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What I Can’t Live Without

  1. celebrity shopping
    What Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn Can’t Live Without“These drops took me from a zombie to human in no time.”
  2. celebrity shopping
    What Ingrid Nilsen Can’t Live Without“I get chills when I smell this sauce. I can almost taste it when I smell it.”
  3. celebrity shopping
    What Drag Queen Alaska Thunderfuck Can’t Live Without“You can clean your body with it. You can clean your car with it. You can clean almost everything with it.”
  4. celebrity shopping
    What Peach & Lily’s Alicia Yoon Can’t Live Without“We like to keep track of the humidity. If it drops below a certain humidity level, I can see it in my skin.”
  5. celebrity shopping
    What Ludacris Can’t Live Without“As we all know, there’s an underwear-and-sock bandit, and I don’t know where they disappear to.”
  6. celebrity shopping
    What French Montana Can’t Live Without“One of my ex-girlfriends got me this for my birthday. We don’t talk anymore, though, so I don’t really want to give her the credit.”
  7. celebrity shopping
    What Chef Jacques Torres Can’t Live Without“Bad jeans are like bad knives to me.”
  8. celebrity shopping
    What Designer Norma Kamali Can’t Live Without“I enjoy lots of hours pretending I’m Etta James or whoever. I love singing. It doesn’t mean I’m a good singer, but I feel so good when I sing.”
  9. what i can’t live without
    What Tailor Rich Fresh Can’t Live Without“I don’t want Calvin Klein all in my underwear so these are my go-to.”
  10. celebrity shopping
    What Henry Winkler Can’t Live Without“I will have to say that stinky French cheese, a great Munster on a baguette with butter, might be — I don’t know what, it’s indescribable.”
  11. celebrity shopping
    What Musician Andrew McMahon Can’t Live Without“I always like to joke that I dress a little bit like a grandpa.”
  12. celebrity shopping
    What Alan Cumming Can’t Live Without“One positive thing to come out of the pandemic is people’s awareness of good lighting.”
  13. celebrity shopping
    What Halle Berry Can’t Live Without“I think wine in a can is the future.”
  14. celebrity shopping
    What Hasan Minhaj Can’t Live Without“People who don’t have strong opinions on stationery are very questionable people, in my opinion.”
  15. celebrity shopping
    What Drag Queen Katya Zamolodchikova Can’t Live Without“I’d rather wear shitty shoes and smell like heaven than smell like a dumpster in Louboutins.”
  16. celebrity shopping
    What Brandy Can’t Live Without“It’s been many years, but we have a great relationship, me and this hand sanitizer.”
  17. celebrity shopping
    What Nick Jonas Can’t Live Without“Joe always had it in his room, and I was like, ‘That looks good,’ so I started eating it too. And now it is a must-have for me on the road.”
  18. celebrity shopping
    What Life Coach Jay Shetty Can’t Live Without“I’m not telling anyone to throw this suitcase off a balcony or anything like that, but it does hold up very, very well.”
  19. celebrity shopping
    What Natalie Imbruglia Can’t Live Without“I’ve got these mood-enhancing sunglasses I’ve been wearing, so between that and the perfume, I’m walking around blissed out.”
  20. celebrity shopping
    What Actress Piper Perabo Can’t Live Without“Some actors collect cars and bags and stuff, but I could never collect anything that big. So I collect Christmas ornaments.”
  21. celebrity shopping
    What Lisa Vanderpump Can’t Live Without“I’ve had all the other common British teas — Tetley’s, Fortnum & Mason — but I’m 1,000 percent a PG Tips girl.”
  22. celebrity shopping
    What LeVar Burton Can’t Live Without“This is the most elegant hot sauce I’ve ever eaten — it has truffles in it.”
  23. celebrity shopping
    What Artist Peter Shire Can’t Live Without“It’s a really nice sexual enhancer — smooth and silky with a light scent reminiscent of a mountain meadow crossed with an exquisite rendezvous.”
  24. celebrity shopping
    What Comedian Rose Matafeo Can’t Live Without“I have it on good authority that the illustrator Liana Finck uses this exact pen for her drawings.”
