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  1. Trump Mocks Media for Believing He Actually Means the Words He SaysOn Thursday, Trump vowed to keep telling the “truth” about how Obama “founded ISIS.” Now Trump mocks the media for failing to hear his “sarcasm.”
  2. Has Social Media Changed How We Use Sarcasm?Wait, people are sarcastic on the internet? Shocking.
  3. Aubrey Plaza Insists She’s Not Always Mocking People“I think it’s just the tone of my voice that throws people off. Zooey Deschanel recently told me, ‘Everything that you say to someone sounds […]
  4. Sarcasm-Detecting Software Doesn’t Exist, Would Be HelpfulThe Secret Service probably won’t be successful in its search for software that can detect sarcastic tweets.
  5. A Bitingly Happy Valentine’s Day From Daria MorgendorfferChampion sarcastic misanthrope Daria has written a Valentine’s Day blog, in case it’s gonna be that kind of day for you too. [via]
  6. Ricky Gervais Explains The Roots of British Sarcasm And TeasingTo me at least, it can feel a little self-important when Ricky Gervais makes one of his descents from the mountain of wisdom and explains what […]
  7. early and often
    Clinton’s Barbs Condoned by the Patron Saint of Bitchy Sarcasm, Tina Fey Above is the terrifyingly shrill clip of Hillary Clinton’s sarcastic comedy routine about Barack Obama that’s been making the rounds today. Some people seem to think the crack, which she delivered at a rally yesterday, is good for her, because it shows her funny side. Other people found it “unattractive.” We kind of found it to be both riveting and appalling at the same time. Also, we can’t help but suspect that Hillary felt empowered to pull the stunt because of Tina Fey’s rather surprising, rabble-rousing Clinton endorsement on Saturday Night Live the day before. We have that video after the jump. Watching both these videos, you kind of have to admit that Tina’s on to something. Bitch may be, in fact, the new black.