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  1. this thing’s incredible
    This Eight-in-One USB Hub Took All of the Clutter (and Stress) Off My DesktopMy new MacBook came with only two ports and constant headaches, but then I found a simple (and elegant) solution.
  2. this thing’s incredible
    My Books Have Never Looked Better Than on These Red Steel ShelvesThe cheery industrial shelving unit was hiding amid a sea of steel and black shelves in Wayfair’s “Garage Storage and Shelving Units” department.
  3. gifts they’ll want in a pandemic
    My Husband’s Bicycle Looks More Like Sculpture Thanks to This Clever StandCombining vertical storage with the ease of a floor stand, it displays his bike as the latest objet in our home full of actual artworks.
  4. ask the strategist
    Ask the Strategist: What Are Some Nice-Looking Baskets for Storing Bedding?A dozen options for stowing a couple of pillows with an artfully arranged blanket (or two) on top.
  5. ask the strategist
    What Are the Best Over-the-Fridge Organizing Options?We help a Strategist reader organize the top of their fridge with a few easy tips from jars to extendable shelves to baskets.
  6. this thing’s incredible
    I Use This Canvas Karate Pouch to Store My PassportIt’s made for punching, but it works even better for organizing.