  25. celebrity shopping
    What PIN-UP Magazine Founder Felix Burrichter Can’t Live Without“You benevolently lay your hand on it, almost like a priest would put his hand on someone’s forehead, to change the lighting.”
  26. celebrity shopping
    What Drag Queen Shea Couleé Can’t Live Without“I think Farrah Moan single-handedly got the entire cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race season nine into it.”
  27. celebrity shopping
    What Buttah Skin Founder Dorion Renaud Can’t Live Without“They’re great if you have a larger package. They have a pouch that’s perfect for any size.”
  28. celebrity shopping
    What Kyle Kuzma of the Washington Wizards Can’t Live Without“I can’t get into game mode without them.”
  29. celebrity shopping
    What Sean Paul Can’t Live Without“These goggles have a screen. Not for movies, but for showing your time, your distance, and how many calories you burn.”
  30. celebrity shopping
    What Ghetto Gastro Co-Founder Jon Gray Can’t Live Without“I’ll put it on everything from ice cream to a wack piece of pizza. It definitely transforms the vibe.”
  31. celebrity shopping
    What Actress Jamie Chung Can’t Live Without“I love the feel of these glasses. They’re like pieces of art.”
  32. celebrity shopping
    What Joe Jonas Can’t Live Without“My wife Sophie can get upset with me; she’s like, ‘Can you not spray it in my face, please?’”
  33. celebrity shopping
    What Actress and Dancer Julianne Hough Can’t Live Without“During a meeting with Bozoma Saint John, the CMO of Netflix, she saw my water bottle and was like, ‘I need that.’”
  34. celebrity shopping
    What Tom Colicchio Can’t Live Without“This is the best meat thermometer I’ve ever used.”
  35. celebrity shopping
    What Performer Todrick Hall Can’t Live Without“When I realized it was the same scent that Taylor Swift used, I got some and have been wearing it ever since.”
  36. celebrity shopping
    What Singer Debbie Gibson Can’t Live Without“People make fun of me for my hot plate.”
  37. celebrity shopping
    What Snowboarder Shaun White Can’t Live Without“It’s the only plant-based, protein-shake-type thing that doesn’t make me super-gassy.”
  38. celebrity shopping
    What Cook Molly Baz Can’t Live Without“This is the only salt that matters.”
  39. celebrity shopping
    What Singer Belinda Carlisle Can’t Live Without“A lot of the girls in the Go-Go’s use it, too, and have been for probably just as long.”
  40. celebrity shopping
    What Astrologer Chani Nicholas Can’t Live Without“Before this, we would be pressing the kettle button, like, 17 times a day.”
  41. celebrity shopping
    What Fashion Designer Sid Mashburn Can’t Live Without“It’s like a moisturizer for shoes — it cleans deep in a way that isn’t just like putting some polish on.”
  42. celebrity shopping
    What Activist Dr. Akilah Cadet Can’t Live Without“It’s like a hidden rule as a Haitian person that you always have this rum in your house.”
  43. celebrity shopping
    What Actress Cheryl Hines Can’t Live Without“I used to always see Larry David put a little bit on the back of his hand then lick it off. I told him I wanted to try it and I became addicted.”
  44. celebrity shopping
    What Musician Angélique Kidjo Can’t Live Without“The earrings aren’t too heavy — if you wear heavy earrings onstage and move around, you can break a tooth if one hits your face.”
  45. celebrity shopping
    What Tan France Can’t Live Without“This is going to make me sound pathetic, but I started using it because Carrie Bradshaw used it.”
  46. celebrity shopping
    What Photographer Catherine Opie Can’t Live Without“With this, I get fantastic close-up pictures of birds — those haven’t ever been shown.”
  47. celebrity shopping
    What Model-Actress Suki Waterhouse Can’t Live Without“Tiffany Haddish actually came to my house once, lay on it, and passed out for hours.”
  48. celebrity shopping
    What Bill Nye Can’t Live WithoutEvery time I walk up to the Geochron and look at it, I see or notice something I haven’t noticed before.
  49. celebrity shopping
    What Musician Michelle Zauner Can’t Live Without“If I had to only use one makeup product, it would be this.”
  50. what i can’t live without
    What Maya Wiley Can’t Live Without“Taking this off doesn’t require scrubbing my eyelashes until they fall off my eyelids.”
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