachute silk pillowcase.
  43. best in class
    The 3 Very Best Dehumidifiers“Dehumidifiers, by drying the air, will decrease the amount of mold spores and the amount of dust mites in an area.”
  44. best in class
    The 5 Very Best Bunk Beds“Now I have three beds in the space of one, and my children still have room to play.”
  45. best in class
    The 8 Very Best Sewing MachinesFrom an “incredibly powerful” antique option to the machine the founder of Loeffler Randall used to sew 1,200 cloth face masks.
  46. best in class
    The 8 Very Best Space HeatersBecause you shouldn’t have to wear a coat inside.
  47. best in class
    The 6 Very Best FutonsFrom large Scandinavian-style futons to quaint, small loveseats.
  48. best in class
    The 4 Very Best Humidifiers“It pushes out the right amount of humidity to keep my nose and eyes moisturized at night, and I can easily keep it clean.”
  49. best in class
    The 9 Very Best Sound Machines“I can now peacefully snooze through not only my neighbors’ stomping kitchen antics but also the garbage truck arriving bright and early.”
  50. best in class
    The 9 Very Best Comforters“Feel nestled in an airy but cozy canopy.”
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