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What I Can’t Live Without

  1. what i can’t live without
    What Geoff McFetridge Can’t Live Without“These bags are so big they can hold, like, four wet suits. You could almost climb into them. I’ve even carried my daughters in them.”
  2. celebrity shopping
    What John Derian (Still) Can’t Live Without“A common thread here is that I appreciate and seek out sturdiness.”
  3. celebrity shopping
    What Tori Kelly Can’t Live Without“Funny enough, I was turned on to them when I did The Masked Singer. They’ve become my all-time favorite.”
  4. celebrity shopping
    What Ruth E. Carter Can’t Live Without“I will miss my flight if I don’t have those earbuds.”
  5. celebrity shopping
    What Amna Nawaz Can’t Live Without“It’s probably not the healthiest habit, but there are worse things I could eat.”
  6. celebrity shopping
    What Julia Haart Can’t Live Without“It’s like my morning must. And then my later-morning must, and then my soon-to-be afternoon must, and then my after-lunch must.”
  7. celebrity shopping
    What Samantha Irby Can’t Live Without“I let nothing else touch my cats’ buttholes.”
  8. celebrity shopping
    What Tina Barney Can’t Live Without“It’s really ugly, but you know how you get comfortable with the same purse or wallet?”
  9. celebrity shopping
    What Julia Quinn Can’t Live Without“I’ve probably signed thousands and thousands of books with these.”
  10. celebrity shopping
    What Hayley Williams Can’t Live Without“All the guys in the band started asking me about these because I will wear them anywhere.”
  11. celebrity shopping
    What Meghann Fahy Can’t Live Without“Sometimes, I mix it with ranch to make a spicy dip. It definitely makes an appearance for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.”
  12. celebrity shopping
    What Ally Maki Can’t Live Without“I’ve gone so deep that I have outdoor Crocs and house Crocs.”
  13. celebrity shopping
    What Gallerist Hannah Traore Can’t Live Without“These are the only kitten heels I’ve worn that actually look good.”
  14. celebrity shopping
    What Sophia Roe Can’t Live Without“I struggle with dermatitis, particularly around my mouth, and using this, it’s like night at day.”
  15. celebrity shopping
    What Max Greenfield Can’t Live Without“If nothing mattered in the world, then I’d just buy a bag of these, and I’d go to town.”
  16. celebrity shopping
    What the Boulet Brothers Can’t Live Without“It emits this wonderful scent, so anytime you open the cabinet, you’re met with this haunting smell.”
  17. celebrity shopping
    What Adrienne Bailon-Houghton Can’t Live Without“Turning the everyday mundane things into something that feels a little luxe is cool.”
  18. celebrity shopping
    What Lisa Barlow Can’t Live Without“Tom Ford lip gloss was all I wore until I found this.”
  19. what i can’t live without
    What Annie Murphy Can’t Live Without“I discovered that if you leave these out for days and days at a time and make them extremely stale, the texture gets even better.”
  20. what i cant live without
    What Tamron Hall Can’t Live Without“If you’re in trouble, you can come and get me, because I’m going to get us off this island.”
  21. celebrity shopping
    What Eve Jobs Can’t Live Without“Trying to pick a favorite is like what I would assume picking a favorite child would be like. I can’t, that’s too hard.”
  22. celebrity shopping
    What Maguy Le Coze Can’t Live Without“Although they are very expensive, I buy these sneakers because they are not clean.”
  23. celebrity shopping
    What Tawny Cypress Can’t Live Without“You know, hairdressers are really gonna hate me for this one. I debated leaving it off.”
  24. celebrity shopping
    What Tei Shi Can’t Live Without“It warms up my skin, and the smell is just delicious.”
  25. celebrity shopping
    What Macklemore Can’t Live Without“That was a moment where I literally felt like a 7-year-old kid at Christmas.”
  26. celebrity shopping
    What Kimiko Glenn Can’t Live Without“Instead of those heavy weighted blankets, these are my safe space.”
  27. what i cant live without
    What Buddha Lo Can’t Live Without“I’m not exactly Adam Sandler, so I don’t wear shorts below my knees — they’ll be above the knees.”
  28. what i can’t live without
    What Hilary Duff Can’t Live Without“It’s not like I’m going around chewing on a stick all day, but it’s nice to bite to just feel refreshed.”
  29. celebrity shopping
    What Carli Lloyd Can’t Live Without“It’s such a good coffee spot that I’m still ordering beans from them.”
  30. what i can’t live without
    What Marlon Wayans Can’t Live Without“I wear white ones because I know how to clean myself like a grown-ass man.”
  31. celebrity shopping
    What Alyson Stoner Can’t Live Without“Anything that can help me complete laundry as quickly as possible, I’m open to trying.”
  32. celebrity shopping
    What Jinkx Monsoon Can’t Live Without“Nothing is more heartbreaking than when someone wants a signature and all they’ve got is one of those little ballpoint pens from a hotel.”
  33. celebrity shopping
    What Rachel Zoe Can’t Live Without“I get stopped all the time by people who want to pet her and know what she’s wearing.”
  34. celebrity shopping
    What John Varvatos Can’t Live Without“I like it so much that I’m probably gonna buy another one or two just in case they stop making them.”
  35. celebrity shopping
    What Eva Mendes Can’t Live Without“My skin just says, ‘Yes, please.’ It asks for it. I know that sounds weird, but my skin craves it.”
  36. celebrity shopping
    What Erin Andrews Can’t Live Without“I’m a pretty neutral kind of gal. Somebody says ‘red lip’ and I start to panic.”
  37. celebrity shopping
    What Lando Norris Can’t Live Without“I freeze them and turn them into a little ice lolly. They give me some energy and freshen me up after a race.”
  38. celebrity shopping
    What Carson Kressley Can’t Live Without “I don’t want to look like I’m cleaning out my basement even when I’m on an airplane.”
  39. celebrity shopping
    What Atsuko Okatsuka Can’t Live Without“For a moment, we can feel like we actually grew up with money, you know?”
  40. celebrity shopping
    What Kristin Chenoweth Can’t Live Without“I’ve gotten Ariana Grande on them. I’ve gotten a lot of celebrity friends on them, and they’re like, Wait, what? What is this?
  41. celebrity shopping
    What Reba McEntire Can’t Live Without“It’s the greatest invention known to man. It saved my life several times.”
  42. what i cant live without
    What Julie Bowen Can’t Live Without“I’m not a bragger, but people tell me my skin looks phenomenal.”
  43. what i can’t live without
    What Alex Honnold Can’t Live Without“When I’m flying, I normally listen to movie soundtracks. Surprisingly, the first Twilight movie soundtrack is kind of great and I sleep to it a lot.”
  44. celebrity shopping
    What Gracie Abrams Can’t Live Without“It takes a lot for me to put on anything other than these tank tops.”
  45. celebrity shopping
    What AnnaSophia Robb Can’t Live Without“I steep four tea bags at a time to make it nice and potent.”
  46. celebrity shopping
    What Paul Feig Can’t Live Without“I’m just desperate to get all shoelaces out of my life.”
  47. what i cant live without
    What Andy Cohen Can’t Live WithoutIt’s very rich. There’s a reason they call it “skin caviar.”
  48. celebrity shopping
    What Angus Cloud Can’t Live Without“If I buy some shoes, I like to wear ’em, you know? But those ones I don’t want to trash.”
  49. celebrity shopping
    What Rhiannon Giddens Can’t Live Without“You can’t overestimate the power of clean underwear on the road.”
  50. holiday gifts 2022
    What They Can’t Live Without (That Also Make Great Gifts)The best of celebrity shopping in 2022.
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