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Natural Disaster Preparedness

  1. outdoor leisure
    The Best Emergency Radios, According to Disaster-Preparedness ExpertsThey’re an essential part of any emergency-preparedness kit.
  2. health
    What Are the Best Face Masks for Smoke?As Canadian wildfires burn, millions are being exposed to the dangers of smoke inhalation.
  3. hiking and camping
    The Best Items to Stock for Any Emergency, According to SurvivalistsWhether you’re bugging out or bugging in, these are the things you may want to have on hand.
  4. best bets
    The Best Products for the Budding PrepperFlashlights, first aid kits, wet/dry vacs, and more survival tools and equipment.
  5. hiking and camping
    The Best Pocketknives, According to ExpertsFor everything from opening packages to making tinder for a fire.
  6. cleaning
    The Best Wet/Dry Vacs, According to ExpertsFor everything from inflating pool toys to cleaning up a basement flood.
  7. outdoor leisure
    The Best Water Purifiers, According to Survival ExpertsThe most important thing to have in any disaster: lots of safe drinking water.
  8. hiking and camping
    The Best First Aid Kits, According to Survival ExpertsFor everything from hiking and camping to full-on bugout emergencies.
  9. outdoor leisure
    The Best Flashlights, According to ExpertsIncluding solar-powered and hand-crank options that will help you in any situation.
  10. home
    Everything You Need for a Power Outage, According to ExpertsWe talked to city officials and preppers to find everything you need to build a blackout kit.
  11. hiking and camping
    The Best Multi-Tools, According to Hikers, Adventurers & People Who Fix ThingsThere are options for backcountry adventures, fishing, biking, and cooking. There’s even something that’s not a Leatherman.
  12. outdoor leisure
    We Determined Which of the New Emergency Preparedness Kits Are Actually Worth ItWith the help of a survivalist.