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  1. strategist investigates
    We Found Ayo Edebiri’s Wide-Leg JeansThey’re under $100.
  2. strategist investigates
    11 Actually Good (and Good to Play in) Tennis DressesAt long last, the most stylish tennis dresses are now actually also the best to play in.
  3. testing testing
    The 10 Very Best Disposable Masks for All AgesWe tested expert-approved disposable masks to find the best N95, KN95, KF94, and surgical masks you can buy online.
  4. strategist investigates
    What Is This $200 Pepper Mill So Many Chefs Are Using?I spied this pepper mill on Carla Lalli Music’s YouTube — and then went on a hunt to find it.
  5. strategist investigates
    What’s the Difference Between KN95 and KF94 Masks?We asked infectious-disease doctors which is more effective at blocking COVID-19.
  6. strategist investigates
    I Reverse Image-Searched My Way to a Cheaper LampIf you think you could find it cheaper somewhere else, you probably can.
  7. saw something said something
    I’m Pretty Sure I Just Found Bella Hadid’s DepopShe’s wearing the account’s most recent purchase in her Instagram Story today.
  8. strategist investigates
    Do Mask Frames Improve — or Interfere With — Mask-Wearing?Four medical experts weigh in.
  9. strategist investigates
    How Effective Are Clothes With Built-in Masks?Infectious-disease doctors weigh in.
  10. testing testing
    We Tested 82 (and Counting) Actually Kind of Stylish Fabric Face MasksWe checked for fit, comfort, breathability, and how well they block droplets.
  11. strategist investigates
    What You Need to Know About Double-MaskingIt’s time to step up your masks and consider double-masking.
  12. strategist investigates
    Where Is My Teeny-Tiny Box of Mike & Ikes?How 5 Surprise is putting shrunken pantry items on shelves despite its own particularly gnarled supply chain.
  13. strategist investigates
    Where to Find At-Home COVID-19 TestsSome don’t even require a nasal swab.
  14. strategist investigates
    Home Depot’s 12-Foot Skeleton Is Sold Out (Again), But We Found Some Great DupesSpoiler alert: The next-tallest skeleton stands at eight feet.
  15. strategist investigates
    Is There Any Cool Upstate Merch?Yes. You just have to know where to look.
  16. sweat week
    Does a Natural Antiperspirant Actually Exist?An unusually good natural deodorant made us wonder.
  17. sweat week
    The Best Sweat-Wicking Clothing for Exercise, Sleep, and EverydayIncluding ones with all-natural, environmentally friendly fabrics.
  18. strategist investigates
    What’s the Best Way to Store and Protect a COVID-19 Vaccine Card?We spoke to doctors, professional organizers, and an archivist who works specifically with valuable works on paper to find out.
  19. strategist investigates
    I Searched and I Searched for Hailey Bieber’s Sexy Sun HatThere had been other sun hats before, sure, but this sun hat was different.
  20. strategist investigates
    Where to Find the Best Price on AirPods and AirPods ProIf there’s a sale, we’ve found it.
  21. strategist investigates
    Here’s Why Black Dads Like Mine All Wanted Stacy Adams Shoes “If you had a pair of Stacy Adams in their generation, you were the shit.”
  22. strategist investigates
    The Strategist Megaguide to Beating Supply-Chain IssuesCan’t find things like patio furniture, sofas, and black pants with a 36-inch waist? We’re here to help.
  23. strategist investigates
    Why Was All the Natural-Hair Packaging Gold?At some point, I realized the gold and crowns and queens were someone else’s concept of Black womanhood.
  24. strategist investigates
    Do You Really Need Masks, Toners, and Exfoliators for Your Armpits?Your underarms don’t need a 12-step skin-care routine.
  25. strategist investigates
    How to Buy an (Actually) Honest MirrorWe talked to experts about how to avoid buying a fun-house mirror.
  26. strategist investigates
    Do You Need to Buy Name-Brand Printer Cartridges?We investigate the wide world of third-party ink and toner.
  27. giving back
    168 Ways to Donate in Support of Black Lives and Communities of ColorIncluding victim funds, bail funds, mental-health organizations, policy-reform organizations, and Black LGBTQ organizations.
  28. strategist investigates
    So You Bought an NFT Couch. Now What?Furniture is made for human bodies. So what, exactly, do you do with a couch you can’t sit on?
  29. strategist investigates
    What Is the Best CBD for Dogs?One brand stands out.
  30. strategist investigates
    Do You Need a Microfiber Filter for Your Washing Machine?Scientists call microfibers “the biggest pollution problem that you’ve never heard of.”
  31. strategist investigates
    Does UV Light Kill Viruses and Germs?We asked doctors and germ experts to explain.
  32. strategist investigates
    Pickleball Is the Sport of the Year (Or It Should Be, at Least)“Here on the pickleball court, basking in the glorious sunshine, I am an outdoor sportsman at last.”
  33. strategist investigates
    What Pen Does Biden Use to Sign Executive Orders?A deep dive into presidential pens.
  34. strategist investigates
    How to Shop for a Plus-Size Wedding Dress OnlineAccording to a bride-to-be who’s currently on the hunt.
  35. strategist investigates
    Does Anyone Really Need to Sleep on a Cube-Shaped Pillow?Chiropractors, sleep-science coaches, and bedding reviewers weigh in.
  36. strategist investigates
    Should You Buy a Pulse Oximeter?Doctors are using the devices to monitor COVID-19 patients.
  37. strategist investigates
    Why Is It So Hard to Find a Good Humidifier?So many of them gurgle, buzz, leak, or spew white dust. And then there’s the pink slime.
  38. strategist investigates
    Is It Finally the Time to Rent Furniture Online?We broke down the differences (and similarities) between seven major players in the space.
  39. strategist investigates
    Can Mouthwash Really Help With Maskne?A dermatologist and a dentist weigh in.
  40. strategist investigates
    Are Cheap Mobile Carriers (Like Mint and Visible) Any Good?In some cases, yes. You just have to find one with good service in your area and be willing to deal with occasionally slower speeds.
  41. strategist investigates
    The Best Canadian Winter Coats (That Aren’t Canada Goose)It turns out that the seemingly ubiquitous winter brand isn’t so ubiquitous in its homeland.
  42. strategist investigates
    From Bernie’s Mittens to Baby Biden’s Bonnet, the Best Inauguration Day AttireWhere in the world did Lady Gaga get that massive bird brooch?
  43. strategist investigates
    Do You Need a Hazmat Suit (à la Naomi Campbell) to Fly?The supermodel’s been wearing face masks on planes since the ’90s.
  44. strategist investigates
    Barbra Streisand Filled Us In On Her Favorite $20 PantsThe brand was as surprised as we were.
  45. strategist investigates
    From Calabasas to the Odeon, Everyone Is Wearing a Black Surgical MaskEight months into the pandemic, it’s the first bona fide mask trend.
  46. strat investigates
    The Amazon Coat’s Unlikely Collaboration, and Other New DevelopmentsFrom fur hoods to metallic shades to faux-shearling.
  47. strategist investigates
    How Effective Are Aqueous Ozone Cleaners (Like O3Waterworks)?Two experts tell us about the science behind these products that claim to sanitize simply by filling them with water.
  48. strategist investigates
    How Safe Are Group Fitness Classes Right Now?Outdoor workouts are best, but you can protect yourself inside, too.
  49. strategist investigates
    Whoa: Telfar Bags Are Available on AmazonYou can thank Oprah.
  50. strategist investigates
    Where Does Steve Kornacki Get His Election-Night Khakis?He hasn’t slept — or changed.
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