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  1. on-site shop
    These Ankle Weights Are Like Dumbbells for My ButtThey’ve turned up the volume on my at-home exercises.
  2. butt week
    The Foam Dispenser That Turns Ordinary Toilet Paper Into Flushable WipesWe tested out the Fohm automatic foam dispenser, which turns ordinary toilet paper into more ecofriendly, flushable wipes.
  3. weird things we love
    An Artist’s ‘Magic Trick’ for Removing Stubborn Things From Almost Any SurfaceFor 40 years, Eric Haze has reached for Bestine to spot clean everything from car windshields and rare album covers to bedroom walls and artworks.
  4. weird things we love
    To Whoever Needs to Hear It: These Small Drawstring Trash Bags Are a Revelation“As the saying (now) goes, one man’s trash (bag) is another man’s treasure.”
  5. weird things we love
    Opera Singers, Broadway Stars, and Pilates Pros Ease Neck Knots With This DoodadI heard about it from an opera singer, who heard about it from a Broadway actress, who heard about it from another actor-turned–massage therapist.
  6. weird things we love
    No Migraine Remedy Beats My Freezable Hat (That Looks Like an Eggplant)“What I love most about the Eggplant is that it really molds to the shape of my head — and stays there.”
  7. weird things we love
    The Tiny Stickers Chris Black Uses to Avoid ‘Painful, Bleeding Nipples’ on Runs“My longer runs combined with the warmer temperatures were a recipe for nipple disaster!”
  8. weird things we love
    With These 3 Supplies, I Drove 13 Hours Without Using a Public RestroomTogether, they allowed me to create a private bathroom in the middle of nowhere.
  9. ingenious design
    This Weird Kneeling Chair Saved My BackIt strengthened my muscles and changed my posture.
  10. weird things we love
    My Kids Play for Hours in This Pool Made for DogsIt has room enough for my three girls (who, at ages 3, 4, and 8, range in size from pug to pit bull).
  11. weird things we love
    This Plug-in Phone Headset Makes Me Feel Like a CEO Working From HomePlugged into the headphone jack of my MacBook Air, it makes days of Zooming from home feel a little more like days making calls from the office.
  12. weird things we love
    These Shoe Deodorizers Stop My Trash Can From Stinking Up the Whole ApartmentSomehow, just one of the fragrance-free sachets had consumed all of the hellish smells lingering in the trash can overnight.
  13. strat investigates
    How to Make Slime, According to Famous Slime-MakersThe glue, activators, clay, charms, and storage items you need to make the best slime.
  14. this thing’s incredible
    These Paper Napkins (I Got at Wegmans) Are Like Tiny Works of ArtThey’re produced with cultural institutions like Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts and heritage luxury-décor brands like Scalamandré.
  15. this thing’s incredible
    The Handsome Binders That Graydon Carter ‘Splurges’ on“I love the way they look. And I like their heft.”
  16. weird things we love
    Hard-to-Reach Places Don’t Stand a Chance Against My 10-Foot Duster/Squeegee/MopUsing it, I feel like a brunette Tabitha from Bewitched because I can clean ceiling fans, skylights, and under the bed at an almost magical speed.
  17. weird things we love
    Workdays Are Far Less Stressful With This Soothing Clock in My CubicleFor most of the day it actually doesn’t tell the time, at least not precisely — which is exactly why I’ve grown to love it.
  18. weird things we love
    The Back Brace That Saved Me from Becoming the Quasimodo of Park SlopeIt’s essentially an over-the-shoulders harness that you wiggle into, as you might a trusty cardigan.
  19. weird things we love
    I Walk My Cat Like a Dog for Hours Using This Harness-and-Leash SetDo I sound insane? Yes. Do I care? No.
  20. teeth week
    The $1 Bristly Rods I Use to Deep Clean My Mouth (After Brushing and Flossing)A gentle back and forth is often all I need to obliterate any lingering detritus in hard-to-reach places.
  21. weird things we love
    This Vaguely Threatening Water Jug Forces Me to Drink a Gallon a DayIt’s my best friend, my personal trainer, my mean Persian mom, my fears, my desires, all melted into one BPA-free bottle.
  22. this thing’s incredible
    I Can Finally Wear Dangly Earrings Again Because of These Clear StickersI’ve yet to find a pair of earrings too heavy for these things to handle.
