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  1. strat investigates
    Who Makes These Daisy-Print Kids’ Pants I See All Over Instagram?Reverse-Google-image-searching led me to the (unlikely) source.
  2. strat investigates
    Tracking Down the Schlumpy-Chic Artist Costumes in Showing UpThe Crocs, oatmeal socks, and linen dresses worn by characters in Kelly Reichardt’s latest movie.
  3. strat investigates
    How Rachel Comey Broke With UlineFinding an alternative to the far-right-owned cardboard-box purveyor is not so simple.
  4. strat investigates
    How Did an Obscure Photography Book Become a Counterfeit Prop?Down the fake book rabbit hole.
  5. strat investigates
    I ID’d the Ice Swans (and Every Other Item) at Chloë Sevigny’s WeddingAnd various other highly specific items from her planned-down-to-the-ribbon-shade wedding.
  6. strat investigates
    Why Is Everyone Suddenly Reading Cassandra at the Wedding?A forensic investigation.
  7. on-site shop
    What’s in These Supplements That Famous People Can’t Live Without?Two specific supplements will get name-checked time and again by celebrities who talk to the Strategist.
  8. this thing’s incredible
    Furoshiki Gift Wrapping Makes My Christmas More SustainableThe traditional Japanese fabrics are a gift within a gift.
  9. strat investigates
    The Amazon Coat’s Unlikely Collaboration, and Other New DevelopmentsFrom fur hoods to metallic shades to faux-shearling.
  10. strat investigates
    What a Strategist Writer Learned From Six Months of Writing About Masks“Since anyone could make a mask, and nobody knew what it meant to make an effective one, there was no quality control. So I started ordering them.”
  11. i keep seeing this
    I Suddenly Want to Cover My Body (and My Home) in CheckerboardFrom socks and shorts to pillows and totes.
  12. strat investigates
    Does UPF Protective Clothing Work?A new batch of brands is making actually stylish sun-protective clothing.
  13. problem-solving
    The Online Classes Actually Worth Taking28 courses that were thoroughly vetted.
  14. strat investigates
    How Infectious-Disease Experts Unpack Groceries and Packages During the Pandemic“We made a decision that we would do the things that have the most data behind them.”
  15. strat investigates
    How to Shop Safely During the Coronavirus PandemicInfectious disease experts on no-contact delivery, washing your vegetables, and online shopping.
  16. strat investigates
    Is It Safe to Use Dish Soap As an Alternative to Hand Soap?Yes, but it’s not your best option.
  17. strat investigates
    Should Black Women Be Using Retinol?The short answer: yes, but with caution.
  18. strat investigates
    The Gold Standard Pandemic Masks Are Out of Stock, So What Should You Get?Follow the CDC’s recommendations, and be sure to keep washing your hands.
  19. strat investigates
    The Best Shoes in Hard-to-Find Sizes, for Men and WomenOptions for everyone from a women’s size 4.5 to a men’s 17.
  20. strat investigates
    How to Make Slime, According to Famous Slime-MakersThe glue, activators, clay, charms, and storage items you need to make the best slime.
  21. strat investigates
    How to Avoid the Hysteria and Get a Good Deal on an Instant Pot on Black FridayA guide to when that on-sale Instant Pot is actually a good deal.
  22. strat investigates
    Why Do Almost 400 Flight Attendants Own This $24 Jumpsuit?“Every single person started getting it, and now they call it the unofficial flight-attendant uniform.”
  23. strat investigates
    Are These Italian Surgeon Clogs the Next Danskos?“I generally feel like this type of shoe is just too hideous for me, but for some reason, these are very aesthetically pleasing.”
  24. strat investigates
    What Are the Status Gym Sneakers for Men?Including options for running, weight lifting, and hypebeasts.
  25. strat investigates
    What Is This Year’s Status Halloween Candy?One food writer calls it “so freaking good.
  26. strat investigates
    What Recorder Does the Reporter Played by Julia Stiles in Hustlers Use?The prop master gives us the lowdown.
  27. strat investigates
    Stripes As Far As the Eye Can SeeThe casual luxury of stripes, an investigation.
  28. this vs. that
    I Tried 17 Toners and Essences to Really Figure Out the DifferenceStill, the line between the two isn’t always clear.
  29. strat investigates
    Strat Investigates: What’s the Next Status Nail Polish?“It’s definitely a brand that nail girls are obsessed with.”
  30. strat investigates
    What Are the Status Gym Sneakers for Women?Plus the next status gym sneaker and the next, next status gym sneaker.
  31. strat investigates
    Can You Actually Do Anything About Cellulite at Home?It affects more than 90 percent of women, yet is notoriously hard to treat.
  32. strat investigates
    Who Makes Amy and Molly’s Jumpsuits in Booksmart?They’re vintage — but the Booksmart costume designer recommends some very good dupes for the styles worn in the film.
  33. strat investigates
    3 Chefs on the Food Scissors (Some) People Can’t Help Stealing“I know Carbone uses really nice ones for the mozzarella, but the waiter uses it and walks away, they don’t need to worry about it getting stolen.”
  34. strat investigates
    Why Does Every Renovated Brownstone in Brooklyn Have This Chandelier?If the parlor floor’s been fixed up recently, odds are there’s a Serge Mouille hanging above the mantle.
  35. strat investigates
    Why Is Seemingly Every Stylish Baby Girl Wearing a Top Knot?It’s better looking than your standard beanie, and way more subtle than a headpiece with an oversized bow.
  36. plant week
    What’s the Next Status Plant (That Isn’t a Fiddle-leaf Fig)?“The next big tree is Ficus Audrey, 100 percent.”
  37. strat investigates
    What’s the Next Status Planter (That Isn’t the Group Partner Boob Pot)?For the discerning plant parent.
  38. strat investigates
    Do Color-blind Glasses Actually Work?Does a world of grays and blacks really become Technicolor?
  39. strat investigates
    Do Sleep-Specific Blue-Light Glasses Actually Help You Fall Asleep?They promise to let you scroll through Instagram before bed without your sleep being affected. But does it actually work?
  40. strat investigates
    Do Aphrodisiacs Actually Work?We asked doctors and experts what really brings the heat.
  41. strat investigates
    What’s the Next Status Water Bottle?We’re calling it: The old-school Nalgene is back.
  42. strat investigates
    What’s the Next Status Chocolate Bar?We asked chocolate buyers to make their best guesses and came up with two front-runners (and five runners-up).
  43. strat investigates
    Does the Arc Trainer Really Burn As Many Calories As It Claims?We found out whether gym machine calorie counters are actually accurate.
  44. strat investigates
    What’s the Next Unicorn Toy Craze?“Quote me on this: 2019 will be the year of the narwhal.”
  45. sleep week
    Do Natural Sleep Aids Like Melatonin and Valerian Actually Work?The short answer: melatonin just might, but valerian is a waste of time.
  46. strat investigates
    Why Are Gardeners So Crazy About the Haws Watering Can?It’s made of copper, over a century old, and pours water from a brass “rose.”
  47. strat investigates
    What’s the Next Status Candle?(That isn’t Diptyque.)
  48. strat investigates
    How Did a Smart Doorbell Scare Off Home Intruders?“Get away from the door!”
  49. strat investigates
    Who Makes Emma Stone’s Trench Coat in Maniac?We called the designer to get the lowdown.
  50. strat investigates
    Who Makes Kendall’s Umbrella on Succession?A search for a prop that became a journey to the edge of sanity.
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