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  1. best in class
    The 16 Very Best Desk LampsFrom tried-and-true classic task lamps to petite portables.
  2. this thing’s incredible
    I Never Get on a Plane Without These Tiny ScissorsThey’re always at the ready when I need to make a quick snip or emergency trim.
  3. recommended by experts
    Everything You Need to Work From Home, According to People Who Do It EverydayIncluding essentials like desks and chairs as well as less obvious things that foster productivity in an office of one.
  4. recommended by experts
    The Best Teacher Planners, According to TeachersPlan ahead (and don’t forget about those after-school appointments).
  5. ask a cool person
    What’s the Best Thing You Bought This Year That Made WFH Bearable?Including ergonomic office chairs, a seltzer machine, and stuff to jazz up lunch.
  6. this thing’s incredible
    This Fountain Pen Transforms My Chicken Scratch Into Exquisite ScriptWriting with the hefty tool is what I imagine coasting in a luxury car at full speed on the Autobahn must feel like.
  7. strategist investigates
    What Pen Does Biden Use to Sign Executive Orders?A deep dive into presidential pens.
  8. trust me i should know
    With These 5 Things (That All Fit in a Tote), I Can Work Ergonomically AnywhereBecause all can be packed inside a tote bag, when the next pandemic hits, they should be just as easy to carry wherever I find myself working from.
  9. this thing’s incredible
    This Truly Customizable Notebook Has Replaced (Most of) My Many OthersIts rather ingenious insert system allows you to package up to three or four separate notebooks between the same two covers.
  10. trust me i should know
    A Lifelong Pencil User on the 9 Styles Her Desk Is Never WithoutIncluding a double-headed Japanese pencil, an Indian pencil that’s basically breakproof, and a pencil that’ll grow seeds if you plant it.
  11. one stop shop
    Everything You Need to Work From Home That We’ve Written AboutIncluding comfortable clothes (that aren’t pajamas), expert-recommended desk supplies, and products to stay focused while co-working with roommates.
  12. something for everyone
    9 Bulletin Boards, Vetted 9 Different WaysFrom fancy linen wrapped pin boards to a convincing look alike for John Krasinski’s bulletin board from Some Good News.
  13. this thing’s incredible
    The French Folders So Good You Can Use Them As CurrencyYour manila folders could never.
  14. ask a cool person
    What Are the Best Computer Desks?“It’s a piece that fits nicely in any room while also being a bit more sexy and interesting.”
  15. this thing’s incredible
    My Cord-Chewing Cat Can’t Chew Through This Petproof Cord CoverCord cover: 1; my cat: 0.
  16. this thing’s incredible
    The (Truly) Waterproof Notepads a Crime Writer Uses to Craft Plots in the Shower“Seventy percent of my good ideas come to me while in the shower, and my father always taught me to make sure I have the right tools for every job.”
  17. micro sales
    11 Things on Sale You’ll Actually Want to Buy: From Ray-Ban to BirkenstockIncluding a cheap-but-expensive-looking Italian stapler and a pair of ergonomic hiking socks.
  18. recommended by experts
    The Best Wellness, Gratitude, and Happiness Journals, According to Experts“It’s completely reshaped my mindset and has made me a more positive person.”
  19. micro sales
    Lots of Expensive-Looking Home Accessories and Furniture Are on SaleIncluding a green desk chair to zhuzh up your home office and a Strategist-favorite porcelain coffee maker with European vibes.
  20. trust me i should know
    Everything You Need to Get Into DrawingLike yoga or meditation, drawing has been a powerful tool for me in managing stress and anxiety during all of this self-isolating.
  21. weird things we love
    This Plug-in Phone Headset Makes Me Feel Like a CEO Working From HomePlugged into the headphone jack of my MacBook Air, it makes days of Zooming from home feel a little more like days making calls from the office.
  22. trust me i should know
    Everything I Used to Work From Home While Living With 4 RoommatesThe white noise machine, calendar, and headphones that help us stay accountable as co-workers and roommates.
  23. this thing’s incredible
    This Adjustable Table Has Made Me a Better Writer — and MomI use it to relieve tension in my neck and shoulders when I write, and it doubles as a tray my son can eat off of when he’s sick in bed.
  24. please advise
    Ask Chris Black: What Office Supplies Will Impress People at My New Big-Boy Job?Tasteful (and functional) things for your desk, plus technical backpacks that double as work bags and the stuff Chris uses when traveling with suits.