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Natural Hair Week

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    The Curl Cream That Cut My Natural Hair Routine in HalfIt’s the only hair product I’ll use.
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    Why Was All the Natural-Hair Packaging Gold?At some point, I realized the gold and crowns and queens were someone else’s concept of Black womanhood.
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    Welcome to Natural-Hair WeekNatural hair, now.
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    Strategist Chats: The Making of Natural-Hair WeekThree Strategist writers and editors discuss how Natural-Hair Week came together.
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    The Best Hair Bonnets, According to ExpertsIncluding a minimal-looking one beloved by Strategist staffers and celebrities alike.
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    The Best Edge Brushes, According to Professional Hair StylistsGive your toothbrush a rest.
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    11 New Yorkers on Going NaturalWe asked 11 New Yorkers about going natural for the first time — and how they take care of their curls, Afros, locs.
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    This $2 Drugstore Hair Treatment Repaired My Hopeless Split EndsPalmer’s sustainably sourced deep conditioner is the truth.
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    Everything You Need to Know About Hair SteamingAnd the best ones to get the job done.
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    The Best At-Home Hood Dryers, According to ProfessionalsIncluding one stylist’s Paris Fashion Week staple.
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    The Best Natural-Hair Accessories, According to ObsessivesWe spoke to five enthusiasts and hair professionals about their favorite accessories for natural hair, and why they’re obsessed.
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    How to (Safely) Take Down a Protective Style and Detangle Natural HairFrom a split-end-sealing serum to a heat-activated hair mask.
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    How to Take Care of Your Natural Hair, If You’re Newly NaturalThree words: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.
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    The Best Detangling Brushes for Natural Hair, According to Hair StylistsWith one of these brushes your wash day might turn into a wash afternoon.
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    The Best Edge Control, According to Baby-Hair Professionals“You could have no hair on your head, but if you design and style your edges and baby hair correctly, you can be very effective.”
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    The Business of Braiding HairA (thwarted at every turn) attempt to learn what is in Kanekalon and a look at some Black-owned companies with products that are better for the scalp.
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    I’ve Finally Mastered My Twist Out — Here’s Everything I UseIt took hundreds of attempts to get right.
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    I Wear My Grace Eleyae Bonnet Both to Bed and on Zoom CallsIt keeps my hair healthy and functions as a part-time hat.
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    The Best Pieces of Black Hair Art, According to Black Artists and CuratorsIncluding prints, puzzles, and a golden roller.
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    How to Achieve a Salon Silk Press at Home“Unlike a basic blowout, a silk press adds volume.”
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    This Is the Mason Pearson of Natural-Hair Brushes (and It’s Just $18)The Felicia Leatherwood Detangler Brush is the only brush I’ll ever need.
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    How to Build a Black-Owned Hair-Care RoutineFrom the Mason Pearson of natural hairbrushes to the hair oil that’s basically lip gloss for your hair.