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    This Turmeric Blend Soothes My Stomach (and Makes My Brownies Taste Better)Maybe it’s a placebo, or maybe it’s actually a “superfood.” Either way, it’s become a must-have ingredient.
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    This Gluten-Free Flour Allows Me to Eat (Actually Good) Cookies AgainAnd while everyone is hunting for bags of regular flour, this is still readily available to buy.
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    This Scrub Finally Rid Me of My Persistent ButtneYes, a $30 scrub for your butt sounds outrageous. But you know what else is outrageous? Buttne.
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    The Best Thing I Bought This Year: A Delightful Digital Picture FrameI’ve spent $850 (so far) on Aura frames for me and my family, and I have no regrets.
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    These Ankle Weights Are Like Dumbbells for My ButtThey’ve turned up the volume on my at-home exercises.
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    I Tried Quip’s Refillable (and Vaguely Tech-y) FlossThe brand claims it’s “The first floss you’ll want to use.”
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    The Curl Cream That Cut My Natural Hair Routine in HalfIt’s the only hair product I’ll use.
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    This Foot Cream Smooths My Heels Better Than Professionals DoEveryone who tries it becomes a convert.
  9. butt week
    This Gel Seat Cushion Lets Me Work From a Dining Chair for HoursIt’s like a thousand interlaced fingers massaging me — firm with just a bit of squish.
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    The Strategist One-Stop Gift ShopGet all of your holiday shopping done without ever leaving the site.
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    The Best Skin-Care Routine for Sensitive Skin, According to DermatologistsFeaturing gentle ingredients that won’t cause redness or irritation.
  12. on-site shop
    The Best Skin-Care Routine for Dry Skin, According to DermatologistsWith layers and layers of rich hydration.
  13. on-site shop
    The Best Skin-Care Routine for Oily Skin, According to DermatologistsEverything you need to manage oil and prevent breakouts.
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    Can Anything Tone Down Brassiness Like Aveda Black Malva?We found two expert-recommended dupes for the discontinued cult favorite.
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    The Homely But Effective Machine That Puts Me to Sleep Every NightIt produces lulling white noise with a design that hasn’t changed since 1962.
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    This Percussive Therapy Tool Is Like an At-Home Deep-Tissue MassageIt helped alleviate my perpetual back, neck, and shoulder aches.
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    What’s in These Supplements That Famous People Can’t Live Without?Two specific supplements will get name-checked time and again by celebrities who talk to the Strategist.
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    Your Sensitive, Breakout-Prone Skin Will Love Mandelic AcidIt’s the gentlest AHA of the bunch.
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    The Hair Oil My Very Silky-Haired Friend Made Me Buy Is Extremely GoodIt eradicated my frizz.
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    I Can’t Stop Covering My Lips, Eyes, and Face With This Line of Nourishing MasksThey’ve seemingly just clicked with people, from celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Emma Stone to skin-care obsessives like me.
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    I’ve Found an Effective, Nonirritating Version of Vitamin CIt’s called tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate.
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    All My Co-workers Envy My Japanese Lunch BoxIt makes me want to bring my lunch every day.
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    The Two-in-One Cleansing Pads I’m Bringing on Every Trip This SummerThey work exceptionally well as a makeup remover, and as a cleanser.
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    This Cleanser Annihilated My Maskne (and My Boyfriend’s) in Just a WeekIt still feels awkward to leave the house with the lower half of my face showing, but now I know anyone I catch staring isn’t looking at my zits.
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    Four Subtle Self-Tanners for Those of Us Looking Particularly PastyThey’ll give even the ghostliest-looking skin a gentle, sun-kissed glow.
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    No Brush Could Tame My Scraggly Mane Until NowIt rakes right through my wet, rat’s nest hair.
  27. not a professional. just crazy.
    Everything I Use to Get Rid of My Dark (Uncle Fester–esque) Under EyesBecause no one enjoys looking like they belong in a horror film.
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    My 5 Favorite Glow-Inducing Face OilsIncluding J.Lo’s favorite, and one especially suitable for eczema-prone skin.
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    My Preflight Beauty Routine That Ensures I Land Acne-FreeIt also ensures I can pass out on the flight without having to worry about my skin.
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    We’re Launching On-site Shopping on the StrategistBrowse, add to cart, even check out — without leaving our site.
  31. not a professional. just crazy
    The Evening Routine That Keeps My Breakouts at BayIt’s taken me years — and lots of trial and error — to settle into a routine that keeps my acne at bay without stripping or drying out my fussy skin.