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  1. trust me i should know
    The 21 Tools I Used to Renovate My HomeIncluding a circular saw for removing drop ceilings and a pry bar for saving old trim.
  2. trust me i should know
    I’ve Been a Doula at Over 100 Births. Here’s the Stuff My Clients Love.Including alternative registries, a better nursing pillow, and the leggings she sees at almost every prenatal visit.
  3. trust me i should know
    A Tool Guide for Those Who Have Never Touched a ToolComedy writer Lesley Arfin’s favorite drill, scissors, and various adhesives.
  4. trust me i should know
    An Orange-Obsessed Person’s Guide to OrangeWonder Valley founder Alison Carroll on the color she surrounds herself with.
  5. trust me i should know
    The Climbing Gear I Recommend for BeginnersPlease don’t wear socks.
  6. trust me i should know
    A Decade-Long Search Led Me to These Perfect $9 White SocksThe luxury pairs I’ve tried don’t even come close.
  7. trust me i should know
    I’ve Hiked Everywhere From Patagonia to Nepal — This Is What I PackThese essentials offer peace of mind.
  8. trust me i should know
    Everything I’ve Bought Since Becoming a Gym RatIncluding the outfit formula I saw on my favorite “fitfluencer.”
  9. trust me i should know
    17 Things for a Truly Functional Makeshift KitchenOnce we realized we’d be living without a kitchen for almost a year, we scrambled to set up coffee, cooking, and cleaning stations.
  10. trust me i should know
    All the (Cute and Comfortable) Stuff I Wore During My Second PregnancyI’m no Rihanna, but I still felt stylish in these clothes.
  11. trust me i should know
    The Sexiest Fragrances, According to the Founder of a (Very Sexy) Lingerie Brand“If you’re not attracted to the way somebody smells, it’s not going to happen.”
  12. trust me i should know
    I’ve Made Everything from Gnocchi to Mapo Tofu In My Camper Van’s KitchenOnly the essentials you need to cook two to three meals a day.
  13. butt week
    These Base Layers Keep My Butt Warm During Sub-Zero Canadian WintersHere are all the leggings and tights I reach for to keep from (literally) freezing my ass off.
  14. recommended by experts
    How to Travel and Commute Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak, According to ExpertsYes, you should wear a mask.
  15. trust me i should know
    A Candle Influencer’s Favorite Candles Under $50Including affordable dupes for Le Labo and Diptyque.
  16. trust me i should know
    I May Never Stay at a Hotel Without a Kids’ Club AgainFor hours, my kids painted seashells and made jewelry. I was on a beach with my eyes closed.
  17. trust me i should know
    I Replaced All My Bras With Mesh Ones. These Are the BestAll thanks to Kim Kardashian. (Yes, seriously.)
  18. trust me i should know
    How Leanne Ford Upgraded a Hand-Me-Down Cozy Coupe With 4 Cans of Spray PaintYour kids’ toys can actually be pleasing to look at.
  19. trust me i should know
    Everything You Need for Cold-Weather Running, According to a Year-Round RunnerWe’ve got you covered, from fleece beanies to wool socks.
  20. trust me i should know
    Healthier Candies That Still Satisfy My Sweet ToothIncluding lollipops that taste like actual fruit.
  21. trust me i should know
    I’m a Makeup Artist and My Favorite Brushes Are From the Art-Supply StoreA trick picked up from watching a video of Joan Collins.
  22. trust me i should know
    The Skin Care Drag Queen Farrah Moan Has Convinced Dozens of Queens to Use“If I’m really, really obsessed with a product, I tell at least 10 or 12 people about it.”
  23. trust me i should know
    The Best Kid-Approved Travel Games (That Are Also Fun for Adults)Including Pass the Pandas, Spot It!, Uno (of course), a dice version of Settlers of Catan, and more
  24. strategist investigates
    Is There Any Cool Upstate Merch?Yes. You just have to know where to look.
  25. trust me i should know
    Everything I Used to Make My 22-Square-Foot Kitchen FunctionalFrom fridge magnets that store my Swiffer, to a dish rack that rolls up, to some skinny-wheeled shelving that slips beneath my counter.
  26. trust me i should know
    6 Subtle Scents for People (Like Me) Who Hate Smelling Like PerfumeThey’re kind of like trusty shapewear or a good skin highlighter — intentionally minimal and meant to enhance your natural scent.
