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  1. best in class
    The Very Best Washable RugsFor households with toddlers, pets, gardeners, messy chefs, and more.
  2. best in class
    The 12 Very Best Glider Rockers for NursingIncluding one that can charge your phone.
  3. ask a cool person
    What Are the Best Rugs for a Nursery?From rugs that are genuine sheepskin to ones that are machine-washable.
  4. this thing’s incredible
    My Baby’s Play Set Transforms Into a Herman Miller–Style Coffee TableIt’s only $150, and there’s no assembly required.
  5. ask a cool person
    What Are the Best (Nice-Looking) Cribs for Babies?Eleven designers dish on the most stylish cribs for your bundle of joy.
  6. this thing’s incredible
    You Can Take All My Baby Gear — But You Can’t Take My DockATotIt’s the one thing that gets my baby to fall asleep easily.
  7. trust me i should know
    The Best Baby Swaddles (and I’ve Tried Them All)An obsessive new mom’s ranking.
  8. declassified document
    The Google Doc That’s Traveled From Pregnant Friend to Pregnant Friend: Part IIThis installment includes clothes, gadgets, and bath gear.
  9. declassified document
    The ‘Baby Google Doc’ That’s Traveled From Pregnant Friend to Pregnant FriendIt’s the sisterhood of the traveling Google doc.
  10. close inspection
    I Am a New Mom Who Is Less Sleep-Deprived Thanks to This Motorized BassinetMy baby was rocked to sleep in this Yves Béhar–designed bassinet for ten weeks.
  11. shopping hack
    Kids’ Furniture Is the Best-Kept Secret of DecoratingIt’s often both cheaper and chicer.
  12. this thing’s incredible
    The Moon-Shaped Night-Light I Raised My Sons ByIt gives their room a warm, suffused glow.