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What I Can’t Live Without

  1. celebrity shopping
    What Phillip Lim Can’t Live Without“I wear them for dinners, I wear them with shorts, I wear them with sweatpants. I even wear them on the red carpet sometimes.”
  2. celebrity shopping
    What Chef Daniel Humm Can’t Live Without“This is sort of a magic ingredient.”
  3. celebrity shopping
    What Nicola Peltz Beckham Can’t Live Without“My in-laws keep their house so cold. Anytime I know I’m staying there, this is a must.”
  4. celebrity shopping
    What Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer Can’t Live Without“I go through phases of having a favorite pen, but this has been my go-to for a couple years now.”
  5. celebrity shopping
    What Tiler Peck Can’t Live Without“Whenever I pack, everything can go in my suitcase except for this.”
  6. celebrity shopping
    What Chris Redd Can’t Live Without“I had no idea they feel so good and they’re so effective. I was like, ‘Whoa, this is insane. I’ve been using a caveman’s toothbrush forever.’”
  7. what i can’t live without
    What Nathan Florence Can’t Live Without“Growing up on this side of the world, tropical island life, we grew up in board shorts.”
  8. celebrity shopping
    What Laila Gohar Can’t Live Without“I often get stains on my clothes and my furniture at home. So I literally use this almost every single day.”
  9. celebrity shopping
    What Jalen Brunson of the New York Knicks Can’t Live Without“If I don’t get the dressing, the bowl’s ruined for me. I just can’t eat it.”
  10. celebrity shopping
    What Dominique Ansel Can’t Live Without“I love butter. I love it so much. The quality of this one is just exceptional, and the texture is great for making croissants.”
  11. celebrity shopping
    What Rosie Assoulin Can’t Live Without“I never really had any old-fashioned lipsticks in a gold case like this, so I just treasure it.”
  12. celebrity shopping
    What Frankie Grande Can’t Live Without“Obviously, I love me some Ariana Grande products, but this one is my absolute favorite.”
  13. celebrity shopping
    What Jessel Taank Can’t Live Without“When you have kids, gravity takes over and everything falls to the ground.”
  14. celebrity shopping
    What Bridget Everett Can’t Live Without“My heart belongs with Zingerman’s.”
  15. celebrity shopping
    What 6LACK Can’t Live Without“Telfar really did something special with their durags.”
  16. celebrity shopping
    What John Legend Can’t Live Without“It feels like it finishes the process … I just put it on after I get dressed in the morning and I feel like I’m ready for my day.”
  17. celebrity shopping
    What Kelsea Ballerini Can’t Live Without“This is where I get a little bougie. I recognize that.”
  18. celebrity shopping
    What John Wilson Can’t Live Without“My brother got me this flaming wallet as a gift a little while ago, and I bring it out on special occasions.”
  19. what i can’t live without
    What Lynda Carter Can’t Live Without“It is so used. It has been so washed. The dogs have been on it. It’s that old-lady robe. It’s so comfortable, so cozy.”
  20. celebrity shopping
    What Artist Marcus Leslie Singleton Can’t Live Without“I wanted boots that were stylish enough for outside the studio, but also if I dropped a wood panel on my foot I wouldn’t have to get it amputated.”
  21. celebrity shopping
    What Kel Mitchell Can’t Live Without“I have my barbers in different cities that I love, but I also want to keep that same look and make sure I can be fly in between haircuts.”
  22. celebrity shopping
    What Simon Rex Can’t Live WithoutLet me pull up my morning playlist; it’s called “Amazing Morning Vibes.”
  23. celebrity shopping
    What Rachel Antonoff (Still) Can’t Live Without“After having slept on Frette sheets, I think these are just as soft and lovely.”
  24. what i can’t live without
    What Semisonic’s Dan Wilson Can’t Live Without“It’s like a Topanga Canyon hot chocolate — hot chocolate with an atmosphere of organic farming around it.”
