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Lamps And Lighting

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    Ask the Discord: The Best Lighting Equipment, According to GamersEverything you need for high-quality lighting, whether you’re streaming or just Zooming.
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    These Cheap Wineglass Shades Make My Dining Room Feel Like BemelmansIt’s by far the easiest and cheapest table-lighting hack.
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    The Best Wall Sconces (Under $500), According to Interior DesignersIn addition to saving space, wall sconces can make a room more functional, dimensional, and, of course, brighter.
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    The Best Under-$1,000 Chandeliers to Buy Online, According to DesignersWith options for the living room, bedroom, dining room, entryway — and even some for homes with perilously low, eight-feet-or-under ceilings.
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    This Lamp Lights Zoom Calls by Day — and Turns My Home Into a Club at NightIf I want the whole place to feel like a music video, there’s a setting that cycles through colors based on the songs I play.