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  1. strategist investigates
    The Strategist Megaguide to Beating Supply-Chain IssuesCan’t find things like patio furniture, sofas, and black pants with a 36-inch waist? We’re here to help.
  2. steal my vacation
    Emily Bode’s Long Weekend in Truro, Cape Cod“Like any flea market, it’s really hit or miss, but they have great vintage jewelry and antique textiles.”
  3. the drugstore project
    Everything You Wanted to Know About the Drugstore: A Conversation With ExpertsIncluding an internist’s tip for buying generic drugs, a pediatrician’s case for off-brand Band-Aids, and a hairstylist on the best at-home hair dye.
  4. holiday gift guide 2019
    130 People With Exacting, Exceptional Taste on the Most Perfect Gift Under $104We set a $100 limit but couldn’t leave out Rita Konig’s cucumber trug.