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I Use This For That

  1. i use this for that
    I Winterize My Leather Boots With This $2 Plumber’s Toilet WaxIt’s become my winter ritual.
  2. i use this for that
    Turns Out This Suction Vibrator Is Excellent at Preventing MastitisAs a breast massager, it’s the perfect tool for clearing clogged milk ducts.
  3. i use this for that
    My Favorite New Work Pants Are Horseback-Riding PantsAnd they are very flattering.
  4. i use this for that
    The Only Thing That Cured My Cystic Acne Was (Yes) Spearmint TeaAccording to my derm, “it works on all the processes that drive adult acne.”
  5. i use this for that
    The Best Makeup Removers Are These Reusable Bamboo Nursing PadsA new mom told me about these reusable pads that work so much better than disposable cotton ones.
  6. i use this for that
    Massage Sore Muscles With This … Black & Decker Power Tool?It’s designed for car- and boat-polishing projects, but does double duty as a handheld massager.