  23. weird things we love
    The $5 Sticky Wax That Keeps My Candles from Toppling OverThe wax is strong enough to keep loose candles upright in a candlestick, but doesn’t get stuck in holders.
  24. trust me i should know
    The Best Cocktail Party Icebreakers Are Vintage MagazinesI’ve found they conjure just enough excitement and emotion to get people talking at the beginning of any gathering.
  25. weird things we love
    This Color-Changing Night-light Is the Best (Legal) Mushroom TripIt’s as fun to look at as it is functional.
  26. weird things we love
    The $8 Grout Pen I Used to Fake a Bathroom Face-liftIt makes my grout look brand-new.
  27. weird things we love
    The Drain Doodad That Lets Me (Finally) Submerge My Whole Body in the TubYou just stick it on the side of your bathtub and go.
  28. sleep week
    This Neck Hammock Gives Me the Relief of an Hour of AcupunctureMinus the needles.
  29. weird things we love
    Nothing’s Ever Gotten My Bathroom As Clean As This Power Drill Brush HasYes, I clean my bathtub with a cordless drill and a brush attachment, and it is gleaming.
  30. this thing’s incredible
    This Japanese Mask for Lips Saved Me After a 14-Hour FlightBreak out of the ChapStick-reapplication cycle for good.
  31. weird things we love
    This Inflatable Bull Is Always the Biggest Hit at My Pool PartiesMore family-friendly than its mechanical cousin.
  32. weird things we love
    I Am the Serena Williams of Bug-Zapping With This Electric RacketI learned about it from my horse-owning friend.
  33. made in france
    45 French and ‘French’ Things That You Can Find on AmazonFrom food to Eiffel Tower mock-ups to beauty staples.
  34. weird things we love
    This Doohickey Gets Rid of the Hairs Around My Chin“The process is staggeringly straightforward: Simply bend the stainless-steel coil into an upside-down U shape and roll it along your face.”
  35. weird things we love
    13 Things From the ‘I Neeeed It’ Subreddit That You Can Buy on AmazonIncluding a dog selfie toy and a Game of Thrones music box.
  36. this thing’s incredible
    I Use This Organic Vinegar to Do Everything From Stop Rashes to Condition HairI’ve even broken it out to wash windows, clear drains, and sprinkle on popcorn.
  37. weird things we love
    The Spray That Stretched My Too Small Stilettos Half a SizeI even walked a mile and danced an hour in them.
  38. weird things we love
    Things That Look a Lot Like Other Things (That Make Great Gifts)Shrimp pillows, pineapple door stops, cigarette pencils, and more.
  39. weird things we love
    This Shark Tank Product Could’ve Saved Me From Unbolting My Car SeatInstead, I had to pay $300 for a dealership to extract my keys.
  40. this thing’s incredible
    The Snow-Only Snow Globe Is Like a Sophisticated Fidget SpinnerIt transfixes all my houseguests.
  41. this thing’s incredible
    This Hideous Poncho Keeps Me So Much Drier Than an UmbrellaIt’s not the most glamorous, but it works.
  42. weird things we love
    This Headlamp Lets Me Read in Bed Without Annoying My HusbandIt keeps the room pitch black, I promise.
  43. weird things we love
    The Shapeless Denim Romper Is Summer’s Most Practical OutfitIt stores everything in a jolie-laide way. Plus: nine others I love.
  44. fugly week
    My Poodle Is Inexplicably Devoted to This Bear/Octopus HybridHe guards it, cuddles with it, and ignores every other toy.
  45. weird things we love
    What to Buy From New York’s All-Felt BodegaFelt Prunelax, felt Sunny D, felt Wonder Bread …
  46. this thing’s incredible
    This Little Hat Is Fixing My Baby’s Trapezoid HeadIt’s used to prevent and correct Flat Head Syndrome (it’s a real thing).
  47. weird things we love
    I Shave Off My Calluses With This Funny ToolFor those times when a peel just won’t cut it.
  48. i use this for that
    Massage Sore Muscles With This … Black & Decker Power Tool?It’s designed for car- and boat-polishing projects, but does double duty as a handheld massager.
  49. this thing’s incredible
    This Refreshing Rosewater Face Mist Keeps Me Going in the SummerThe story of me and my rosewater began when I received one by Aesop as a gift and was turned on to the refreshing potential of face mists.
  50. weird things we love
    Strat Face-off: Battle of the Muscle MassagersIs the Tiger Tail or Thera Cane better for rolling out knots?
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