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  1. best in class
    12 of the Very Best Chef’s KnivesFinding one you feel comfortable holding and using for all your meals is vital to your efficiency and success as a cook.
  2. something for everyone
    12 Dog Halloween Costumes, Vetted 12 Different WaysOur favorite Halloween costumes for dogs, from a Strategist editor-approved crustacean to some very funny canine headgear.
  3. something for everyone
    20 Kids’ Halloween Costumes, Vetted 20 Different Ways“My rule is always that when the idea for a costume is ridiculous it really needs to be very obviously ridiculous.”
  4. something for everyone
    16 Baby Halloween Costumes, Vetted 16 Different Ways“I cannot fully do justice to just how hilarious and cute it was to watch a tiny little hot dog toddle down the street.”
  5. something for everyone
    12 Portable Air Conditioners, Vetted 12 Different WaysThis is how you beat the heat wave.
  6. something for everyone
    The Best 11 Home-Office Printers, Vetted 11 WaysIncluding a Hollywood screenwriter’s favorite, the best inexpensive printers, and the most popular options on Amazon and Best Buy.
  7. best bets
    16 Suitcases, Vetted 16 WaysFrom handsome trunks to long-lasting carry-ons, here’s expert-recommended luggage to replace your pre-pandemic baggage.
  8. something for everyone
    32 Desks, Vetted 32 WaysIncluding the desk used by a Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist, a bunch of Strategist picks, and some of the best-rated desks on Wayfair and Amazon.
  9. something for everyone
    16 Keyboards, Vetted 16 WaysQuiet keyboards, loud keyboards, Bluetooth keyboards, and corded keyboards. There’s definitely one for you.
  10. something for everyone
    11 Best Massage Chairs, Vetted 11 Different WaysIncluding a celebrity-favorite.
  11. something for everyone
    23 Floor Lamps, Vetted 23 WaysIncluding an elegant vertical LED light and a circular lamp that looks like the many Charli XCX has.
  12. something for everyone
    9 Bulletin Boards, Vetted 9 Different WaysFrom fancy linen wrapped pin boards to a convincing look alike for John Krasinski’s bulletin board from Some Good News.
  13. something for everyone
    11 Standing Desks, Vetted 11 Different WaysThose that work in small spaces, can handle dual monitors, and even ones that will blend in with the rest of your furniture.
  14. something for everyone
    10 Photo Albums, Vetted 10 WaysThe best photo albums, whether you’re digital-first or a Polaroid-obsessive.
  15. something for everyone
    10 Portable Washing Machines, Vetted 10 Different WaysIncluding the portable washing machine a New Yorker (without laundry in-unit) used during the pandemic, and a van lifer’s favorite clothing wand.
  16. something for everyone
    10 Beach Wagons, Vetted 10 Different WaysIncluding a wagon that becomes a beach chair, the most popular wagon among Strategist readers, and the status wagon at one New Jersey beach.