  27. trust me i should know
    Everything I Used to Furnish My Toddler’s (Montessori-Inspired) PlayroomFrom furniture to storage to mats, I imagine a lot of it will take Augie into his preschool years and beyond.
  28. sweat week
    Everything Madame Sweat Recommends for Keeping Odor and Sweat at Bay“I will never wear rayon again.”
  29. trust me i should know
    I Tried Dozens of Instant Coffees Over the Past Year. These 12 Are the Best.From powders to concentrates to single-serve bags.
  30. trust me i should know
    The Surprisingly Delightful Things I Bought With FSA Money“I recently left my full-time job and was told on my last day that I had one week until the funds became inaccessible.”
  31. trust me i should know
    I Can Work From Anywhere With This Workstation on WheelsNo outlet, no problem.
  32. trust me i should know
    I’m a Neurotic Traveler, and These Are the Things I Never Leave Home Without“When I can finally buckle into that window seat on an even-numbered aisle in the front third of the aircraft, I’ll be ready.”
  33. trust me i should know
    Tonya Lewis Lee’s Favorite Things From Black-Owned Beauty and Wellness Brands“Join me in prioritizing your own wellness, no matter how many responsibilities you manage.”
  34. gifts they might actually want
    The Best Gifts for Dads Who Like Fire, According to a Dad Who Likes FireFrom a tiny blowtorch, to extendable sticks for roasting marshmallows or hot dogs, to pine cones that emit colorful flames as they burn.
  35. trust me i should know
    How to Transform Your House Into a Smart HomeIf you feel like your house needs an upgrade or you want to feel like you live in the year 2077, step it up with some smart-home devices.
  36. trust me i should know
    The 6 Pairs of Underwear I Recommend If You Don’t Want to Tuck (or Use a Gaff)I have a penis. Most of the women I know do. But we still want cute underwear that fits without spilling out — or, if you’re like me, having to tuck.
  37. trust me i should know
    SuChin Pak’s Favorite Gifts to Give from Asian American Brands and MakersFrom affordable skin care, to handmade toys for kids (or kids at heart), to ceramic pieces I love to give teachers, hostesses, and even pets.
  38. trust me i should know
    The Stuff Every Korean Family Buys From the Supermarket Is Also OnlineThe spoons, low tables, and food storage containers you’ll find in most Korean households.
  39. the online thrifter
    How to Shop for Vintage Menswear, According to Brian M. Davis of Wooden SleepersTips and tricks for scoring vintage shirts, jackets, and pants online.
  40. natural hair week
    I’ve Finally Mastered My Twist Out — Here’s Everything I UseIt took hundreds of attempts to get right.
  41. trust me i should know
    SuChin Pak’s Favorite Things From Asian American Brands and MakersFrom skin peels to card games to mail-order wagyu steaks to online language classes for kids.
  42. trust me i should know
    Entrepreneur Lisa Li’s Favorite Teas to Sip (When She’s Not Drinking Her Own)From Taiwanese oolongs, to Japanese matchas, to Korean green teas, to Chinese pu’ers — only one of which comes in a bag.
  43. trust me i should know
    After Trying Dozens (Upon Dozens), I Found the 8 Best Gluten-Free PastasFrom lasagna to penne, fettuccine to gnocchi.
  44. trust me i should know
    Everything I Use to Make (Better-Than-Hallmark) Greeting Cards at HomeFrom favorite papers to cutting machines, printers, and other supplies needed to create both simple and more intricate designs.
  45. trust me i should know
    The 15 Things a Mom of Two Toddlers Recommends to Second-Time ParentsA lot of it would be just as useful for anyone expecting twins.
  46. trust me i should know
    The Best Women’s Watches Under $500 According to Dimepiece Founder Brynn WallnerIncluding the unexpected comeback of a millennial middle-school favorite.
  47. trust me i should know
    With These 5 Things (That All Fit in a Tote), I Can Work Ergonomically AnywhereBecause all can be packed inside a tote bag, when the next pandemic hits, they should be just as easy to carry wherever I find myself working from.
  48. trust me i should know
    The Face Oils That Soothe My Finicky, Acne-Prone SkinOil, it turns out, won’t actually make your skin oilier.
  49. trust me i should know
    A Lifelong Pencil User on the 9 Styles Her Desk Is Never WithoutIncluding a double-headed Japanese pencil, an Indian pencil that’s basically breakproof, and a pencil that’ll grow seeds if you plant it.
  50. trust me i should know
    12 Tranquilizing Tools That Get My 4 Kids to Sleep(None are drugs.)
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