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Natural Hair

  1. this thing’s incredible
    This Kids’ Detangling Brush Cut My Hair Routine in HalfNo more achy arms, either.
  2. ask a cool person
    Sis, How Do You Keep Your Hair Straight in the Summer?“I’ll do this for about three weeks and I won’t have to use any heat on my hair to maintain my silk presses in the summer.”
  3. natural hair week
    This $2 Drugstore Hair Treatment Repaired My Hopeless Split EndsPalmer’s sustainably sourced deep conditioner is the truth.
  4. natural hair week
    This Is the Mason Pearson of Natural-Hair Brushes (and It’s Just $18)The Felicia Leatherwood Detangler Brush is the only brush I’ll ever need.
  5. trust me i should know
    How I Maintain a 4C Afro on Low Porosity Hair for 10 Days at a TimeDeep conditioning, deep conditioning, deep conditioning.
  6. celebrity shopping
    What Miss USA Cheslie Kryst Can’t Live Without“The delivery person was able to bring the cookies to our receptionist, who would then bring them to my desk. It was too easy.”