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  1. i keep seeing this
    This Telephone Water Bottle Is the Talk of Second GradeThese 8-year-olds have never seen a rotary phone, but they love to drink from one.
  2. i keep seeing this
    What’s Up With the Tweens in Tiny Tube Dresses and Sneakers?Their go-to party outfit has been immutable over the last few years.
  3. i keep seeing this
    Once You Start Noticing La Soufflerie Glass, You’ll See It EverywhereI keep seeing its goblets, carafes, vases, Champagne buckets, plates, and candleholders at places and among people with excellent taste.
  4. i keep seeing this
    What’s Going on With Bolster Pillows?The latest subgenre is tubular and designed to be formed into knots.
  5. i keep seeing this
    How Did This Tote Become the Baggu of Malibu?The fact it was created by a Coppola helps.
  6. i keep seeing this
    New York City Has a Thing for Bistro Plates (and So Do I)From Café Spaghetti to Superiority Burger, they’ve taken over.
  7. i keep seeing this
    Do I Need an Oil Painting in My Kitchen?How old-world art crept onto the open shelves.
  8. i keep seeing this
    Does It Seem Like Everyone Has This Rug?It’s surprisingly affordable.
  9. i keep seeing this
    You Really Don’t Need More Than a Tiny ToteIt’s still big enough to be useful.
  10. i keep seeing this
    I Believe This Australian Beach Shelter Is Poised to Take Over the RockawaysEvery second person in Sydney owns one.
  11. i keep seeing this
    Red Rugs Are Taking Over Tasteful InteriorsIs red the new neutral?
  12. i keep seeing this
    The Trucker Hat of Black Creative Brooklyn“They’re everywhere now. If you go to a festival or block party, somebody’s wearing Savant.”
  13. i keep seeing this
    The Next Noguchi Is a Basket LampSurveying the lampscape.
  14. i keep seeing this
    I Can’t Walk Through Soho Without Seeing This Lighter Key ChainOn fashion girls, skater bros, and designy folks.
  15. i keep seeing this
    The Art World Loves This $99 Patagonia BackpackSpotted at Art Basel (in Basel), art galleries, and ceramics studios.
  16. i keep seeing this
    I Only Want to Wear Gas-Station SunglassesThe cringe, dirtbag aughts are back, and they look great.
  17. i keep seeing this
    Sergercore: The DIY Sewing Trend That Margiela and Shein Have in CommonA serger is finicky, of limited use, and hard to thread. But it has become indispensable.
  18. i keep seeing this
    The Strangely Stylish Coaster-ScapeWhy undulating, colorful table protectors are everywhere right now.
  19. i keep seeing this
    Is This the Telfar Bag of Lip Gloss?As statusy as status lip gloss gets.
  20. i keep seeing this
    The New Trend in Candle Scents Is Heirloom TomatoThese late-summer-inspired candles are a welcome antidote to fall’s influx of pumpkin spice.
  21. painless shopping
    21 Giant Stuffed Giraffes and Other Animals (From Lions to Tigers to Bears)None will cost you nearly as much as an actual pet.
  22. i keep seeing this
    Restaurants From Popina to Bar Primi Use These Nifty Straws Made of PastaThey’re far sturdier than paper, fully biodegradable — and gluten free, too.
  23. i keep seeing this
    Why Are Tiled Cube Tables Suddenly Everywhere?In the past few months, they’ve been popping up in the backgrounds of every Danish influencer’s perfectly curated home.
  24. i keep seeing this
    The Mini-Microphones Taking Over TikTok“I call him Mini Mic, and he feels like a full character in my life.”
  25. i keep seeing this
    I Suddenly Want to Cover My Entire Desk in These TikTok Light StripsFrom YouTube to Twitch to TikTok, light strips are everywhere.
  26. i keep seeing this
    I Found Phoebe Bridgers’s Rocket-Ship BedsheetsYou can sleep beneath (or rather, among) the stars.
