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Plant Week

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    The 13 Very Best Houseplant FertilizersFrom all-purpose organics to the seaweed-based fertilizer that carnivorous plants love.
  2. best in class
    The Very Best Plant Misters“No one wants to get carpal tunnel from spraying plants.”
  3. best in class
    The Very Best Indoor-Garden Kits“I was blown away by the variety of vegetables (and sheer volume of food) we could grow.”
  4. recommended by experts
    The Best Potting Soil for Every Type of Plant, According to ExpertsIt’s all about the prep when it comes to plants.
  5. plant week
    What’s the Next Status Plant (That Isn’t a Fiddle-leaf Fig)?“The next big tree is Ficus Audrey, 100 percent.”
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    Welcome to Plant WeekWe’re digging into everything you need to buy a houseplant online and keep it alive.
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    We Ordered 9 Snake Plants to Find the Best Place to Buy Plants OnlineBy ordering nine snake plants from nine different merchants, including Amazon and the Sill.
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    The Best Child-Safe Plants, According to ExpertsBaby-proof your indoor garden with hanging plants, herbs, succulents, and organic potting soil.
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    What to Buy to Look Like: A PlantfluencerNot just any grow light will do.
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    The Best Cat- and Dog-Safe Plants, According to ExpertsIndoor plants safe enough for curious puppies and leaf-chewing cats, including the safest succulents, ferns, ivy, herbs, and palm.
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    The Most Underexposed and Underrated Plants, According to ExpertsBecause everybody already has a Monstera.
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    What Are the Best Ways to Hang Plants (and What Plants Should You Hang)?Including hanging straps, macramé hangers, cachepot hangers, and the best plants to hang.
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    The Best (Nontoxic) Pesticides and Insecticides, According to GardenersWe polled gardeners for the safest way to get rid of garden critters.
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    Everything You Need to Grow Weed Indoors, According to ExpertsThe expert-recommended supplies for setting up a grow space, watering and feeding your plant, and harvesting and storing your crop.
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    Everything You Need to Grow an Indoor Herb GardenYou’ll be picking your own basil in no time.
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    What’s the Best Plant to Give?Including picks for both plant beginners and home-gardening pros.