  25. celebrity shopping
    What Leslie Odom Jr. Can’t Live Without“It goes with me wherever I go so I can travel with my vibe.”
  26. what i can’t live without
    What Anthony Anderson Can’t Live Without“I’ve gone to the White House in a tuxedo and a pair of Jordans.”
  27. what i can’t live without
    What Andrew Kuo Can’t Live Without“My personal style is 90-year-old Tai Chi Chinese guy in the park at 6 a.m.”
  28. what i can’t live without
    What Gavin Rossdale (Still) Can’t Live Without“I discovered these underwear through my kids. I dress like a child under these adult clothes.”
  29. what i cant live without
    What Candace Parker Can’t Live Without“I will drink hot coffee when it’s 95 degrees outside. I cannot drink iced coffee.”
  30. what i can’t live without
    What Vanessa Hudgens Can’t Live Without “I’m very much a do it all myself type of girl. I don’t want to hire anyone to do anything. So I went on Amazon and I found these.”
  31. celebrity shopping
    What Marlo Thomas Can’t Live Without“My friends tell me they know when I’ve entered a room because of it.”
  32. celebrity shopping
    What Stacey Bendet Can’t Live Without“I definitely am someone who puts a lot of things in a bag.”
  33. celebrity shopping
    What Sohla El-Waylly Can’t Live Without“These are seasoned really aggressively. They’re punchy.”
  34. what i can’t live without
    What R.L. Stine Can’t Live Without“People scorn us pineapple-soda drinkers; we have to stick together.”
  35. what i can’t live without
    What Law Roach Can’t Live Without“Sometimes I’ll wear a pair of Hanes sweatpants with a great McQueen coat on top of it. Style shouldn’t be a monolith.”
  36. celebrity shopping
    What Marcel Dzama Can’t Live Without“It’s just the tiniest amount of sparkle that gives the drawing a little bit of energy, like a little zest of something.”
  37. celebrity shopping
    What Jacob Collier Can’t Live Without“I loved it so much that I ordered a box of 24 bottles to London immediately so I could have them when I got back from the tour.”
  38. celebrity shopping
    What Victoria Justice Can’t Live Without“I’ve been using this for years, too. I’m pretty sure since dating back to the Victorious days.”
  39. holiday gifts 2023
    What They Can’t Live Without (That Also Make Great Gifts)The best of celebrity shopping in 2023.
  40. what i can’t live without
    What Anna Biller Can’t Live Without“When I was a kid, I used to read a book walking down the street with my family — I just wanted to shut out the world. I’m still kind of like that.”
  41. what i can’t live without
    What Sofia Coppola Can’t Live Without“I love to start my day with a beautiful object and my favorite tea.”
  42. celebrity shopping
    What Eric Ripert Can’t Live WithoutThomas Keller introduced him to his favorite $22 reading glasses.
  43. celebrity shopping
    What Becky G Can’t Live Without“Fancy ice makes everything taste better.”
  44. celebrity shopping
    What Kelis Can’t Live Without“I sold at least 200 pairs for like five bucks each on my lawn. Now I’m kicking myself because I want them all back.”
  45. celebrity shopping
    What Hailee Steinfeld Can’t Live Without“I just really dislike being barefoot.”
  46. celebrity shopping
    What Noah Beck Can’t Live Without“I was over there with a chain from who knows where and my neck’s turning green. So as I started to make money, I invested in a better chain.”
  47. celebrity shopping
    What Elizabeth Banks Can’t Live Without“I realized that this was the only white T-shirt I actually wanted to wear in that process and that I needed more of them.”
  48. celebrity shopping
    What Melissa Etheridge Can’t Live Without“I might have cheap reading glasses, but I got me a fancy lighter.”
  49. celebrity shopping
    What Karen Chee Can’t Live Without“It’s really nice to literally hold in your hand a picture of someone you love.”
  50. celebrity shopping
    What Aryna Sabalenka Can’t Live WithoutAs tennis players, we can’t have a slippery grip.
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