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    The 9 Very Best Digital Picture FramesThe perfect complement to your digital camera or your smartphone’s photo library.
  2. this thing’s incredible
    My Family Group Chat Is 95 Percent Birds Now (Thanks to This Smart Feeder)It’s a delightfully lazy way to bird-watch.
  3. october prime day 2023
    Amazon October Prime Day Deals for Every Corner of Your HomeFrom rugs and futons to pillows and bedsheets.
  4. smart home
    The 6 Very Best Home-Security Cameras“You don’t have to wire it — you can install it yourself, and it takes a half hour to install the entire system.”
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    The Best Tech Gifts to Buy This Year (Before They Sell Out)Including smartphones, laptops, smart-home speakers, and video-game consoles.
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    The Best Smart Locks on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“Did I forget to lock the door? No problem. I can lock it from work if I want to.”
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    The Best Hidden Cameras, According to Surveillance ExpertsYou’ll feel a bit like 007 with these tiny cameras hidden in pens, sunglasses, and more.
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    How to Transform Your House Into a Smart HomeIf you feel like your house needs an upgrade or you want to feel like you live in the year 2077, step it up with some smart-home devices.
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    The Best Video Doorbells, According to Security and Tech ExpertsFrom a doorbell that’ll recognize your family members to a $20 budget pick.
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    I Didn’t Think I Needed Smart Light Bulbs Until I Tried TheseThey’re easy to use, they flatter you on Zoom, and they make the house feel safer.
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    What I Tell People Who Ask Me Which Smart Thermostat to BuyIt depends, of course. These are my eight favorites.
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    12 Things On Sale You’ll Actually Want to Buy: From Kate Spade to ColemanIncluding a two-in-one cooling fan and a sweat-wicking workout top.
  13. smart home
    What I Tell People Who Ask Me What Smart Plug to BuyThere’s a smart plug for everything — your lamp, your TV, even your pool pump.
  14. prime day 2018
    This 60-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV Is the Best Prime Day DealPrime customers will save more than $500. You won’t find a better deal on a better TV.
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    The Smart Appliances That Actually Make My Kitchen BetterFrom voice-activated trash cans to Alexa-enabled coffee makers.
  16. strat explainer
    Do I Need a Smart Doorbell?The latest craze in smart-home security, explained.
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    These $15 Plugs Turn Any Home Into a Smart HouseAnything you stick in them can be controlled from your phone.
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    Looking to Dip Your Toe in the Alexa Pool? The Echo Dot Is on Sale Right NowPlease come join us in the future.