  27. i keep seeing this
    The Best Absurdly Large Candles (Including One That Burns for 800 Hours)They’re (almost) better than a fireplace.
  28. i keep seeing this
    8 Stylish People on Why They (Still) Love Their See-Through Coffee TableA clear classic.
  29. i keep seeing this
    Why Are So Many Soccer Stars Playing Xbox Using This Suitcase?After seeing no less than 20 players rave about it, we wanted to know more about their method of gaming on the go.
  30. i keep seeing this
    How Did Ankle and Wrist Weights Become the Breakout Stars of Quarantine?They’ve come a long way since the Jazzercise days.
  31. i keep seeing this
    Mushrooms Are Taking Over My Social Media Feed, Medicine Cabinet, and ClosetMurano lamps are just the beginning.
  32. i keep seeing this
    I Suddenly Want to Cover My Body (and My Home) in CheckerboardFrom socks and shorts to pillows and totes.
  33. i keep seeing this
    Where Did All These Fancy Vinegar Brands Come From?No fewer than six new vinegar brands have launched in the last year.
  34. i keep seeing this
    These Pantry Labels Made by a Blogger in Minnesota Are Taking Over TikTokAnd Instagram. And Pinterest.
  35. i keep seeing this
    Kindercore: A Decidedly Toddler-esque MovementThe primary-colored collision of Bauhaus, Memphis Milano, and maximalism.
  36. i keep seeing this
    The Amazon Coat Now Comes in Red, and Other Pertinent UpdatesOrolay no longer sells folding chairs, and they’ve created men’s and children’s versions of the original jacket.
  37. i keep seeing this
    How Did This Matisse Print Become the Stylish Adult’s Dorm Room Poster?It keeps popping up in cafés, spas, and Instagram feeds.
  38. i keep seeing this
    What Hath the Strategist Wrought: The Orolay Coat (Almost) One Year LaterIt has amassed almost 6,000 reviews on Amazon and even has its own Instagram account.
  39. i keep seeing this
    Give It Six Months Before Pleated Lampshades Show Up at West Elm“Young designers around the world are repurposing the prim style, making pleated shades without so much ornamental ruching and beading.”
  40. i keep seeing this
    Pampas Grass Is the New Monstera Leaf“Pampas grass is sort of like a pair of white cowboy boots.”
  41. i keep seeing this
    The Teddy Coat Is the Only Thing Getting Me Out of Bed This WinterThey’re everywhere — on the subway, at my salad place, and on Instagram.
  42. i keep seeing this
    How Did Brooms Become the New Ceramics?“I definitely think that there’s a broom scene brewing.”
  43. i keep seeing this
    Real Anthuriums Cost $20 a Stem, So May We Suggest a Faux Anthurium?Two major retailers are stocking highly realistic versions of 2018’s trendiest flower.
  44. i keep seeing this
    The Only Jewelry I Want to Buy Is the See-through KindLucite takes many forms these days: Hoop earrings, chokers, and rings are just a few.
  45. i keep seeing this
    These on-Trend Puffy White Crop Tops Are Actually $20 German Dirndl BlousesWhile shopping for my Oktoberfest outfit, I had the feeling I’d seen this look elsewhere.
  46. i keep seeing this
    Plaster Busts Will Be 2019’s Fiddle-Leaf-Fig TreeYou’ll find them at Glossier. And at The Wing. And in the homes of models.
  47. i keep seeing this
    Come Join Me in My Obsession With Colored GlassTwenty-two of my favorites.
  48. i keep seeing this
    The Next Status Tote Might Just Be the $5 Fisherman Net BagThat they photograph well is just a fringe benefit.
  49. i keep seeing this
    The Most Aesthetically Pleasing Way to Store Fruit: In Tiered Hanging BasketsThat’s how the Missoni family does it.
  50. i keep seeing this
    I Only Want to Own Tortoiseshell AccessoriesA pattern as handsome on a fork as it is on a cat.
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